The Prevalence of Skin Diseases in Al-Najaf Governorate | Abstract

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The Prevalence of Skin Diseases in Al-Najaf Governorate

Author(s): Zainab Sajid Mohammed

To the best knowledge, this is the first population-based study which had determined the prevalence of skin diseases in Iraq, so it is a pressing necessity to conduct such a study in the Najaf province. To determine the prevalence of various skin diseases in Najaf and Kufa cities across sectional study carried out on 430 patients of all ages and both sex choose randomly from dermatological departments in three hospitals (Sader medical city, Hakeem hospital and Al-Furat Al-Awsat hospital) in Najaf and Kufa cities, the data were collected from November 2015 to March 2016. The results were recorded, that the group with eczema/dermatitis had the highest prevalence rate (33.7%) of which eczematous dermatitis was the commonest (31.4%) parasitic infestations were the next with (16.3%) with cutaneous leishmaniasis forming the majority (8.4%). viral infections group had a rate of (13.7%), followed by bacterial skin infections (9.1%) then urticarial (8.8%), superficial fungal infections (5.6%), acne vulgaris (5.3%), pigmentary disorders (2.3%) psoriasis (1.9%) alopecia areata (0.5%), other skin disorders were recorded (2.8%). The conclusion from the current study, a house to house dermatologic examination and interviews needs to be conducted for longer period, a year or more. Targeted training should enable health-care workers to prevent, accurately and manage the skin diseases on site.


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