Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-5-issue-5-year-2013.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 5, Issue 5 Synthesis reactions structureactivity relationship of 2benzimidazole analogs as anticancer agents and study their molecular docking Nahed F. Abdel-Ghaffar Thermoanalytical and biological studies of novel copolymer derived from salicylic acid and semicarbazide Jeevan Dontulwar , Kamlakar Nandekar and Wasudeo Gurnule High performance liquid chromatographic determination of free cisplatin in different cancer types Song√?∆?√?¬ľl Tezcan, Filiz √?∆?√?‚??zdemir, Serdar Turhal and Fikret Vehbi √?‚??√?¬įzzettin Comparative study on the NMR features of bulk polycrystalline and nanocrystalline EuMnO3 ceramics Radhakrishnan S. and Jagannathan R. A highly regioselective synthesis of spiro oxindolechromanonepyrrolidines and pyrrolizines through 13dipolarcycloaddition protocol Scholastica Mary Vithiya. B., Shanmugapriya. A. and Augustine Arul Prasad. T. Development and validation of a new simple and stability indicating RPHPLC method for the determination of vemurafenib in presence of degradant products Pawanjeet. J. Chhabda,M. Balaji, Srinivasarao V. and K. M. Ch. Appa Rao Synthesis and characterization of FeIIIazomethine complex M. M. Kalaskar and M. P. Wadekar Synthesis characterization and anti microbial evalution of of novel 134oxadiazole containing pyrazolones and 2azetidinone ring systems P. Nagarjuna Reddy, L. K. Ravindranath, K. B. Chandrasekhar, P. Rameshbabu and S. Harikrishna Synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds with antihyperlipidemic potential A review Mayura Kale and Kalyani Patwardhan N4Trifluoromethylphenyl1isopropyl1Hbenzod123triazole5carboxamides Venkata Suryanarayana Ch., Cherukupalli Srinivasulu and V. Anuradha Molecular structure and vibration spectra of 2amino5chloro benzophenone S. Senthil, S. Arulmozhi and J. Madhavan Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 7methoxy2246trimethoxyphenylbenzofuran5carbohydrazide and its Intermediates V. Krishna Reddy, J. Venkateswara Rao, L. Bhaskar Reddyb, Ram B. and Balram B. Studies on physicochemical properties of azo cardanol sulfonates and their salts Husnasarvari Maqbool, Shimoga D. Ganesh and Vasantakumar K. Pai Synthesis characterization DNA studies of copperII complexes of 2E3phenylprop2enal thiosemicarbazones P. Murali Krishnaa and K. Hussain Reddy Development and validation of analytical methods for estimation of desvenlafaxine succinate in bulk and solid dosage forms by UV spectroscopy Manjusha N. Dole, Amit S.Minase, Sangeeta Chowdhary and Sanjay D. Sawant Aqueous phase synthesis of substituted imidazo12apyridine in the presence of cyclodextrin Vijay V. Kumbhar, Shankar P. Hangirgekar and Navanand B. Wadwale Zinc dimethylglyoxime complexes Padma Rao. Ch. V., Praveen K., Kishorebabu B., Padma M., Anna Sudheer K., Sandhya Rani K., Koteswarao K., Suseelabai G., Venkateswara Rao B., Mohana Rao K.and Swarna Latha B. Synthesis and characterization of some transition metal complexes of norfloxacin in presence of 110phenenthroline Anamika Debnath and Dhanraj T. Masram Study of ultrasonic interaction of some ligands and its metal complexes Rajendra K. Shukla and Amit Sahu Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 34dihydroquinoxalin21Hone derivatives Yadi Reddy Bonuga, A. Ravinder Nath, B. Balram and B. Ram Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline CdFe2O4 and its antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli Minal A. Taiwade Synthesis Characterization and Computational Study of some New Schiff Base Derivative from 56dinitro1Hindene132Hdione Afaq A.Turki, Hannan Al-Hazaamand Abbas F. Abbas Quantitative Estimation of Telmisartan in Marketed Formulation by using Hydrotropic agents Ganesh Prasad Mishra, Rishabh Maheshawari, Hemant M Joshi Synthesis of some novel azaheterocycles utilizing 34nitrobenzylidene5phenylfuran23Hone with expected antimicrobial activity Mohamed. F. El-Shehry, Khadiga. M. Abu-Zied, Ewies. F. Ewies, Samir.M.Awad,Maysa. E. Mohram Analysis of protective Nano film of Ocimum