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Synthesis of Fluorinated Thiazolopyrimidine Analogues via One Pot Multicomponent Reaction and Evaluation of its Anticancer Activity

Author(s): Suneel Sahu, Shrivastava SP

In this series fluorine containing thiazolopyrimidine derivative were designed and successfully synthesized using NH4VO3 as catalyst through multicomponent reaction and their structures have been confirmed by spectral data. Eight compounds have been selected for screening of in vitro anticancer activity by National Cancer Institute (NCI) USA; against NCI 60 cell line (Single dose analysis) of the synthesized series and results obtained showed significant anticancer activity by compounds SS4, SS5 and SS10. Cancerous cells inhibitory prospective of titled compounds proposed reflected good activity against Leukemia cancer cell lines. If we talk specifically it is found that they are constructively anticancerous for Melanoma LOX IMVI, Leukemia RPMI-8226 and Leukemia MOLT-4 etc. These results of assessment based on present study that fluorinated thiazolopyridine compound exhibit anticancer activity but presence of fluorine with chlorine increases its anticancer activity.