Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-3-issue-6-year-2011.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 3, Issue 6 Determination of optimal conditions for the dosage of selenium in whole human blood by differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetry Tarik. ATTAR, Yahia. HAREK, Nouria. Denouni-Medjati, Lahcen. LARABI A microwave assisted synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives using solid support B. Guruswamy and R. Arul Chromatographic Behavior of Metal Cations on Addition of Various Additives in Aq BAC Mobile Phase Sarang S. Dhote, Lata Deshmukh and L. Paliwal Biochemical analysis and structure elucidation of Campholene aldehyde from marine spongederived Aspergillus terreus MP1 J. Meenupriya, Atlanta majumdar, Antojasmine jenifer, Udaya britto, M. Thangaraj Thermo kinetic study of 8hydroxyquinoline 5sulphonic acidmelamine Formaldehyde polymer resinIII Rajesh N. Singru Design molecular docking synthesis and evaluation of some novel heterocyclic analogues of diclofenac as potent analgesic and antiinflammatory agents with less ulcerogenicity S.Sivaraj, P.Muthumani, S.Venkataraman, J.Raamamurthy, R. Siva kumar and P.Kumarnallasivan An Efficient and Practical Synthesis of Dimethyl 2chloromalonate G. Ravi Babu, T. Rajesh, R. Nagarjuna, A. V. Gopi Krishna & G. Madhusudhan NLO property and surface morphology of Lead Iodate Crystals Doped with Zinc K. D. Girase, H.M. Patil, D. K. Sawant, D. S. Bhavsar Chromatographic Separation of Heavy Metal Cations on a Silica gelG S. M. Wanjari, Lata Deshmukh, L. J. Paliwal Synthesis and characterization of cross linked chitinbentonite polymer blend and adsorption studies of Cu II and Cr VI on chitin Saravanan D, Hemalatha R, and Sudha P N Synthesis Characterization and Crystal Structure of 135Bis4fluorophenyl45dihydro1Hpyrazol1ylpropan1one Seranthimata Samshuddin, Badiadka Narayana, Zeliha Baktir, Mehmet Akkurt and Hemmige S. Yathirajan Development and validation of gas chromatography method for low level detection of residual Methyl chloride Ethyl chloride and Isopropyl chloride in Ziprasidone hydrochloride T.Kaleemullah, Mansur Ahmed, Hemant Kumar Sharma, KVSN Raju, M. Narendra Kumar Metalligand stability constants of ThIII SmIII NdIII and PrIII metal ion complexes with 2mercapto4substituted phenyl6substituted phenyl pyrimidines at 01 M ionic strength pH metrically Sumer D. Thakur, Devidas.T.Mahajan, Kamlesh P.Munot, Rajesh D. Deshmukh, Mangesh S.Tihile Simultaneous Estimation of Ascorbic Acid and Calcium Pantothenate in Multivitamin and Multimineral Tablets by ReversePhase HPLC Ramniwas Dudhwal, Jagadish P C, Krishnamurthy Bhat, Aruna Mane Activity guided fractionation and identification of fatty acid derivative from alcoholic extract of Wrightia tomentosa Kandasamy Nagarajan, Dilip K. Singh, Ira Sharma, Ramesh B. Bodla Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of chalcones of naphtho21bfuran condensed with barbituric acid Chandrashekhar C.H, Latha K.P, Vagdevi H. M and Vaidya V.P Identification and Synthesis of Impurities formed during Ilaprazole Preparation T. Umasankara Sastry, K. Nageswararao and T. Appi Reddy Soil moisture monitoring and plant stress measurement of young citrus orchard A. Abouatallah, R. Salghi, B. Hammouti, A. El Fadl, M. El-Otmani, M.C. Benismail, N. Eljaouhari, El. El Kabousc, A. Ziani Synthesis on study