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The influence of clathrate β cyclodextrin with para-amino-benzoic acid and silyl group over behavioral performance of laboratory animals

Author(s): Sergievich A. A., Korolev R. A., Grachev M. K., Kurochkina G. I., Popkov A. V., Khoroshikh P. P., Batalova T. A., Chaika V. V. and Golokhvast K. S

In this work the assessment of the neurotropic activity of clathrate β-cyclodextrin withpara-amino-benzoic acid and silyl group (CD-PABA-CG) under the conditions of instrumental stress during self-defensive motivation in the universal problem-solving cameraare shown.The testing was held in 30 days in the universal problem camera on 86 non-linear white male rats. When using the new synthesized compound CD-PABA-CG in the dosage 10 mg/kg it changes positively the indicates of motivational-energetic sphere in the instrumental defensive behavior’s conditions, and it demonstrates actoprotecting feature. CD-PABA-CG have positive neurotropic effect by the example of cognitive indicate. The compound presented have a wide action spectrum and is perspective in the pharmacological area.