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Water quality analysis of post-event up welling and step anticipation in aquaponics locations of maninjau lake

Author(s): Hamzar Suyani, Deswati, Refilda and Joko Sutopo

In up welling events that occurred on 22 February 2016 has led to rising toxic gas from the bottom, so the fish are reared in floating net cages mass death. Aquaponics has been developed since 2015 yet has not been able to work optimally in the recycling of waste fish feed, because it has not unbalance amount aquaponics with floating net.Therefore, we take samples two times, February 28, 2016 and March 19, 2016 using a depth of 1m, 5m and 15m, and the results are as follows: sampling I (D0 0-4.1 mg/L, turbidity 0-359 NTU, pH 7,8-8,2, temperature 28- 28.3°C, Ammonia 16.45-27.3 mg/L phosphates 13.65-15.53 mg/L, and sulfide 1.36-1.62mg/L), while sampling II (D0 0-4.2 mg/L, turbidity 6-1265 NTU, pH 7,8-8,1, temperature 28.2-29.5°C, Ammonia 20.65-24.85 mg/L, phosphate 2.25-2.91mg/L, and sulfide 1.0 -1.42 mg/L). Based on the above data, the water quality of Maninjau Lake after up welling is not feasible for fish farming in floating net cages , mainly the depth more than 10 m.


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