Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-2-issue-1-year-2010.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 2, Issue 1 A QSAR Study of the Activity of Some Fluorinated Anesthetics Fakhr M. Abu-Awwad New Chemical Tools for the assessment of Hemolytic Anemia induced by Naphtoquinones B. Mostefa-Kara, C. Ziani-Cherif, M. Benabdallah, N. M. Rahmoun, D. Villemin, N. Choukchou-Braham and K. Boucherit Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method for the estimation of Valproic acid in bulk drug and soft gelatin capsules Rajesh K Gupta, Sunil Kumar, Umesh K Singh, Khalid Iqbal, Sandeep Sethia Synthesis analgesic antiinflammatory and antimicrobial activities of some novel Schiffs bases of 5subsituted Isatin Perumal Panneerselvam, Ravi Sankar Reddy, Kumarasamy Murali and Natesh Ramesh Kumar Kinetic study of application of various photo catalysts Vikesh Kumar, Masihur Rahman*, Naseema Khatoon, Manish Kumar Synthesis toxicological and biochemical studies of new heterocyclic compounds derived from acetanilide and pyrrole derivatives S. A. Swelam, Sh. M. Abo-Bakr, N. M. Fawzy, S El-Maghraby, H Taha SilverI ion selective transport through a bulk liquid membrane containing 512diphenoxymethyl14dioxa10ithiacyclododecane23dione as carrier Malihe Sadat Hosseiny, Gholam Hossein Rounaghi and Mahmud Chamsaz Estimation of Persistent Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Selected Vegetables Vikesh Kumar, Sailendra Kumar, Manish Kumar, M. R. Tripathi Synthesis of some novel substituted 5oxo imidazolines containing azo linkages and their biological screening Murlidhar P. Wadekar, Arun R. Raut, Gopalkrushna H. Murhekar Three Dimensional Quantitative StructuralActivity Relationship 3DQSAR Studies some 3432arylphenoxy butoxyphenyl Propionic acids as novel PPAR agonists M. C. Sharma, Smita Sharma, D. V. Kohli, S. C. Chaturvedi Effect of Rosa multiflora extract on chemical mutagens using Ames Assay Prabhu N, Sudha Elizabath G, Anna Joice P and Soumya T S Synthesis and biological evaluation of some newer triazole based Schiffs bases P. P. Munj, R. R. Somani, A.V. Chavan RPHPLC Method Development and Validation of Lamotrigine *Pavan Kumar Puvvada, Vedi Gounder Murugan, S. Vimal Kumar and Pavan Kumar Padarthi Synthesis and characterization of 28hydroxyquinolinyl5aminomethyl34methoxyphenyl3Hquinazolin4one and its metal complexes with CuII NiII MnII CoII and ZnII ions R. T. Vashi, S. B. Patel, H. K. Kadiya Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activities of 4Benzylidene143substituted phenylprop2enoylphenyl2phenylimidazol5one R. A. Shah, P. S. Patel, D. K. Trivedi, P. J. Vyas Validated TLC Densitometric method for the quantification of Torsemide and Spironolactone in bulk drug and in tablet dosage form M. C. Sharma, Smita Sharma, D. V. Kohli, A. D. Sharma Simple Extractive Spectrophotometeric Determination of Amphetamine Sulphate by Acid Dye Complexation in Solid Dosage Form Kalkotwar R. S, Kasture A. V, Pattan S. R, Dengale S. S, Dighe N.S Validated spectrophotometric methods for quantitative determination of Atorvastatin calcium and Metoprolol succinate in Capsules Sagar B. Wankhede, Nitin R. Dixit, Sohan S. Chitlange Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel optically active 3chloro144S4chlorophenylphenylmethylpiperazinylacetylphenyl4aryl2azetidinone derivatives Shailesh J. Parmar, Ishwar J. Patel Photochemical and photocatalytic Studies of Cypermethrin under UV irradiation R. S. Dave and A. R. Patel A facile design and efficient synthesis of schiffs bases of tetrazolo 15a quinoxalines as potential antiinflammatory and antimicrobial agents Umarani Natarajan, Ilango Kaliappan, Narendra Kumar Singh Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activities of 1Acetyl5substituted phenyl342methyl4benzylidene5oxoimidazol1ylphenyl45dihydropyrazol P. S. Patel, R. A. Shah, D. K. Trivedi, P. J. Vyas Antiurolithiatic and natriuretic activity of steroidal constituents of Solanum xanthocarpum Vina B Patel, Isverbhai S. Rathod, Jaymin M Patel, Maitreyee R. Brahmbhatt Synthesis and Antimicrobial activity of a new class of Aminophosphonic acid esters by using TMG as Catalyst G. