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Thermal, optical, mechanical, and electrical properties of a novel NLO active Glycine potassium sulphate single crystals

Author(s): S. Radhika, C. M. Padma, A. Jeya Rajendran, S. Ramalingom,T. Chithambara Thanu

Semi-organic single crystals of glycine potassium sulphate were synthesized by a slow evaporation technique. Good quality single crystals with size 6.02mm x 2.63mm x 1.81mm were grown in 32 days. Single crystal and powder XRD analyses confirmed the orthorhombic crystal structure. Vibration spectrum was recorded to determine the symmetries of molecular vibrations. The TGA, DTA shows that the material has good thermal stability; the UV-Vis spectrum shows the transmitting ability of the crystal in the entire visible region. The dielectric constant and dielectric loss were calculated by varying frequencies at different temperature. The microhardness test reveals that the crystals possess good mechanical strength.