Thiazole: A valuable insight into recent advances, synthesis and biological activities | Abstract

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Thiazole: A valuable insight into recent advances, synthesis and biological activities

Author(s): Amrita A Zagade*, Senthilkumar G. P.

2-Aminothiazoles and their derivatives have long been used as precursors for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. Because of the wide spectrum of activity shown by the thiazole moiety, numerous thiazoles substituted with different groups at various positions have been prepared. Despite this importance, 2-aminothiazoles have not been previously reviewed. In recent years, several new methods for the preparation of 2-aminothiazole derivatives and reactions have been reported, including waste-free techniques. Thiazoles displayed the broad range of biological activities and found in many potent biologically active. Molecules such as Sulfathiazole (antimicrobial drug), Ritonavir (antiretroviral drug), Abafungin (antifungal drug).So far, the modifications of the thiazole ring have proven highly effective and improved potency and lesser toxicity. The present review highlights the recently synthesized thiazoles possessing important biological activities.

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