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The Use of Ionic Liquids as Structure-Directing Agents and Solvents for Synthesis of Controlled Phosphate Based Materials Morphologies

Author(s): Wissam Fortas, Mohamed A Hasnaoui, Abdelkader Bengueddach

In this work, we report the effect of precursor gel preparation on the microstructural formation of Aluminophosphates (AlPOs) and Silicoaluminophosphates (SAPOs) molecular sieves prepared by ionothermal method using (1-ethyl- and 1-Benzyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride [EMIMCl], [BMIMCl]) as both structure-directing agent and solvent. SAPO-5, AlPO-11, AlPO-41 and AlPO-34 were the resultant molecular sieves. The variation of chemical compositions led to the differences in morphologies and crystal sizes. Their morphologies varied from like-needles shapes to cubic forms. The structures and morphologies were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), infra-red (IR) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA).