Trillium govanianum: A Boon to Medicinal World | Abstract

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Trillium govanianum: A Boon to Medicinal World

Author(s): Amit Sharma, Bharat Parashar

Herbal plants are used and preserved in curing different diseases since ancient times. These herbal plants were used for the prevention and protection of various diseases. Trillium govanianum is one of the magical herbal plants with lots of medicinal value and also known as Himalaya Trillium or Nag Chhatri, Teen Patra, tri flower or birthroot belonging to family Trilliaceae. Himalayan trillium is a trifoliate perennial herb with deep red and greenish colour flowers and it is manly found in Himalayas. Mainly in China, Nepal, Butan. Trillium mainly contains steroids saponin. Trillium medicinal activity is due to the presence of various important phytoconstituents and metabolites. This plant is very useful in curing many disorders but mainly used in the treatment of cancer. So it is also known as anticancer herb. As Trillium is an endangered species hence its preservation should be done. So in the present review we study and investigate about the biological activities of T. govanianum with its different species. T. govanianum conservation and preservation is necessary as it is very important herb in curing different types of illnesses. This can be cured by using this magical herb. T. govanianum proves to be the most important herb in the system of medicines as this plant possesses lot of therapeutic value.


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