Validation of Visible Spectrophotometric Methods of Darunavir in Pure and Dosage Forms | Abstract

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Validation of Visible Spectrophotometric Methods of Darunavir in Pure and Dosage Forms

Author(s): K. Parameswara Rao

Some new selective accurate and economical spectrophotometric methods for the determination of Darunavir in pure and dosage forms have been described in the present work. An Elico, UV-Visible digital spectrophotometer with 1 cm matched quartz cells were used for the spectral and absorbance measurements. Stock solution of Darunavir was prepared by initially by dissolving 100 mg of Darunavir in 10 mL of methanol and made up to 100 mL with distilled water. The effect of wide range of excipients and other inactive ingredients usually present in the formulations for the assay of Darunavir under optimum conditions were investigated. The values obtained by the proposed and reference method for formulations were compared statistically with F and t tests and found not to be different significantly. These developed methods have been extended to pharmaceutical formulations as they are simple, economical and sensitive. The present methods involve the formation of highly stable colored species which makes it easier for the determination of Darunavir in pharmaceutical dosage at the given optimum conditions.


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