Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-10-issue-11-year-2018.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 10, Issue 11 Fluoride Content Studies in Underground Water of Umarban and Tirla Blocks Dhar of Madhya Pradesh India Navin Rathor, BirjeshSingh, Pradeep Paliwal Fast Liquid Chromatography Method for Assay of Metformin and its Combination Drug from Tablet Dosage Form Sushama Ambadekar, Sameer S Keni An Expedient Synthesis of Ethyl 5Acetyl1244a56Hexahydro BenzoG14Oxazino43A18Naphthyridine5Carboxylate from 2Cholro3Formyl Quinoline Sathiyamoorthy S, Jemima D, Pitchai P, Makhanya TR, Gengan RM Plant Extract Mediated AgNps Synthesis in emAverrhoa bilimbiem and emSyzygium cuminiem Leaf Extract their Characterization and Antioxidant Potential Assessment Vijay D Mendhulkar, Sopan N Kharat, Snehal R Mahadik New Visible Spectrophotometric Methods for Estimation of Rabeprazole in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulation Saleema Shaik, Hemant Kumar T, Srinivasa Rao Y, Vara Prasad Rao K Synthesis Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Some Novel C7Substituted2morpholinoNpyridin2ylmethylquinazolin4amine Derivatives Ashok Reddy Ankireddy, Gundla Rambabu, Tuniki Balaraju, Venkanna Banothu, Kalyani Paidikondala, Manohar Mantipally An Efficient and Alternative Method for Synthesis of Tofacitinib Srishylam V, Devanna, Naveen Mulakayala Picomolar Level Detection of Insulin in Serum Using Pectin Gold Nanocomposite Platform Immunoassay Kamatchirajan Balaji Viswanath, Narayanaswamy Krithiga, Muthunanthevar Vijayan, Sheik Mideen A, Vairathevar Sivasamy Vasantha Synthesis of Some New 6Chloro3substituted 56Dihydrondash124 Triazolo 34a Phthalazine Derivatives Smita Singh, Nitin Kumar Theoretical and Spectral Investigation of Some Schiff Bases Preethi B, Sathiyaseelan M, Prabakaran K, Kutti Rani S, Sivashanmugam G, Anbu Srinivasan P