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Synthesis, structural and thermal characterization of a novel 3D FeIII Complex

Author(s): G. Ganesh, A. Ramadoss, P.S. Kannan and A. SubbiahPandi

Crystal structure and thermal stability of the hydrated crystals of the Glycine (the basic amino acid) and ammonium ferrous sulphate compound, Ammonium hexaaqua ferrate(iii) sulphate have been reported here. The title compound crystallized in the space group P21/c with Z = 2 and unit cell dimensions a = 6.2383(10) Å, b = 12.6076(19) Å, c = 9.2652(13) Å. In the title compound, FeH12O6.2(O4S).2(H4N), the FeIII atom exists in a octahedral coordination environment. Each Fe(H2O)6 complex anion is surrounded by four sulphate anion acceptor groups and four ammonium cation donor groups. The ions are held together by N—H···O and O—H···O hydrogen bonds into a layer network. Thermal behaviour of crystals has been investigated by TG/DTA analysis.


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