Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-10-issue-2-year-2018.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 10, Issue 2 Corrosion Behaviour of NiTi Alloy and SS 188 Alloy in Artificial Saliva in the Presence of Ferikind Tablet Anandan A, Rajendran S, Sathiyabama J, Sathiyaraj D Evaluation of the Diuretic Serum and Kidney Electrolyte Changes in Wistar Albino Rats after Aqueous Extract of emCola nitidaem Seeds Administration Adeosun IO, Obajuluwa AO, Chigozie FC Applications of ChromiumVI Complexes as Oxidants in Organic Synthesis A Brief Review Sangita D Katre Synthesis and Characterization of Tin Oxide Nanoparticles Using Plant Extract Merlin M, Chitra S, Nalini Jayanthi N Determination of Pitzer Parameters from Experimental Isotherm of a Ternary System Using Nelder Mead Method Bouchra Mekkaoui, Mohamed Jouaiti, Ahmed Jouaiti, Latifa Laallam Microwave Assisted One Pot Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of 23rsquoacetyl2rsquomethyl5rsquophenylpyrrol1emylem145triphenyl1emhemimidazole Derivatives Anshul Chawla, Kapoor VK Comparison and Evaluation of Freely Supplied Government and Ethically Marketed Antihypertensive Drug Atenolol Manimala M, Veerashekar J, Hariharasharan S, Praveenkumar M Nematicidal Activity of Four Medicinal Plants Extracts against emMeloidogyneem Spp Senhaji B, Mziouid A, Chebli B, Mayad EH, Ferji Z Effect of Packaging Conditions on Microbiological and Physicochemical Quality of Moroccan Date Fruit Taouda H, Aarab L, Chabir R, Miyah Y, Azdad O, Mejrhit N, Errachidi F A Simple and Efficient Silica Supported Oxon Catalyzed Onepot Synthesis of 2ArylBenzimidazoles Kumaraswamy G, Brahmeshwari G, Ravichander M, Jagadeesh Babu K, Srinivas B Interaction of Azo Dyes with BSA and Adenine Spectral Electrochemical and Molecular Docking Methods Rajendiran N, Thulasidhasan J, Suresh M Firstprinciples Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Agn and Aun n34 Clusters Adsorbed on ZnO Surface Benkrima Yamina, Achouri Abderrahim, Benmebrouk Lazhar, Mohammedi Lazhar, Bentouila Omar, Ouahab Abdelouahab Analytical Application of Different Spectrophotometric Methods for Simultaneous Determination of Norfloxacin and Tinidazole in their Pure Forms and their Pharmaceutical Preparation Eissa MS, Darweish E, Elghobashy MR, Shehata MA Effect of Silk Strength by Dietary Supplementation of Silk Worm with 134Thiadiazoles emIn Silicoem and emIn Vitro Bombyx moriem DNA Binding Studies Karteek Rao A, Uma Devi P emIn Vitroem Enzymatic Assays of emAzadirachta indicaem Extract and Identification of Bioactive Compounds using Gas ChromatographyMassSpectrophotometer Adewole E , Ojo A, Omoaghe AO , Enye LA, Jamshed I Studies on Chemical Modification and Biology of Sulphonamide Analogs as Neuroprotective AntiAlzheimers Agents Neeraj Masand, Satya Prakash Gupta, Ratan Lal Khosa A Facile Synthesis of NArylidene27bromo2methylpyrido23bpyrazin3 yloxyacetohydrazides Hemalatha K, Shashikala K, Laxminarayana E, Chary MT Synthesis Antitubercular Activity and DNAbinding Study of some 2Amino3cyano4Hchromen4ylphosphonates Gulzar A Khan, Gowhar A Naikoo, Javeed A War, Umar Jan Pandit, Mehraj Ud Din Sheikh, Imran Khan, Ratnesh Das Mechanistic Investigations of Oxidation of Vanillin by NBromosuccinimideA Kinetic Approach Kalyani P, Ravi Teja P, Sunitha Manjari P Spectrophotometric Study Oxidation of Amlodipine Besylate by ChloramineT in Acidic Buffer pH 43 Medium Fathyah Omar Abdulsalam, Prema Kadappa Reddy, Asha Iyengar T Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oil of emTetraclinis articulataem emVahlem Masters against Enterobacteriaceae Isolated from Hospital Infections Fatima Zahra Sadiki, Mostafa El Idrissi, Mohammed Sbiti Synthesis Antimicrobial and Antiinflammatory Activities of 35Diphenyl1emHempyrazole Substituted Azepine5carboxamide deacuterivatives Satyanarayana KVVV, Venkata Swamy Tangeti, Eswar Kumar K Synthesis of New Triazole and Azabetalactam Compounds Derived from oNpropargylsulfonamido Benzoic Acid of Possible Biological Activity Ahmed W Naser, Muthanna S Farhan, Kany A Abdulqader