of 2methyl5nitron435substituted45dihydroisoxazol3ylphenoxyphenylbenzenesulfonamide and theirantimicobial activity Rajarshi N. Patel, K. S. Nimavat, K. B. Vyas and Piyush V. Patel Weight Loss Measurement and Theoretical Study of New Pyridazine Compound as Corrosion Inhibitor for C38 Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution H. Zarrok, H. Oudda, A. Zarrouk, R. Salghi, B. Hammouti, M. Bouachrine Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies and Mechanical Properties of Unidirectional Lalanine Acetate Single crystal G. Prabagaran, M. Victor Antony Raj, S. Arulmozhi and J. Madhavan Growth and Spectral Studies of Unidirectionally grown LThreonine Acetate single crystal G. Prabagaran, M. Victor Antony Raj, S. Arulmozhi and J. Madhavan Investigation of some pmethoxyphenyltelluriumIV trichloride catalysed knoevenagel reaction Rimpi, Sapana Garg and Krishan K. Verma Microwave assisted synthesis physicochemical properties and antimicrobial activity of benzimidazole chalcones Bijo Mathew, Unnikirishnan.G., Shafeer. V.P., Mohammed Musthafa.C., Femina.P. A New and Alternate Synthesis of Carvedilol An Adrenergic receptor B.Anandkumar, R. Buchi Reddy, L. Gangaiah, G. Madhusudhan and K. Mukkanti Synthesis of 42Hchromene3yl3phenoxy14methoxymethylphenyl azetidin2ones GloryArava and Lingappa Yeramanchi Growth and characterization of Urea Lead nitrate ULN single crystal by slow evaporation process V. Rajendran and S. Gnanam An Efficient Greener synthesis of 2Aryl1Arylmethyl1HBenzimidazoles using Polystyrene Sulfonic acid as a Catalyst Prasad P. Patil, Madhukar B. Deshmukh, Abhijeet G. Mulik, Dattatraya R. Chandam, Dayanand R. Patil, Suryabala D. Jagdale, Prashant V. Anbhule, Dadasahe K. Salunkhe, Sandeep A. Sankpal A novel synthesis of quinoxaline 6carabaldehyde and its evaluation as potential antimicrobial agent Nandini R. Pai, Sandesh G. Vishwasrao Synthesis on study of 2methyl5nitron435substituted45 dihydroisoxazol3ylphenoxyphenylbenzenesulfonamide and theirantimicobial activity Rajarshi N. Patel, K. S. Nimavat, K. B. Vyas and Piyush V. Patel Surface modification of zinc by new organic compounds and its corrosion study B.M. Praveen, T.V.Venkatesha, S.K Rajappa, H.P Sachin, K. Vathsala, K.O. Nayana Stability indicating simultaneous estimation of assay method for naproxen and esomeprazole in pharmaceutical formulations by RPHPLC Palavai Sripal Reddy, Shakil Sait, Gururaj Vasudevmurthy and Badri Vishwanath, Vure Prasad and S. Jayapal Reddy Synthesis biological evaluation and molecular modeling study of substituted 124triazole3acetic acid derivatives Hend A. A. Abd El-wahab, Hamdy M. Abdel-Rahman, Gamal-Eldin S. Alkaramany and Mahmoud A. El-Gendy Adsorption and Quantum Chemical studies on the Inhibition potentials of some Formazan Derivatives P. Udhayakala, A. Jayanthi, T.V. Rajendiran Photoconductivity spectral and electrical conductivity studies of Zinc borod1malate NLO single crystal P. Christu Raj, K. Kaviyarasu, S. Anbarasu, P.S. Joseph, Prem Anand Devarajan Sorption Studies of RhodamineB Dye Using Newly Prepared Kazas Carbons M. Nageswara Rao, B. V. Rajeswara Reddy, Ch. Suresh Babu, Ch. Chakrapani, P. Haritha, K. A. Emmanuel and Kaza Somasekhara Rao Synthesis of novel benzylamine analogues of Anacardic acid as potent antibacterial agents Ravi Kumar Vempati, Subhakara Reddy.N, Srinivasa Rao Alapati & P. K. Dubey Simple and