Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-5-issue-1-year-2013.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 5, Issue 1 Synthesis and biological evaluation of 3methyl 2pyrazolin5one derivatives containing thiazole and indole moieties Mohamed S. Mostafa and Nasser M. Abd El-Salam Glycerol mediated safer synthetic route for pyrazolines bearing quinolino and benzene sulfonamido pharmacophores Glycerol mediated safer synthetic route for pyrazolines bearing quinolino and benzene sulfonamido pharmacophores Use of 2hydroxy3methoxybenzaldehyde functionalized amberlite xad16 for preconcentration and determination of trace metal ions by flame atomic absorption spectrometry A. Ahmad, A. Khatoon, M. A. Laskar, A. Islam, A.W. Mohammad and N. L. Yong Simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of vildagliptin and metformin in bulk and tablet dosage form Baokar Shrikrishna, Mulgund S. V. and Ranpise N. S. Scientific fraud in the digital age K. F. Khaled Validated RPHPLC method for the quantification of aprepitant in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms K. Krishna Chaitanya, D. Gowri Sankar, D. Samson Israel and Ch. Narasimha kumar Development and validation of novel UV spectrophotometric determination of levofloxacin hemi hydrate in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms Manimala M., Ravindra Reddy K. and Hepcykala Rani D Crystal and molecular structure studies of cinnarizinium dimaleate C. S. Chidan Kumar, S. Naveen, R. Venkatachalapathy, K. N. Anilraj and S. Chandraju Development and validation of gas chromatography method for the determination of residual solvents in Mirabegron Chusena Narasimharaju Bhimanadhuni and Devala Rao Garikapati SiO2ZnCl2 catalyzed aminophosphonates and phosphonated Nsubstituted phenyl sulfonamides of 2aminothiophene Synthesis and biological evaluation Subba Rao. D, Rasheed. S, Thaslim Basha. S K, Naga Raju. C and Naresh. K Synthesis characterization and anti microbial activity of some novel chalcone compounds having benzyloxymonochloro resacetophenone moiety S. S. Shah and Kirtikumar Goswami Stability indicating RPUPLC method for the determination of Lacosamide and its impurities in Bulk drugs and its pharmaceutical dosage forms Srihari Molleti, Vinay Rao and K. N. Jayaveera The influence of PEG 20000 concentration on the size control and magnetic properties of functionalized biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles S. Amala Jayanthi, D. Sukanya, A. Joseph Arul Pragasam and P. Sagayaraj Simultaneous estimation of lornoxicam and paracetamolin tablets by reverse phase HPLC method Surekha J. Babar, Varsha B. Mane and Satish B. Bhise Design synthesis and cytotoxic activity of some novel compounds containing pyrazolo34dpyrimidine nucleus Manal M. Kandeel, Sameha M. Roshdy, Mohamed A. Abdelgawad, Eman K. A. Abdelall and Phoebe F. Lamie Atmospheric corrosion study of metals in an urban environment Parekh S P, Pandya A V and Kadiya H K Extractive spectrophotometric methods for the determination of docetaxel in pure and pharmaceutical formulations T. Naganjaneyulu, T. Archana Devi, C.Papa Rao, S. V. Venkat Rao and C. Rambabu Microwave assisted synthesis and photochemical reactions of 3amine dithiocarbamyl phthalides K. P. Srivastava, Sweta Singh and Harimohan Kumar Synthesis and characterization of some quinoline based bisphenols as sensing agents Subhabrata De and Jubaraj Bikash Baruah Studies on coordination polymers of 556diphenyl amino135triazine24diyl bisazanediyl diquinolin8ol Ankita I. Chaudhari and J. A. Chaudhari Derivative spectrophotometric methods for determination of aprepitant in bulk and pharmaceutical formulation Benjamin.T, Rajyalakshmi. Ch and Rambabu. C Synthesis characterization and biological studies of some novel piperidinothiophenes Barnali Das, Sajal Srivastava, S. C. Dinda and Y. Rajendra Prasad OxovanadiumV complexes with hydrazone ligands Synthesis characterization and biological activity Jai Devi and Nisha Batra Stability indicating RPUPLC method for the determination of Aliskerin and its impurities in its bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms Srihari Molleti, Vinay Rao and K. N. Jayaveera Simple and efficient method for