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The selective trans port of mercury ion through a bulk liquid membrane by 18C 6 and 2-(4-choloro phenyl)-2,3-dihydroqinazoline(1H)-4-one (CPHQO) as counter ion

Author(s): Rakhshan Hakimelahi,Pedram Nasehi and Saideh Bagheri

In this work carrier-facilitated transport of mercury(II) against its concentration gradient from aqueous 0.04 M hydrochloric acid solution across a liquid membrane containing 2-(4-Choloro Phenyl) – 2,3 Di Hydro Qinazoline (1- H) – 4 one (CPHQO) as the mobile carrier in chloroform has been investigated. Sodium thiocyanate solution (1.6 M) was the most efficient receiving phase agent among several aqueous reagents tested. Various parameters such as investigated. Under optimum conditions the transport of Hg(II) across the liquid membrane is more than 97% after 2.5 h. The carrier, BHIS, selectively and efficiently could able to transport Hg (II) ions in the presence of other associated metal ions in binary system.