Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-1-issue-2-year-2009.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 1, Issue 2 SolutionPhase Synthesis of Small Schiff Bases Combinatorial Library with Potential Antitubercular Activity Wesam S. Abdel-Aal, Hoda Y.Hassan, Tarek Aboul-Fadl and Adel F. Youssef Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the bark essential oil of Cedrela odorata from Monteverde Costa Rica Heather E. Villanueva, Jessika A. Tuten, William A. Haber, and William N. Setzer Synthesis characterization and anticancer activity of 124Triazolo 34b134thiadiazoles on Hep G2 cell lines Dhanya Sunil, Arun M Isloor and Prakash Shetty Chemical composition of the essential oils from the flower of Tanacetum polycephalum subsp duderanum as a herbal plant in Iran Azizollah Nezhadali, Bizhan Soleymani Roudi, Mina Akbarpour Isolation Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Lanostane Triterpenoid from the Leaves of Stachyterpheta jamaicensis Linn Vahl Donatus Ebere Okwu, Offiong N. Ohenhen Synthesis Antibacterial and Antioxidant Properties of Newer 12benzoxaphosphol2ones A. Bala krishna, K. Suresh Kumar, K. Ramesh, C. Suresh Reddy, S. K. Nayak Stabilityindicating HPTLC method for simultaneous estimation of Drotaverine and Nimesulide in pharmaceutical dosage form Sohan Chitlange, Nitin Kumar, Parag Kulkarni and Sagar Wankhede Synthesis hydrolysis studies and pharmacodynamic profile of novel colonspecific mutual prodrug of Aceclofenac with amino acids Arun Rasheed, I. Theja, C.K. Ashok Kumar, Y. Lavanya, P. Ravindra Royal and S. Vamsee Krishna Simultaneous analysis of Paracetamol and Tramadol Analytical method development validation Sridhar Narayan, Pradeep Kumar, Rakesh K Sindhu, Ayushman Tiwari, Manik Ghosh Study of electrostatic potential surface and molecular orbitals of O4 nano cluster by first principles Onkar Prasad, Leena Sinha, Neeraj Misra, Amarendra Kumar, Vijay Narayan, Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, Hriday Narayan Mishra Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of some new 13benzoxazines Archana Y. Vibhute, M. A. Sayyad, S. S. Mokle, S.V. Khansole, Y. B. Vibhute, V. M. Gurav Antifibrotic effect of Cleome viscosa Linn on Carbon tetra chloride CCl4 induced liver fibrosis S.Vimal Kumar, A.J.M.Christina, P.V.GeethaRani, G. Nalini, N.Chidambaranathan A new validated spectrophotometric method for determination of Trimetazidine in Formulation and comparison with UV method M.Ganesh, G. Jeraldmaria antony,A.Saravankumar, R.Rajesh, K.Rajasekar Photo Catalytic Reaction of Titanium Dioxide by SolGel Method Jahangir Payamara WithaferinA isolated from the cell cultures of Withania Somnifera Deshbandhu Joshi, Akash P. Dahake Use of Carbohydrates as Eluent in Thin Layer Chromatographic Separation of Amino acids on Conventional Stationary Phases Ali Mohammad and Nazrul Haq DexibuprofenDextran Macromolecular Prodrugs Synthesis Characterization and Pharmacological Evaluation Arun Rasheed, K. Aishwarya, B. Niyaz Basha, B. Sravya Reddy and A. Swetha QSAR Studies of 4Anilinoquinazolines with Antimalarial Activity A Hansch Approaches Aroop K. Saha, Nitish Gupta Synthesis of some new biologically active chalcones and flavones S. S. Mokle, Y.B. Vibhute Determination of the protonation constants of some chalcones 2E1substitutedmethylthiophene2yl3substitutedpyridinylprop2en1ones by the potentiometric method in nonaqueous solvents Fatih ├?┬Éslamo├?┬?lu, Asu Usta, ├?┬Ésmail Aksu and Nurettin Yayl├?┬▒ FTIR Spectra and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Lantadene A Apoorva Dwivedi, Shamoon.A.Siddiqui,Namita Misra, Kanwal Raj, Onkar Prasad, Leena Sinha, Neeraj Misra Spectroscopic studies on the molecular association of PtNO2acac 2 with heterocyclic Nbases Vikesh Kumar, Manish Kumar, Divya Gupta, M.R.Tripathi Liquid chromatographic impurity profiling of Nebivolol Hydrochloride from bulk drug Sachin Uttamrao Kokil, Manish Sudesh Bhatia Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel quinoxalinyl triazole derivatives Joydeep Mazumder, Raja Chakraborty, Saikat Sen, Sanjay Vadra, Biplab De, T. K. Ravi Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of some 4Thiazolidinone containing Fluoroquinolones analogous Navin B. Patel and Sarvil D. Patel Biologically active 22membered N4 tetraaza macrocyclic triazoles Template synthesis and spectroscopic approach Sangamesh A. Patil, Udaykumar V. Kamble, Prema S. Badami Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of pyrazolylquinazolin43Hones Navin B. Patel, Jaymin C. Patel, Gaman G. Barat Design Synthesis of some novel 1 2 4Thiadiazoline derivatives and their Biological activity S.N. Pandeya, Neelottama Maurya, A.K. Pathak Environment friendly acid corrosion inhibition of mild steel by Ricinus communis Leaves R.Saratha, N.Kasthuri, P.Thilagavathy Quantum chemical study and the effect of substitution of amino group on the reactivity of 4Aminopyridine and 34Diaminopyridine by Density Functional Theory Apoorva Dwivedi, S. A. Siddiqui, Anoop Kumar Pandey, Onkar Prasad, Leena Sinha, Neeraj Misra An optimized method for simultaneous determination of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in animal tissues by Liquid ChromatographyTriple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry J. Qiu, Y. Zhang, H. X. Yu, G. Chen, X. F. Mao, X. Y. Tang, S. M. Yang High performance liquid chromatographic determination and pharmacokinetics study of Glibenclamide in rats after oral administration of XiaoKe Pill Lin Wang, Qiu-chen Chen, Zai-xing Chen, Fan-hao Meng Application of MBTH and Sulphanilic acid for the Quantitative Spectrophotometric Determination of Diacerein in bulk and formulations G. Vijaya Raja, Y .Triveni, K. Divya, K. Naga Lakshmi, G. Venu Gopal Chemical properties of ground water in Gadhawada region K.C. Patel, K. B. Vyas, K. S. Nimavat and M.V. Hathi Homogeneous esterification of cellulose and characterization of cellulose esters Kongala Sirisha devi,V. K. Mathur, S. K. Nayak, S. Mohanty, Manish Kumar Spectrophotometric Study of FerrousII and FerricIII Metal Complexes G. R. Jani, K. B. Vyas, K. S. Nimavat and Judas Franco