sensitive analytical method development and validation of lopinavir bulk drug by RPHPLC Madhukar A, Jagadeeshwar K, Naresh K, Armstrong vinod raj, B. Jayapaul,S. Naazneen Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Novel Aryl and Heteroaryl hydrazinocurcumins B. Selvkumar and R. Venkataraman Chemical Examination of Fruits of Cleistanthus collinus J. Chandravathi Devi and K. Vasantha Kumar Pai Synthesis and evaluation of new 23 and 24disubstituted quinazoline derivatives as potential antibacterial and antifungal agents Mahr A. El-Hashash, Dalal B. Guirguis and Yaser A. El-Badry Synthesis characterization and antioxidant activity of some 134oxadiazoles carrying 4methylsulfonylbenzyl moiety Sumangala Vittal, Boja Poojary, Punith Bansal, Chidananda Nandagokula, ArulMoli, Tangavelu and Shalini Shenoy Synthesis characterization and biological activities of 25disubstituted 134oxadiazoles Karuna Sree Merugu, Aravind Kurnool, Vinay Kumar Lakkakula, Jagan Naik Pujari, Babul Reddy Abbavaram and Narayana Swamy Golla Synthesis and biological activity of novel phthalamide containing azitidinone Gunvantsinh T. Desai, F. B. Bux and Arun Singh Microwave irradiated highspeed and classical synthesis of benzylidene acetyl pyrroles Meghasham N. Narule A novel RPHPLC method for the analysis of levetiracetam in formulations Narendra Devanaboyina, T.Satyanarayana and B.Ganga Rao Synthesis and evaluation of some novel thiophenes as potential antibacterial and mycolytic Agents Sajal Srivastava and Barnali Das Design and synthesis of substituted clubbed triazolyl thiazole as XDR MDR antituberculosis agents PartII Dinkar Mundhe, A. V. Chandewar, M. R. Shiradkar Studies in influence of ionic strength of medium on the complex equilibria of substituted hydoxy13propandiones with CrIII and LaIII metal ions pH metrically Sumer D. Thakur, Devidas T. Mahajan, Kamlesh P. Munot, Rajesh D. Deshmukh, Mangesh S. Tihile, Vijay H.Masand Potentiometric Studies on Electrolyte Effects on Complex Equilibria of Some Substituted 52Hydroxy Phenyl Pyrazoles Santosh D. Deosarkar, Ashok B. Kalambe, Vijay J. Thakare, Shivraj G. Wanale and Vinay V. Hiwase 12Quinolylazo245trihydroxybenzene as Spectrophotometric Reagent for Microdetermination of Palladium II Pratap Singh Kadyan, Devender Singh, Ashok Sharma and Ishwar Singh Synthesis and screening of angularly fused pyrido3245furo32dpyrimidin43Hones Vachala Seekarajapuram Dinakaran and Keloth Kaitheri Srinivasan Development of QSAR model for indoyl aryl sulfone derivatives as reverse transcriptase inhibitors Laxman M Prajapati, Vijay K Parmar, Manish J Patel, Jimish R Patel Growth Structural Vibrational Mechanical and Dielectric Studies of KSb2F7 Crystals C. Besky Job, K. Ganesan, and J. Benet Charles. Synthesis characterization and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of a series of 124triazoles Rajkumar Agrawal and S. S. Pancholi Synthesis of Some Novel 2StetraObenzoylDglucopyranosyl1aryl5heptaObenzoylDlactosyl2isothiobiurets Kedar P. Pande and Shirish P. Deshmukh Preparation and characterization of novel antibacterial nano ceramiccomposites for bone grafting Hanan. H. Beherei, A. El-Magharby, M.S. Abdel-Aal Synthesis and Characterization of High Performance Terpolymer Resin Derived from 8Hydroxyquinoline and Adipamide Wasudeo B. Gurnule and Mangesh B. Thakre Synthesis characterization and biological applications