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The Nigella Sative and Elettaria Cardamomum oils as an Environment- Friendly inhibitor on the Corrosion of Brass in 1M HCl

Author(s): A. Nadeem, H. Elmsellem, I. Raissouni, S. Tazi, N. K. Sebbar, Y. El Ouadi, M. Ellouz, K. Al Mamari, E. M. Essassi, I. Abdel-Rahman and B. Hammouti

The purpose of this research is to find a new easy inhibitors preparation and easy to prepare, non-toxic, not cheap and abundant. In this study, we of essential oils extracted from the seeds of Nigella Sativa and Elettaria Cardamomum to protect the copper alloy-. Zinc corrosion in the center (brass) erosive solution for one molar hydrochloric acid HCl 1M. The results of the polarization curves show that the corrosion current density decreases 0.204 mA/cm2 to 0.042 mA/cm2 and to 0.056 mA/cm2 after addition of the inhibitors (oil of Nigella Sativa and Elettaria Cardamomum respectively). The charge transfer resistance increases 383.6 ohm.cm2 to 1871 ohm.cm2 and to 996 ohm.cm2 in the electrochemical impedance spectrum after addition of oil of Nigella Sativa and Elettaria Cardamomum respectively. These inhibitors have been used in this study to show a high efficiency in the inhibition of corrosion of copper-zinc alloy in acid solution (HCl) and arrived at the 72.5 - 80% for both the oil of Nigella Sativa and Elettaria Cardamomum, whereas some of these molecules adsorbed on the surface of the metal is attributed to the formation of a film on the surface of the brass.


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