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The Variations in the Distribution of Mineral Elements in Some Intertidal Marine Macro Algae of Visakhapatnam, East Coast of India

Author(s): Sarojini Y, Sujatha B

Eighteen marine macro algae species were collected from the intertidal zone of Visakhapatnam coast and were analysed for the distribution of their mineral elements. Interspecific variations were observed in distribution of minerals among the algae. Of the elements analysed Ca was highest and the descending order was followed by I, Na, K, Fe, Cu, Zn, and Mn in the macroalgae. Among the individual species Centroceros clavulatum, a red alga accumulated more amount of Na, K, Fe and Zn. Spongomorpha indica accumulated more Ca and Mn, Padina tetrastromatica had more Mn and I, Grateloupia lithophila and Pterocladia heteroplatos had more Zn and I and Hypnea musciformis had more Cu. Another red alga Gracilaria corticata had less content of K, Ca, Fe, and I. The distribution of minerals was also varied in different classes of algae. The K and Ca were high in Chlorophyceae, Na, Fe, Mn and I was high in Phaeophyceae, Fe, Zn was high in Rhodophyceae. The Cu was at undetectable level in Chlorophyceae and it was rare in other two classes of algae. Even though the Pb was analysed, it was found at undetectable level in all the species. The ratios of K/Na, Mn/Fe were less than one in all the species and Ca/K was more in all the species. A significant positive correlation occurred between Mn and Ca at P ≥ 0.05 levels. The variations in mineral content in algae may be attributed to susceptibility of confounding environmental factors, accumulation capacity of minerals by algae and growth phases of the algae.


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