Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-2-issue-4-year-2010.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 2, Issue 4 Synthesis and antimicrobial activity evaluation of novel phosphorylated derivatives of zidovudine S. Subba Reddy, V. Koteswara Rao, K. Venkataramana, C. Suresh Reddy, S. K. Ghosh and C. Naga Rju Simultaneous estimation of Atorvastatin calcium Ramipril and Aspirin in capsule dosage form using HPTLC Anilkumar Sharma, Binny Shah and Bhavesh Patel Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some 4substituted thiazolidinone derivatives Shweta T Dhanashire, Pratima R.P Singh, M.P Toraskar Antiinflammatory potential of flavone glycoside from ethanol extract of the aerial parts of the plant Leucas lavandulaefolia Chandrashekar Kodangala and Prasanna Kodangala Onepot multicomponent synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of some novel acridine derivatives Baseer M Shaikh, Shankaraiah G. Konda, Atul V. Mehare, Gajanan G. Mandawad, Santosh S . Chobe and Bhaskar S. Dawane* Synthesis characterization and mesomorphic properties of azoester mesogens 4nalkoxy benzoic acid 43benzylideneaminophenylazophenyl ester M. B. Chauhan, D. K. Bhoi, M. T. Machhar, D. K. Solanki and Dhaval Solanki Synthesis and evaluation of antiinflammatory and antimicrobial activity of 25disubstituted134oxadiazoles Pooja Chawla, Radhika Maheshwari and Shubhini A. Saraf Spectrophotometric method for determination of butylated hydroxyanisole in oils J. Pandu Ranga Rao and C. Bala Sekaran Ethanolamines as corrosion inhibitors for zinc in HNO3 HCl binary acid mixture R. T. Vashi and H. M. Bhajiwala Nephroprotective and curative activity of Lepidium sativum L seeds in albino rats using cisplatin induced acute renal failure Yogesh Chand Yadav, D.N. Srivastav, A.K. Seth and Vipin Saini Effect of different superdisintegrants on isoniazid dispersible tablets for oral tuberculosis Vikesh Shukla and F.V. Manvi Studies on oxadiazolesalicylic acid combined molecule as a ligand and its metal chelation D. K. Solanki, M. B. Chauhan and M. T. Machhar Quantification of Sitosterol using HPTLC from Capparis decidua Forsk Edgew Sushila Rathee, O. P. Mogla, Permender Rathee and Dharmender Rathee Development and validation of a RPHPLCPDA method for simultaneous estimation of Drotaverine and Etoricoxib in tablet and its application for dissolution studies P. K. Syal, M. Sahoo, K. D. Ingale, S. S. Ingale, V. P. Choudhari and B. S. Kuchekar A validated reverse phase HPLC and HPTLC method for estimation of Olmesartan Medoxomil in pharmaceutical dosage form Neha Yadav and B. P Srinivasan Equilibrium studies on binary complex formation of lanthanide ions LaIII PrIII SmIII GdIII and DyIII with vitaminU at constant temperature J. J. Vora, J. G. Gurjar, R. H. Chaudhari, R. A. Patel and D. R. Patel Synthesis antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of some novel cyclized naphthyl cyclohexanone derivatives Magdy I. El-Zahar, Somaia S. Abd El-Karim, Manal M. Anwar and Enas M. Danial Validated HPTLC method for simultaneous quantitation of Olmesartan medoximal and Amlodipine besylate in bulk drug and formulation Dhanshri J. Desai, Archana S. More, Aniruddha R. Chabukswar*, Bhanudas S. Kuchekar, Swati C. Jagdaleand Pradeep D. Lokhande Design characterization and pharmacophoric evaluation of new series of Nsubstituted benzamides D.D. Magar, A.R. Tapas and P.K. Ambre Development and validation of a RPHPLCPDA method for simultaneous estimation of Hydrochlorothiazide and Irbesartan Aniruddha R. Chabukswar, Swati C. Jagdale, Bhanudas S. Kuchekar, Pradeep D Lokhande, Santosh N. Shinde, Kunal D. Ingale, Anuja K. Kolsure Simultaneous determination of Glimepiride and Metformin hydrochloride impurities in sustained release pharmaceutical drug product by HPLC Shraddha Pawar, Gangadhar Meshram, Rajendra Jadhav and Yatish Bansal 35H124Triazino56bindol3ylthioNsubstituted phenylpropionamides Synthesis and antidepressant activity evaluation Suhas M. Shelke, Sharad H. Bhosale and Kakasaheb R. Mahadik High performance thinlayer chromatographic selective and stability indicating