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The Reaction of Aza Michael Catalyzed by Zeolite Cu-Zsm-5 under Solvent-Free Conditions

Author(s): Elmeliani Mohammed, Djafri Fatiha, Djafri Ayada

The study is carried out to test the catalytic efficiency of Cu-ZSM-5 zeolite catalyst on the reaction of Aza Michael under solvent-free conditions, at room temperature this reaction is most exploited in organic chemistry, b-amino -esters, ketones, nitriles are useful for the preparation of several natural bioactive products, antibiotics, and chiral auxiliaries, through the use of the porous material catalyst (zeolite Cu-ZSM-5), and the reaction of Aza Michael addition a series of amines on α, β-unsaturated methyl acrylate, we have synthesized new cc or c-heteroatom products, these compounds is an attractive area of researchers in synthetic organic chemistry, and we have developed new synthesis methodologies for the preparation of these products. The reaction was carried out with favorable conditions: ambient temperature, and without solvent, that the products, which are synthesized, gave us a high yield, and excellent chemo selectivity.

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