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The study of properties an ion associate of food azo dye carmoisine with myramistin

Author(s): Anna S. Materiienko, Vladimir А. Grudko, Vadim А. Khanin and Victoria A.Georgyiants

Carmoisine is the synthetic food dye, which is used in the manufacturing of some medicals and food products. Previously, we had already been established, that it is able to form the ion associates with some organic amines and their salts, including medicinal substances, and it was capable in this form to be extracted from aqueous solution. The aim of our research was studying the properties of formed ion associate between carmoisine and myramistin - quaternary ammonium compound. As the result of the work performed, that absorption spectra of mixture of carmoisine and myramistin was characteristic by bathochromic shift of the aromatic and long wavelength peak maxima in visible area of the initial dye and by hypochromic effect, reflected particularly in the area of the maximum of the dye. The partition coefficients for various solvents ror the associate were spectrophotometrically established and it is shown, that the highest ratio was observed when extraction associate with chloroform from the aqueous solution without addition of buffer. The dependence of the absorbance on the pH value of the aqueous medium was studied and shown, that change in the pH range from 2.0 to 8.0 had no significant effect on degree of the extraction with chloroform the associate. The dependence of the absorbance of myramistin with carmoisine associate on extraction time was studied and it was shown, that the optimal time was 2 minutes The stoichiometric ratio of the components in the resulting ion associate was established with isomolar series method and was confirmed with HPLC and it was 1:1.


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