the preparation of novel tetrazole derivatives spectral characterization and its antibacterial activities Govindan Shanmugam, Selvam Elavarasan, Bhakiaraj and Mannathuswamy Gopalakrishnan Forced degradation study on dronedarone and application of validated stabilityindicating HPLCUV method in stability testing of dronedarone tablets Rajyalakshmi. Ch, Benjamin. T and Rambabu.C Antimicrobial activity of newly synthesized imidazolones their oxadiazolyl and acyclic Cnucleosides Adel A. H. Abdel-Rahman, Shafey G. Donia, Ashraf A. F. Wasfy, Aly A. ALY and Amaal Y. El-Gazzar Seeds polysaccharide structure from Wrightia tinctoria RBr Roxb plant R. B. Singh Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of thioglucosides and acyclic Cnucleosides of 2methylbenzimidazole Adel A. H. Abdel-Rahman, Ibrahim F. Nassar, Ibrahim M. H. El-Kattan, Aly A. Aly, Mohamed S. Behalo and Nayera A. M. Abdelwahed Synthesis of new acyclic Cnucleosides and their oxadiazolenes as antimicrobial agents Adel A. H. Abdel-Rahman, Shafey G. Donia, Ashraf A. F. Wasfy, Aly A. Aly and Amaal Y. El-Gazzar Phytochemical composition and antiinflammatory activities of Brachystegia eurycoma seeds and stem bark Okenwa Uchenna Igwe and Donatus Ebere Okwu Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel benzobfuran derivatives T. Venkateshwarlu, A. Ravinder Nath, K. Prasad Chennapragada Synthesis and biological evaluation of 6fluoro benzothiazole substituted pyrazolo azetidinones D. Ravi Sankar Reddy and Risy Namratha. J Design synthesis docking and evolution of fused imidazoles as antiinflammatory and antibacterial agents Galal A. M. Nawwar, Nabil M. Grant, Randa H. Swellem and Samia A. M. Elseginy Scientific fraud and its implications on electrochemical and corrosion science research K. F. Khaled Soluble and particulate metal contaminants in some handdug wells in kaduna metropolis Salihu L., Babatunde O. A. and Lawal A. B. Evaluation of antimicrobial activities of polar and non polar flavanoids from leaves of Ocimum tenuiflorum Prasanna S Pande Simultaneous determination of amoxicillin trihydrate and bromhexine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical dosage by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography Rajan V. Rele and Rajesh N. Mali Polymorphism in fexofenadine hydrochloride Anchal Kulshrestha and Dhaval Joshipura Microwave assisted synthesis of styrylisoxazoles under solvent free conditions Vijender Goel Synthesis of some new substituted fluoro benzimidazoles and their antimicrobial screening B. Nandha, H. Kuntal, J. N. Narendra Sharath Chandra, L. V. G. Nargund, P. Rashmi, M. S. Harish and D. S. Puranik Comparative study of natural and synthetic indicators Sarita Kadam, Adhikrao Yadav, Vijay Raje and Karishma Waghmare Spectrophotometric kinetic estimation of alditols in acidic medium Rashmi Agarwal and Anand G Fadnis Antioxidant and curative effect of Monochoria vaginalis methanolic extract against carbon tetrachloride induced acute liver injury in rats B. Latha and M. S. Latha Development and validation of RPHPLC method for the analysis of carbofuran and in its formulations K. Vinod Kumar and N. V. S. Naidu Study of temperature effect on binary mixtures of polyamide with phenol derivatives using TDR P. Mohan Kumar and M. Malathi Synthesis spectral characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of novel aminophosphonates Sampath Chinnam, Chandrakala Potturi, Suresh Maddila, Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy Muttana, Anjaneyulu Ediga and Venkateswarlu Chinnam A stability indicating RPUPLC method for estimation of dronedrone related impurities in bulk drugs and its pharmaceutical dosage forms Srihari Molleti, Vinay Rao and K N Jayaveera Novel method for the synthesis of substituted tetrahydrocarbazoles using aqueous sulphuric acid Yedukondalu M, Sridhar R and M. V. Basaveswara Rao Purification of Antibacterial Compounds from Spathiphyllum cannifolium Leaf Raha Ahmad-Raus, Erlina Abdullah, Parveen Jamal, Dzun Noraini Jimat Synthesis Antitumor and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Novel Thioglucosyl Nucleosides Adel A.-H. Abdel-Rahman, Shafey G. Donia, Ashraf A. F. Wasfy, Aly A. ALY, and Amaal Y. El-Gazzar