Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-10-issue-10-year-2018.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 10, Issue 10 New Aliphatic Alcohols from Seeds of emMomordica charantiaem Linn and Prediction of their Biological Activity Deepti Katiyar, Vijender Singh, Mohammed Ali Parthenin Isolation and Structural Elucidation from emParthenium hysterophorusem Plant Siva kumar Ramamurthy, Chenchugari Sridhar Molecular Interaction of Characteristic of Glyzifer at 308 K of Various Concentration by UltraSonication Method Balakrishnan J, Prakash N, Ekambaram S 2D QSAR Study of ImidazothiazolePropenones Derivatives as Potential Anticancer Agents by DFTQSAR Models Lafridi Hind, Hanane Zaki, Hsaine Zgou, Mohammed Bouachrine SolventFree Synthesis and Antimicrobial Potential of Some 2emEem4methoxyphenyl Chalcones Thirunarayanan G, Vijayakumar S Chemical Composition and Liver Protection of the Methanol Extract of emFortunella margaritaem Lour Swingle Leaves Magdy MD Mohammed, Nabaweya A Ibrahim, Seham S El-Hawary, Sanaa A Ali, Maha Z Rizk, Eman AW El-Abd Investigation of Spectroscopic Electronic and Geometric Properties of 23Methyl45Dihydro1h124Triazol5On4YlAzomethineBenzoic Acid using B3lyp and Hf Basis Sets G???¼l Kotan, G???¼l ?????zdemir, Haydar Y???¼ksek Quantification of Ribavirin in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Preparation Using Spectrophotometry Technique N Murali Krishna Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Hidrochloric Acid Solution by emGnetum gnemonem L Peel Extract as Green Inhibitor Emriadi, Velly Yulistia, Hermansyah Aziz Molecular Identification of Pectinolytic emStreptomycesem sp GHB5 and Optimization of Polygalacturonase Production Nadia H Abd El-Nasser, El Sayed M El-Mahdy, Wafaa Gh Shosha, Gehad H El Sayed Synthesis Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Novel Bis134oxadiazoles Carrying Pyrazole Moiety Asma, Balakrishna Kalluraya, Manju N Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Study of Naphthoquinone Analogs as Possible DNA Topoisomerase Inhibitors Prabha T, Kaviarasan L, Sivakumar T Synthesis Spectroscopy and Biological Studies of Chalcone Derived Pyrimidines Sadia Saleem, Zil-e-Huma Nazli, Nazia Saleem, Muhammad S. Bashir, Shabbir Hussain, Bushra Parveen Stability Indicating HPLC Method Development and Validation of Lamotrigine in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Form Firke Sandip D, Narkhede Mahesh S, Patil Ravindra R, Surana Sanjay J The InSilico Screening of Pyrazolo34E14Thiazepine Derivatives as Potent Cytotoxic Agents Srikanth A, Hemanth Kumar P, Vijayakumar V, Sudha, Anand A, Sarveswari S QSAR Analysis for Antimicrobial Activity Prediction of DiAlkylArylSubstituted Tin IV Metal Complexes Derived from Schiff Bases of Pyridoxal Nidhi Malhotra, Sonika Asija, Samridhi Thakral, Vikramjeet Singh Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil from emSchinus molleem L Peruvian pepper Bachheti RK, Archana Bachheti, Ramachandran Santhanam Satyan Effect of an Indolecontaining Pseudopeptide on Behavioral Despair Models in Mice Supporting by Molecular Docking and Density Functional Theory Calculations Golnaz Mohebzadeh, Nahid Fakhraei, Keivan Akhtari, Golnoush Mohebzadeh, Saeed Balalaie, Keyumars Hassanzadeh, Ahmad Reza Dehpour Microwaveassisted Synthesis Biological Evaluation and QSAR Studies of Novel Chalcone Derivatives Sandhya J, Bhaskrer N, Chavalia M, Maneshwar T, Subba Reddy BV FTIR Thermal and NLO Studies on LThreonine Ammonium Acetate Kavitha T, Pasupathi G, Kanagathara N Wool and Silk Fabrics Dyeing by Mannitolassisted Pigment Produced from emPenicillium purpurogenumem Eman F Ahmed, Waill A. Elkhateeb, Marwa. Abou Taleb, Salwa I Mowafi, and Ibrahim S Abdelsalam Antimicrobial Activities of Some Mesalazine Sulfonamides Selvakumar Dineshkumar, Ganesamoorthy Thirunarayanan