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Validation of second derivative spectrophotometry method for determination of isoniazide, pyrazinamide and rifampicin in combined pharmaceutical doses form

Author(s): Muchlisyam, Tuty Roida Pardede and Yohanna NCP

A second derivative spectrophotometric method was validation for determination of ternary mixtures of Isoniazide (INH), Pyrazinamide (PRZ), Rifampicin (RIF) that available in fixed dose combination (FDC) of antituberculosis. The aim the research to test the validation of second derivative spectrophotometry method for determination of INH, PRZ and RIF combinations in commercial tablets.The determination of INH, PRZ and RIF can use the second derivative spectrophotometry method with zero crossing technique and use 0.1N HCl as a solvent, and measured at Δλ 2 nm with wavelength of 302.40 nm for INH, and 299.80 nm for RIF, measured at Δλ 16 nm with wavelength of 253.60 nm for PRZ.. The validation test in commercial tablets showed that the recovery percentage for INH are 99.88% wirh Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) = 1.318%, PRZ are 99.84% with RSD = 1.39%, and RIF are 100.95% with RSD = 0.415%. The proposed of second derivative spectrophotometry method was validated and successfully applied for the assay of INH, PRZ and RIF in combined pharmaceutical doses form.


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