tenuiflorum tulsi extract by surface examination study D. Madhan and P. Rajkumar Isolation and characterization of substituted dibutyl phthalate from Ipomoea carnea stem E. Khatiwora, V. B. Adsula, M. Kulkarni, N. R. Deshpande and R. V. Kashalkar Development and validation of new RPHPLC method for determining impurity profiling in proguanil hydrochloride drug as well as its tablet dosage form Nandini R. Pai and Seema Sawant Synthesis and IR UV 1H and 13CNMR studies of some tetra dentate schiffbases derived from 4carboxaldehyde1phenyl2pyrazoline5one and some diamines Harish. R. Dabhi, Arjunsinh K. Rana, Dipak K. Bhoi and Ketankumar H. Parmar Development of analytical method for determination of quetiapine fumarate in bulk tablet dosage form Pramod L. Ingale, Sampada D. Dalvi, Sachin V. Gudi, Laxmileena D. Patil,Deepali D. Jadav and Yogita A. Kadam Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some 526dinitro4trifluoromethylphenoxy4methylphenyl2phenylbenzothia4methylphenyl2phenylbenzothiazepine H. D. Jahangirpuria, H. B. Naik, C. G. Patel and S. A. Makwana Simultaneous estimation of cefuroxime axetil and potassium clavulanateanalytical method development and validation Pramod L. Ingale, Sampada D. Dalvi, Deepali D. Jadav, Sachin V. Gudi,Laxmileena D. Patil and Yogita A. Kadam 3D QSAR Analysis of some 2benzylcarbamoylphenoxyacetic acid derivatives for treatment of chronic diabetic complications Rajesh Nawale, Mayura Kale, Ratnamala Survase and Gajanan Sonawane Phytochemical investigation of the hexane extract of stem bark of Peltophorum pterocarpum DC Shyamal K. Jash, Arindam Gangopadhyay, Atasi Sarkar and Dilip Gorai Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of some Npsubstituted benzylidene5ethyl134thiadiazole2amines Sunil Kumar, S. K. Sharma and Sandeep Jain Isolation and characterization of chemical compounds from flowers of Cassia alata Satyender K. Yadav Isolation and characterization of steroids and a triterpenoid from Phyllanthus lawii Chandrashekar K. Subraya, Satyanarayana D. and Yamini Synthesis and characterization of CdS quantum dots by reverse micelles method Shri Prasad S. and Madhavan J Multi component onepot synthesis of 141Himidazol1yl phenyl1 2dihydronaptho1 2e 1 33thione and 3one derivatives under microwaveassisted conditions Ravi Kumar Ganta, Venkateswara Rao B., Muralikrishna Krishna Kumar M.,Paul Douglas S., Sivaprasadu G. and Brahmayya M. DC conductivity studies of SrMe2Li1Fe305Fe16O27 ferrites P. R. Arjunwadkar, R. R. Patil and M. Y. Salunkhe Chemical constituents from the bark of Lannea acida Rich Anacardiaceae Hasan M. H. Muhaisen Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of some novel isoindole13dione derivatives Kamelia M. Amin, Afaf H. El-masry, Neama A. Mohamed, Ghada E. A. Awad and Basma S. Habib Phenolic constituents and biological activity of the genus pluchea Sayed A. Ahemd and Emadeldin M. Kamel Stability indicating HPLC method for the quantification of fesoterodine fumarate and its related substances Narasimha Reddy Kotla, Nagaraju Ch. V. S., Rajan S. T., Eshwaraiah S.,Sampath Kumar Reddy G., Rakesh M. and Chakravarthy I. E. Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of novel compounds 8benzylideneamino3chloro625difluorobenzoyl14trifluoromethyl phenylamino167triazaspiro34oct7ene25dione K. Sudhakar Babu, M. Swarna Kumari, L.K. Ravindhranath and J. Latha Determination of mitragynine for the identification of mitragyna species in Kedah Malaysia by gas chromatographymass spectrometry Mohd. Marsin Sanagia,, Mohd Fauze Mohamad Ayoba, Norashidah Omara,Wan Aini Wan Ibrahima and Iqbal Hussaina, Simultaneous estimation of metoprolol tartrate and chlorthalidone by using RPHPLC and method development as per ICH guidelines P. Hari Prasad, P. M. Patel, D. Vijaysree, Y. Suresh Reddy and B. Ranjith kumar DFT and TDDFT investigations of new thienopyrazinebased dyes for solar cells Effects of electron donor groups M. Bourassa, A. Fitria, A. Touimi Benjellouna, M. Benzakoura, M. Mcharfia, M. Hamidib, F. Serein-Spirauc, T. Jarrossonc, J. P. L√?∆?√?¬®re-Portec, J. M. Sotiropoulosd and M. Bouachrinee