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Synthesis of new lignan libraries; studies on their antimicrobial inhibition effect

Author(s): Kanchipura Ramachandrappa Raghavendra, Sheena Shashikanth, Kariyappa Ajay Kumar

A series of new lignan analogues were synthesized by simple and accessible procedure. The cyclocondensation reaction of 3-(ethoxycarbonyl)-4,4-(diaryl)but-3-enoic acids, 1(a-e) with acetic anhydride in glacial acetic acid produced Ethyl 4-acetoxy-6-ethoxy-1-(4-aryl)-2-naphthoates 2(a-e) and with polyphosphosphoric acid yielded Ethyl 1-aryl-6-ethoxy-4-hydroxy-2-naphthoates 4(a-e) in good yields. The new compounds were characterized by spectral and elemental analysis and were tested for their antimicrobial inhibitory effect against different bacterium and fungi species.