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All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-3-issue-2-year-2011.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 3, Issue 2 Novel Spectrophotometric method for estimation of Ranolazine inbulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms Jagdish Bidada, Indrajit Gonjari, Chandrakant Raut, Chetan Bhutada Synthesis of new maleimide monomers and their copolymerization BL Hiran, Shivira Bapna, Divya Singh and Sapna Jain Development and Validation of a Novel Isocratic RPHPLC Method ForSimultaneous Determination of Atenolol and Aspirin in Fixed dose combinations Pankaj Kumar, Shubhanjali Shukla, Ashok Laxmanrao Ganure and BB Subudhi Free Radical Copolymer Synthesis Characterization andAntibacterial properties of 4Cl phenyl maleimide with EA Basanti lal Hiran, Divya Singh and Shivira Bapna Schiff base synthesis by unconventional route An innovativegreen approach Atul R. Bendale, Rohit Bhatt, Akhil Nagar, Anil Jadhav and G Vidyasagar The decolorization and mineralization of azo dye Reactive Yellow 86in aqueous solution by PhotoFenton Reagent Menka Surana, Preeti Mehta, Kavita Pamecha and BV Kabra Synthesis and Anticancer activity of some novel diphenic acid derivatives Heba Elzahabi, Mohamed Salem, Hamdy Thabet Perturbation of absorption spectra properties of 4 5Dimethyl2nitro aniline by polar non polar solvents and substituents Munish Yadav, Bandana Sharma and Gaurav Sharma Synthesis and biological screening of 14dihydropyridinederivatives containing benzothiazolyl moiety Mithlesh, Pawan kumar Pareek, Ravikant and KG Ojha Aniline as corrosion inhibitor for zinc in HNO3 H3PO4 binary acid mixture RT Vashi, HM Bhajiwala and SA Desai 3DQSAR analysis of 5cyano6aryl2thiouracil as inhibitors ofHepatitis C viral NS5B RNAdependent RNA polymerase Ramesh Sawant, Ganesh Dhikale, Sanket Hadawale and Prashant Lanke QSAR Analysis of Some Aryloxypropanolamine Analogues asAnticonvulsants Jitendra Fegade, Rajesh Chaudhari and Vijay Patil Mesomorphic Properties of a New Homologous Series 44nalkoxybenzoyloxy3methoxy phenyl azo4chlorobenzenes BC Chauhan, RR Shah and AV Doshi Spectral study and antimicrobial activity of Co II Cu II Mn II Ni IIand Zn II Complexes of bisazo dye derived from Meta phenylene diamine Anitha, KR Venugopala Reddy, Vittala Rao KS, Fasiulla, AM Sridhara and Shobha KS Development and Validation of RPHPLC and HPTLC methods forEstimation of Ritonavir in bulk and in pharmaceutical formulation T Sudha, R Vanitha and V Ganesan Liquid Crystalline Characteristics of Azoester New Homologousseriesp p nalkoxy benzoyloxy phenyl azopmethoxybenzene Bhoya UC and Doshi AV Anthelmintic activity of different extracts of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb on IndianAdult Earthworms Hood MM, Tembhurne SV and Sakarkar DM Synthesis and study of a new mesomorphic seriesppnAlkoxy cinnamoyloxy benzoyl styrene Patel RB and Doshi AV Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of some novel aminothiazolederivatives MT Shreenivas, BE Kumara Swamy, GR Srinivasa and BS Sherigara Microwave assisted an efficient synthesis of 33phenyl7H124triazole34134thiadiazin6ylchromen2ones S Tasqeeruddin and PK Dubey Synthesis of Naratriptan using new intermediate NBenzylNMethylEthenesulfonamide B Venugopala Rao, VSH Krishnana, K Venkateswara Rao, V Ravi Sankar and PK Dubey Recent Advances and Potential Pharmacological Activities ofBenzimidazole Derivatives L Srikanth, V Varun Raj, N Raghunandan and L Venkateshwerlu Speciation studies of Lhistidine complexes of PbII CdII andHgII in Dioxanwater mixtures K Bharath Kumar Naik, S Raju, B Ananda Kumar and G Nageswara Rao A Novel Synthesis for Meso Substituted Dipyrromethanes Sayyed Sultan Qasim and Syed Shahed Ali Homopolymer Synthesis by Free Radical PolymerizationCharacterizationand Thermal study of 26dichloro4nitro phenylmaleimide Basanti lal Hiran, Divya Singh and Shivira Bapna Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some new 26bis1phenyl3aryl1Hpyrazol4ylmethylenecyclohexanones Om Prakash, Khalid Hussain and Deepak Aneja A novel method for estimation of Raloxifene Hydrochloride in bulkand pharmaceutical preparations by Visible Spectrophotometry B Kalyanaramu, K Raghubabu, Y Vamsi Kumar and V Jagannadharao Ionexchange chromatography of 8hydroxyquinoline5sulphonic acidmelamineformaldehyde polymer resinII RN Singrua, RA Mondalb and VA Khatic and WB Gurnuled Glutamic acid analogues used as potent anticancer A review Satyajit Dutta, Supratim Ray and K Nagarajan One pot method for green synthesis of 15benzodiazepines Mallinath Langade Synthesis and pharmacological studies on some novel imidazo thiazoles Priya Frank, Balakrishna Kalluraya and Adithya Adhikari Efficient one pot synthesis