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Synthesis, docking study and anticancer activity of benzoic acid Substituted derivatives of quinazolinones

Author(s): Maruthamuthu, Alex, Bharathi Dileepan, Shameela Raj am and Christina Ruby Stella

Quinazolinone derivatives have played a vital part in the development of heterocyclic compounds. Durin g the last 2 decades, the study of the biological activities of quinazolinone derivatives has been the aim of many researchers. Based on these findings, a series of benzoic acid s ubstituted quinazolinone were synthesized by reflux ing CS 2 and 2- aminobenzoicacid in acetic acid. Compounds were cha racterized by IR, 1 H NMR, and 13 C NMR. All the compounds were tested for their anticancer activity against M CF-7 breast cancer cell line with MTT assay. Most o f the compounds showed moderate to good anti-breast cance r activity. Docking studies of the synthesized comp ounds was done with the help of iGEMDOCKv2.1 software using G RIP batch docking method to study their observed ac tivity. Docking study was done and the compounds QZ 5 were found to fit well with the target protein BARC-1.