Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-10-issue-7-year-2018.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 10, Issue 7 Synthesis Identification Theoretical And Experimental Studies For Carbon Steel Corrosion Inhibition in Sea Water for New Urea and Thiourea Derivatives linkage to 5Nitro Isatin Moiety Rehab Majed Kubba, Suaad Mohammed Hussain Al-Majidi, Athraa Hikmat Ahmad A Review on Synthetic Methods for Preparation of Praziquantel Pranaya P Dhawle, Anita S Goswami Giri The Influence of Fatty Acid Composition and Functional Groups on Fuel Related Properties of Sweet Almond emPrunus Amygdalus Dulcisem Seed Oil Methyl Esters Esonye Chizoo, Onukwuli Okechukwu Dominic, Ofoefule Akuzuo Uwaoma Synthesis of Some Pyrimidine and Fused Pyrimidine Derivatives with Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activities Mohamed A Shaaban, Khalid O Mohamed, Mohamed E Hegazi, Montaser Sh A Shaykoon, Yaseen AMM Elshaier Analytical Method Development and Validation of Amlodipine in Human Plasma by using LcMsMs Akiful Haque M, Shanthi Priya DK, Bakshi V Effect of Solvent on Distribution Study of Benzoic Acid Aruna Hardas Properties of Genotype and Environment on Diterpene Glycosides Content and Composition of the Sweet Herb emStevia Rebaudianaem Bertoni Cultivated in Morocco Abdelkarim Khiraoui, Abdelali Boulli, Fatima Zahra Amchra, Abderrahmane Benhmimou, Ahmed Douaik, Aziz Hasib, Mohamed Bakha, Chaouki Al Faiz Comparative Study on the Nitric Oxide Scavenging and Hemolytic Activity of Fresh Leaf Juice and Dry Leaf Extracts of emClinacanthus Nutansem Burm F Lindau Akowuah GA,Chin JH, Yeong SW, Quah SY, Ahmad M The Relevance of Adsorption Mechanism on Spectrometric Colour Removal Investigation of Optimum Operation Parameters Onukwuli OD, Obiora-Okafo IA, Omotioma M Synthesis Spectral Theoretical Antimicrobial Evaluation and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Novel Ethyl 51Methyl1hTetrazol5Ylthio4Oxo26Substituted Diphenylpiperidine3Carboxylate Derivatives Srikanth R, Venkatesan CS, Sugumar P, Sivarajan A, Ponnuswamy MN Amberlyst15 An Efficient and Reusable Catalyst for One Pot Synthesis of Pyrazoline Derivatives Bearing an Indole Moiety as New Antimicrobial Agents Reddy SM, Reddy BN, Pathak M Pemphigus Vulgaris A Case Report Observed in South India Rajan AK, Jeyamani SVP, Indumathi S, Divya R, Lavanya R, Manivendhra G, Mukesh K Identification of Hepatoprotective Peptide Based Leads against Multiple Receptor Targets using Docking Strategy Nagarajan K, Shikha, Grover P, Ghai R Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in emSardina pilchardusem Levels and Health Risk Assessments through Dietary Exposure in Morocco Fatima Zahra Ndadani, Fouzia Zkhiri, Abderrazzak Rachidi PegSOsub3subH as an Efficient and Reusable Biodegrable Polymeric Catalyst for the Synthesis of Amidoalkyl Naphthols Rohini Kumar PC, Kumar KS, Mohan Naidu KR Application of Central Composite Design in the Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Solution using emBoodlea struveiodesem Prasanna Kumar P, Venkateswara Rao B, Prasanna Kumar Y Comparison of Adsorption Efficiency of BGA with CAC on Acid Violet Dye from Textile Effluent Krishnaveni J, Mary Jency I, Renugadevi N Synthesis Characterization and Applications of New HydrotalciteLike Nano and Innovative Materials Radji G, Bahmani A, Ezziane K, Bettahar N, Sellami M Metabolite Profiling of Fruit and Seed Extracts of emGarcinia xanthochymusem using RpHplc EsiQTofMs and Progenesis Qi Nanjegowda SH, Papanna MG, Bharathi TR, Raghu Ram Achar RR, Prakash HS, Swamy SN, Mallu P Synthetic and Pharmacophoric Utility of Quinazoline Motif in Drug Design Prakash Prajapat, Ganpat L Talesara, Shikha Agarwal Study of the Inhibitory Effect of Essential Oils of Indian emCostusem Against Corrosion of Steel of Iron C35 in a Medium Acid Alami Y, Mouissa M, Rhaiem N, O. Elbekkali O, Gala M, Tazi S, Ebn Touhami M, Chaouche A, Ouhssine M Cobalt Ii Nickel Ii Copper Ii and Zinc Ii Complexes of New N NBis Thiophen2Ylmethylene Benzene1 2Diamine Synthesis Spectroscopic and Antibacterial Studies Sanjeev A, Bhaskar S, Nasreen SK, Naresh Reddy N, Karunakar D, Ramesh P, Muralidhar Reddy P Seroprevalence Study of Whooping Cough in National Institute of Hygiene Rabat Morocco During 20132017 Meryem Elgarini, Abderrahmane Hammoumi, Zakaria Mennane, Aicha Qasmaoui, Reda Charof Developments in Gas Liquid Chromatography Using Liquid Crystals as Stationary Phases El-Naggar AY, Altalhi A, Alshanbari NF Steviol Glycosides and Biomass Variation of emStevia rebaudianaem Crop Grown under Moroccan Conditions Amchra FZ, Guedira T, Douaik A, Khiraoui A, Bakha M, Benhmimou A, Alfaiz C