of Nalkyl and Naryl imides Mallinath Langade Effect of Allium Sativum on the pharmacokinetic of Metformin inrat plasma A herbdrug interaction study Shikha Chourey, Tamanna Narsinghani and Love Kumar Soni Synthesis Characterization and Antimicrobial Study of LanthanideIIIComplexes of 2AnilinoNlpyridine2ylethylideneacetohydrazide Vidhyadhar Havanura, Dayananda Badigera, Shashikala Ligadeb and Kalagouda Gudasi Synthesis and antifungal screening of fluoro benzothiazoloimidazole derivatives Bhushankumar Sathe, Jaychandran E, Vijay Jagtap and Swati Deshmukh LcK Inhibitors and its analogues A Review Renuka Khatik and AK Pathak Determination of Quercetin in Some Natural Products UsingReversed FIACL Method Mohammed Hussain and Kamal Mahmoud Thiadiazoles Progress Report on Biological Activities Kempegowda, Senthil Kumar GP, Dev Prakash and Tamiz Mani T Development and Validation of Visible Spectrophotometric methodsfor the Estimation of Mesalamine in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Venugopal Darak, Aravind Karadi, MD Arshad and SajjaAppalraju Development and Validation of Visible Spectrophotometric methodsfor the Estimation of Ethamsylate in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms MD Arshad, Arvind Karadi, Venugopal Darak and Sajja Appal Raju, Development and validation of spectrophotometric methods for quantitativeestimation of Meloxicam in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms Ananth V, Venkatamahesh R, Ulaganathan C, Balaji M and Sachin Kumar Singh Sensitive Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of PalladiumIIUsing 35Dimethoxy4hydroxybenzaldehydeisonicotinoylhydrazonein presence of Micellar medium M Rameswara Rao and KB Chandrasekha Mesomorphic properties of a new homologous series 24Nalkoxybenzoyloxynaphthyl1azo4nitro benzenes HR Prajapatib and AV Doshia Studies on Acoustic Parameters of Some Substituted Isoxazolines andPyrazolines in 70 DioxaneWater Mixture and Effect on Seed Germination UP Meshram, BG Khobragade, ML Narwade and VB Khobragade Design synthesis and biological evaluation of some substitutedsulphonyl urea guanidine derivatives as hypoglycemic agents Panchal Ishan, Panigrahi Bibhuranjan, Modh Kamal and Patel CN Synthesis Spectral Magnetic Susceptibility and Antifungal Studies OnSymmetrically Substituted Metal II Octafuryl methanimine Phthalocyanine Fasiulla, Venugopala Reddy KR, Moinuddin Khan MH and Keshavayya J Physicochemical study essential oils of Thymus fontanesii according to itsconservation Farah Haddouchi, Tarik Chaouche, Hamadi Abderrahmane Lazouni and Abdalhafid Benmansour Physicochemical study essential oils of Laurus nobilis according toits conservation Tarik Chaouche, Farah Haddouchi, Hamadi Abderrahmane Lazouni, Abdalkader Dahmani, Slimane Amel and Abdalhafid Benmansour Condensed bridgehead nitrogen heterocyclic systems Synthesis andevaluation of isatinyl thiazole derivatives as antiMycobacteriumtuberculosis agents and dTDPrhamnose inhibitors Rajendra Dighe, Sheetal Rohom, Prashant Dighe and Mahendra Shiradkar. Synthesis and Study of New Mesogenic Homologous Series 44nalkoxybenzoyloxy3 5dichloro phenylazo4methyl benzenes AV Doshi and NG Makwana Aniline as corrosion inhibitor for zinc in HNO3 H2SO4 binary acid mixture RT Vashi, HM Bhajiwala and SA Desai Pharmacophore modeling studies on aryl thioxothiazolidinones asADAMTS5 Aggrecanase2 inhibitors Isha Goyal and Vipin Kumar Nitric oxide scavenging activity of synthesized methyl semicarbazone derivatives Manmohan Singhal, Arindam Paul and Hemendra Pratap Singh Anti microbial study of newly formed complexes of transition andinner transition metals with antiulcer drug and RNA bases Sarika Verma, Sarita shrivastva and Poonam Rani Votammetric Beviour and Analysis of Thiofanox in Environmental Samples Pushpalatha Minchala, Balaji Kodigutta, Chenna Rohini Putta Kumar, Sridevi Chadive and Suresh Cirandur Reddy Synthesis characterization antibacterial and analgesic evaluation ofsome 134oxadiazole derivatives Jnyanaranjan Panda, V Jagannath Patro, Chandra Sekhar Panda and Jitendriya Mishra Di and Trimerization of Acrylic reagents Veera Reddy Arava, Sashibhushan Malreddy and Sreenivasulu Reddy Thummala Simple and sensitive spectrophotometric determination of ZnII inBiological and Pharmaceutical samples with 5methylfuran2carbaxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone5MFAT D Nagarjuna Reddy, K Vasudeva Reddy and K Hussain Reddy Chemical constituents from the rhizomes of Curcuma aromatica Salisb S Ahmad, M Ali, SH Ansari and F Ahmed Development and Validation of Visible Spectrophotometric methods for theEstimation of Metolazone in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms S Sandeep Kumar, Shobha Manjunath, Venkatesh Chouhan and S Appalraju