method for assay of ciprofloxacin in pharmaceuticals Babita K Singh, Dilip V Parwate, Seema Srivastava and Sudhir. K. Shukla Design synthesis and biological evaluation of benzoxazole derivatives as cyclooxygenase inhibitors Srinivas Ampati, Vidya Sagar Jenugu, Raju Jukanti, Rama Ganta, Sarangapani Manda Development comparison of single and multiparameter QSPR models S. T. Shukla and V. V. Sawant Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some 2phenylbenzoxazole derivatives Laliteshwar P.Singh, Viney Chawla, Pooja Chawla and Shailendra K. Saraf Diabetes associated dyslipidemia Management Ramachandran Vadivelan, Dipanjan Mandal, Umasankar Payyavulla, Dhanabal Palaniswamy, Kannan Elango and Suresh Bhojraj Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of 2azetidinone and its derivatives M. M. Murhekar and R. E. Khadsan DGlucose phase transfer catalyzed synthesis of benzimidazolyl oxadiazole derivatives N. D. Mahesh Kumar and P. K. Dubey Synthesis and evaluation of new phenylaminothiadiazolooxadiazolo1 3benzoxazoles for their antifungal and antiinflammatory activity L. Srikanth, Usha Naik, Ramesh Jadhav, N.Raghunandan, J. Venkateshwar Rao and K. Raj manohar Non chiral High Performance Liquid Chromatography method for monitoring unknown impurities generated during stability of Clopidogrel tablets P. Aparna, Sumathi V. Rao, K. M. Thomas,K. Mukkanti and Kishore Deo A Review Oxadiazole Their Chemistry and Pharmacological Potentials Sharma S., Sharma P. K., Kumar N, Dudhe R The Effect Of CarbidicGraphitic Carbon on the Surface Reactivity of the Alumina Supported nano Bimetallic Catalyst S.Tajammul Hussain, Asima Siddiqa Synthesis characterization and antimalarial screening of some new N2chloroquinolin3ylmethylenebenzenamines Yogesh Murti, Sujeet K. Gupta & Devender Pathak Novel spermicidal agent A review Ankita Singh, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Nitin Kumar, Rupesh Dudhe, Shushank Dixit Synthesis and biological evaluation of alkylarylamino derivatives ofnaphthalene14dione as antimycobacterial agents Alka Mital*, Sunil Mahlavat, Sachin Bindal, Mukesh Sonawane and Villendra Negi FTIR and FTRaman Spectra and Normal Coordinate Analysis of Poly methyl methacrylate Mas Rosemal H. Mas Haris, S. Kathiresan, S. Mohan Pharmacophore modeling and 3DQSAR studies on flavonoids as glucosidase inhibitors Vipin Kumar, Sunil Kumar and Poonam Rani An Efficient Synthesis And Antibacterial Activity Of Some Novel Isoxazoles Pyrimidinthiones And Pyrimidinones A. N. Solankee, G. A. Patel, R. B. Patel, B. K. P. Patel Vibrational spectra and assignment of 32Nitrophenoxy phthalonitrile by Ab initio HartreeFock and Density Functional Methods Neeraj Misra, Anoop Pandey, Apoorva Dwivedi, Sanjeev Trivedi, Shamoon Ahmad Siddiqui Microwave assisted synthesis of Nsubstituted Pyrimidines Using AlCl3 as catalyst and their antimicrobial Activities Mukesh M. Chavda, Manish J. Solanki, Jasmin J.Solnki Chetna M. Rajyguru, Jatin M. Upadhyay QSAR Studies on Keto Sulfones Derivatives as Inhibitors of 11 Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Shashank Trivedi, Prakash C. Patidar, Pradeep K. Chaurasiya, Rajesh S. Pawar, Umesh K. Patil, Pradeep K. Singour Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some new Imidazo12apyridine derivatives Sunil G. Sanghani and Kalpesh J. Ganatra Sensitive Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Mesalamine in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulations S. Navya Sloka , B.M. Gurupadayya and CH. Aswani Kumar Synthesis and invitro spleen cell proliferative activity of novel oxime derivative of ibuprofenamide Neeraj Mehta, Suresh Thareja, Saurabh Aggarwal, Priyanka Malla, Tilak Raj Bhardwaj and Manoj Kumar An efficient iodination of hydroxylated aromatic ketones by using iodine and iodic acid Bhagwan R. Patil, Archana Y. Vibhute, Shyam S. Mokle and Yeshwant B. Vibhute A simple and sensitive ion chromatography method for the determination of Ethanolamine in pharmaceutical drug substances S. John Prasanna, K. S. R. Pavan Kumar, K. Mukkanti, Vundavilli Jagadeesh Kumar and Hemant Kumar Sharma