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Synthesis, Spectral, Magnetic Susceptibility and Antifungal Studies On Symmetrically Substituted Metal (II) Octafuryl methanimine Phthalocyanine

Author(s): Fasiulla, Venugopala Reddy KR, Moinuddin Khan MH and Keshavayya J

Novel phthalocyanines with eight octa-1-(3-furyl) methanimine phthalocyanine, (CufurylImPcO) groups. Present paper discuss the synthesis and characterizatiopn of metal (II) 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24- octa-1-(3-furyl) methanimine phthalocyanines (M-furylImPcO) (M = Cu, Co, Ni, Zn) by an efficient simple method. Octaamino metal (II) phthalocyanines were synthesized by the reduction of the corresponding nitro phthalocyanines. The dark green octa-1- (3-furyl)methanimine phthalocyanine derivatives were characterized by elemental analysis, magnetic susceptibility, electronic, IR and powder X-ray diffraction studies to check the purity, structural integrity and crystalline properties of the complexes. Magnetic susceptibility studies on Co (II) and Cu (II) octa-1-(3-furyl) methanimine phthalocyanine complexes exhibit a variation of the magnetic moments as a function of field strength indicating the presence of inter molecular co-operative effect. The complexes were screened for antifungal activity.


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