of poly meta amino phenol and its nano compound Thenmozhi G, Jaya Kumar D, Mohanraj Gopalswamy and Jaya Santhi R Synthesis and evaluation of some novel Striazine based chalcones and their derivatives Anjani Solankee, Rajanikant Patel and Kirti Patel Impedance spectroscopic study of corrosion inhibition of pure iron by poly 4vinypyridine isopentyl bromide in molar H2SO4 A. Chetouani, B Hammouti, K. Medjahed and A. Mansri Synthesis and antitumor activity of some new Nsubstitutedsulfonyl 124triazole Nsubstitutedbenzylidene and pyrrole derivatives attached to 4benzodthiazol2ylbenzohydrazide Wageeh S. El-Hamouly, Kamelia M. Amin, Samy A. El-Assaly and Eman A. Abd El-Meguid Synthesis and antitumor activity of some new 134oxadiazole pyrazole and pyrazolo34dpyrimidine derivatives attached to 4benzothiazol2yl phenyl moiety Wageeh S. El-Hamouly, Kamelia M. Amin, Samy A. El-Assaly and Eman A. Abd El-Meguid Synthesis physicochemical biological and pharmacological studies of some new 5aminoarylamine3methyl1substituted4aryliminomethylpyrazoles Tandrima Majumder, Biplab De, Binoy Behari Goswami and Subrat Kar Synthesis and biological activity of novel substituted N1methylpiperidin4yl2arylsulfonyl1Hindol4ylamines as 5HT6 receptor ligands Jagadish Babu Konda, Ramakrishna V. S. Nirogi, Anil K. Shinde,Kiran Kumar Kandukuri, K. R. Sastry and P. K. Dubey Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of some 25disubstituted 3acetyl134oxadiazoles carrying 2aryloxymethyl phenyl moiety Naveena C.S, Boja Poojary, Manjunath Kumsi, Arulmoli Thangavel and Shalini Shenoy Synthesis and Antimicrobial activity of new series of striazines and its derivatives M. M. Murhekar, P. D. Padghan, S. S. Mhaske, R. E. Khadsan Validated RP HPLC and specrophotometric determination of Ropinirole hydrochloride in bulk and in pharmaceutical dosage form Lata P. Kothapalli, Madhuri E. Choudhari, Asha B. Thomas, Rabindra K. Nanda, Avinash D. Deshpande, Punam S. Gaidhani Synthesis Antimicrobial Evaluation and Electrochemical Studies of some Novel Isoxazole Derivatives M. T. Shreenivas, B. E. Kumara Swamy, J. G. Manjunatha, Umesh Chandra, G. R. Srinivasa, B. S. Sherigara Synthesis of Novel 4Thiazolidinone Derivatives Incorporated with Benzothiazole and its Antimicrobial Activity Sambhaji. P. Vartale, Digambar. B. Kadam, and Nilesh. K. Halikar Development of RPHPLC method for estimation of Olmesartan Medoxomil in tablet dosage forms Chaitanya prasad MK, Vidyasagar G, Sambasiva Rao KRS and Ramanjeneyulu S Study of degradation of cefixime trihydrate under stress conditions using stability indicating reverse phase high performance liquidchromatography method Elsadig H. K. Adam, Ahmed E. M. Saeed, Izzeldin E. Barakat Study of degradation of cefixime trihydrate under stress conditions using stability indicating reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography method Elsadig H. K. Adam, Ahmed E. M. Saeed, Izzeldin E. Barakat Synthesis Characterization and Antimicrobial activity of 6Bromo4substituted phenyl iminoflavone Shubhangi G. Patil, Prashant S. Utale, Sumer D. Thakur, Sachin V. Pande Characterization of table sugar dosimeter for gammaradiation dosimetery Riyadh. CH. Abul ?¢?????Hail, Ghufran. M. Shabeeb, B. Hammouti Synthesis Characterization and Photoluminescence study of Sr2CeO4Eu3 phosphor Ch. Atchyutha Rao, K. Suresh, K. V. R. Murthy and N. V. Poornachandra Rao