Triterpenoid and falvonoid from aerial part of Launaea arborescens | Abstract

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Triterpenoid and falvonoid from aerial part of Launaea arborescens

Author(s): N. Belboukhari, A. Cheriti, K. Sekkoum, S. Rahmani and A. Habbab

Launaea arboresens (local name “Oum Lbina”) is an endemic herbaceous medicinal plant mainly distributed in the southwest of Algeria and southeast of Morocco. Chemical investigation of Launaea arborescens resulted in the isolation of a series of triterpenes , flavonoids and tannin from both the aerial parts . Seven compounds have been chemically characterized and identified by using spectroscopic methods as : ursane-12-ene-3,6,16,21-tetraol-3-O-β- glucopyranoside , β—sitostérol, olean-12-ene-3b,16b-diol , 7-O-(a-ramnopyranosyl-(1-6)-β-glycopyranosyl)- 6- Geranyl-5,2’,4’-trihydroxy-flavanone , 5,7,4’ trihydroxy-3-(3 ,6-dimethyl-2,5-heptadienyl) flavones , 2’’,3’’,6,8 – Tetrahydroxy-3’,4’,5’,5-tetramethoxy-10,4- cyclolignan and3,4-Di-O-galloylglucopyranoside.


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