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Use of Secondary Metabolite in Tuberculosis: A Review

Author(s): N. Kumar, A. Banik, P. K. Sharma

Over few years research has been done for the effective treatment against the mycobacterium tuberculosis .Now a day’s emerging multiple drug resistance has become a major threat and this lead to urgent requirement for new and effective treatments for this deadly disease .This review covers most recent report of natural occurring compound from plants and marine organism that show anti mycobacterial activity. Also consists of traditional medicinal uses of specific plants when utilized to treat tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases. 17,500 plant species occurring in India, of which only about 365 species have been verified so far for antimycobacterial activity and the 255 (70% of 365) plant species from a wide range of families that belongs to different metabolites have shown antimycobacterial activity. Species are describes in tabular form family and plant part used, type of extract and in vitro activity (MIC value).