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Synthesis of Antibiotics Effective Against Pathogenic Bacteria by the Use of Catalysts Porous Materials (H-Clay)

Author(s): Elmeliani M’hammed, Djafri Fatiha, Djafri Yada, Dihmanabdelghani, Arboui Iliace

The study carried out is related to the synthesis of antibiotics, which are effective against the pathogenic bacteria using porous materials catalysts. Effective addition of amines to a series of α, β-unsaturated alkenes was performed by using the H-Clay catalyst to synthesize effective antibiotics in order to destroy or stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The operation was carried out in extremely appropriate conditions: ambient temperature, solvent-free, and green catalyst environmentally friendly, so the products that are synthesized give very high yields against pathogenic bacteria and excellent chemo-selectivity.

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