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Synthesis of β-aminocarbonyl compounds catalyzed by 1-propylimidazolium trifluroacetoacetate

Author(s): Janarthanan Porkodi, Sankaranarayanan Nagarajan, Susithra Selvam and Elango Kandasamy

A facile synthetic procedure has been reported for classical mannich reaction of aldehyde, acetophenone and aniline using catalytic quantity of 1-propylimidazolium trifluroacetoacetate. As a result, acetophenone undergo rapid reactions with a variety of halide substituted benzalaldehyde, methylbenzaldehyde, methoxybenzaldehyde, isopropylbenzaldehyde, nitrobenzaldehyde, halide substituted aniline, nitroaniline to produce β-aminocarbonyl compounds, in moderate to very good yields. Recovery of the products from the reaction mixture is very facile. Efficiency of the catalyst in terms of reusability is also discussed. The formation of the products was confirmed based on their H1 NMR and melting point.