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Synthesis of some new 3(4-hydroxyphenyl)prop-2-en-1-one 4-phenyl substituted schiff’s bases and their antibacterial activity

Author(s): Ujwala Sawarkar, Meghasham Narule, Mahendra Chaudhary

4-amino benzylidene acetophenone 1 was prepared by condensing 4-hydroxy benzaldehyde with 4-amino acetophenone. 1-(4-aminophenyl)-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl) prop-2-en-1-one react with 4-hydroxy aldehyde to give 3(4- hydroxy phenyl) prop-2-en-1-one-4-phenyl substituted Schiff’s bases 2. The structural elucidations of these compounds were done on the basis of chemical and structural data. The synthesized compound were characterized by IR, H-NMR and mass spectra. The antibacterial activity of these compounds have also been screened and found to be effective against gram +ve and gram –ve bacteria. The compounds were evaluated for antibacterial and antifungal activity by cup plate method, disc diffusion method respectively. All the compounds (2b, 2d, 2f ) at a concentration of 100, 10 and 1ug/L showed good antibacterial activity against staphylococcus aureus and bacillus subtilis and the compounds (2a, 2c, 2e, 2g) exhibited good antifungal activity against aspergillus niger.