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, S. Annar, K. Uma Maheshwara Rao, A. Balakrishna, C. Suresh Reddy Synthesis and evaluation of novel phthalimide derivatives as analgesic and antiinflammatory agents Rasika A. Pophale, Meenakshi N. Deodhar Synthesis and antimalarial activity evaluation of some new 7chloro4aminoquinolines with substituted ring at side chain Mithun Rudrapal, Dipak Chetia, Anil Prakash Salinity of ground water in some semiarid tracts in North Gujarat during year 20032004 Patel K. C, Vyas K. B, Nimavat K. S, M. V. Hathi Identification of volatile organic compounds of Anethum L juice using headspace and direct solid phase micro extraction HSSPMEDISPME gas chromatography mass spectrometryGCMS Azizollah Nezhadali, Mina Akbarpour Synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds and their biological evaluation Avnish A. Patel, Arvind G. Mehta Theoretical study on effect of binding of Netropsin on thermal denaturation of synthetic oligonucleotides Onkar Prasad, Leena Sinha, Neeraj Misra, R.C. Agnihotri, Jitendra Pathak COQ10 A wonder enzyme A review Nachiket S Dighe, Shashikant R Pattan, Vinayak M Gaware, Mangesh B Hole, Deepak S Musmade, Suwarna H Kale and Sandip Waman Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method for the simultaneous estimation of Esomeprazole and Itopride in Capsule Rajesh K. Patel, Bhuvan P. Raval, Bhavesh H. Patel, Laxman J. Patel GCMS Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds and Antibacterial Activity of the Oil Fraction from the Leaves of Alstonia boonei De Wild Donatus Ebere Okwu and Benson Uyiosano Ighodaro Micellar Liquid Chromatographic Analytical Method Development and Validation of Determination of Atorvastatin Calcium and Pioglitazone in Tablet Dosage Form Mukesh Chandra Sharma, Smita Sharma, D. V. Kohli, S. C. Chaturvedi Application of WaterinOil Microemulsion for Chromatographic Study of Different Groups of Organic Compounds Ali Mohammad, Sameen Laeeq Corrosion inhibitorA plant extract Saratha. R, Meenakshi. R Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of metal chelates of 28Quinolinol5ylamino methyl34methyl phenyl5phenylpyrazoline B. N. Patel, P. S. Patel and V. G. Patel Determination of Naproxen and Ibuprofen in Pharmaceutical Formulations by using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Sunil Jawla, Sandeep Jain Quantitative estimation of Catechin in stem bark of Saraca asoka Linn using HPTLC Permender Rathee, Sushila Rathee, Deepti Rathee, Dharmender Rathee The Role of Various Theoretical Descriptors in QSAR Investigations of Toxicity of Benzodiazepine Drugs Fakhr M. Abu-Awwad Studies on Effect of Carbon Sources on Amylase Obtained From Isolated Strains of Different Soil K. Kulathuran Pillai, *S. Vimal Kumar, Mohamed Halith, S. Jayaprakash, A. J. M. Christina, Abirami Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Estimation of Diacerein and Aceclofenac in tablet dosage form Sohan S. Chitlange, Ganesh R. Pawbake, Amir I. Mulla, Sagar B. Wankhede. Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis An Alternative Synthetic Strategy Jignasa K. Savjani, Ketan T. Savjani, Bhumika S. Patel, Anuradha K. Gajjar Directly Suspended Droplet Three Liquid Phase Micro extraction of Ecstasy in Hair Combined with UVVisible Spectroscopy Diode array Detector Zarrin Es?¢????haghi, Mahin Hasanzade-Meidani, Maryam Mohtaji, Mahbobeh Masrournia Formulation HPTLC Method Development and Validation of Gallic Acid in Health Drinks Sagar R. Mane, P. I. Subbiah, Pradip A. Jadhav, V. R. Salunkhe, S. B. Bhise, Sachin U. Rakesh Micellar Liquid Chromatographic Method Development for Determination of Rosuvastatin Calcium and Ezetimibe in Pharmaceutical Combination Dosage Form Smita Sharma, M. C. Sharma, D. V. Kohli, S. C. Chaturvedi Synthesis of Tertiary Alcohols via an Ionic Liquid Catalyst Jeanne L. Kuhler, Robey T. Brooks, Whitney K. Helms, Krystal D. Holley, Pratik P. Patel, Candace Phillips, Tiffany R. Shorter Synthesis and biological screening of some novel Quinoline derivatives P. Muthumani, S.Venkataraman, R. Meera, Govind Nayak, N. Chidambaranathan, P. Devi, B. Kameswari Potentialities of Artemisia Annua Sandhya S, Vinod K.R, Chaitanya R.S.N.A.K.K, Narender Prasad D Facile synthesis of fused nitrogen containing heterocycles as anticancer agents Nadia R. Mohamed, Nahed Y. Khaireldin, Amin F. Fahmy, Ahmed A. El-Sayed