Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-6-issue-1-year-2014.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 6, Issue 1 Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of some novel Schiff bases of benzylidene derivatives Aletti S. Praveen, Hemminge S. Yathirajan*, Badiadka Narayana and Balladka K. Sarojini Role of nanostructured materials in recent developments of thermoelectric nanocomposites C. Sarala Rubi*, S. Gowthaman, and N. G. Renganathan Preparation investigation theoretical study and biological activity of 24acetyl phenoxy N4substitutent phenyl acetoamide derivatives Hanan A. Al-hazam*, Bushra Kamel and Afrodet A. Saleh Isolation identification antioxidant antibacterial and anticancer activity of new complex between isolated alkaloid from Haloxylon Sp and soybean Iqbal J. B. Alassadi Method development and statistical comparison for Rosiglitazone and Gliclazide in combined dosage form Lopamudra Adhikari*, Uma S. Mishra and P. N. Murthy In silico and DNA photocleavage studies of N Nbis14hydroxy6methyl2oxo2Hpyran3ylethylidenemalonohydrazide Schiffs base and its metal complexes R. Pal, V. Kumar*, V. Beniwal, G. K. Gupta and A. K. Gupta* A quantum chemical exploration on structural stability and electronic properties of CdZnO nanostructures V. Nagarajan and R. Chandiramouli* The analysis of the plasma vitamin D of the preschool children Mohamed Kadari, M. Kaid*, B. Dahmani* and K. Allali Spectrophotometric determination of selenium in industrial and environmental samples using vanillin2aminonicotinic acid VANA K. Deepa and Y. Lingappa* Synthesis and molecular modeling studies of novel tertbutyl 2 4 disubstituted carboxamido phenylcarbamate derivatives and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity Jalapathi Pochampally*, Anil Valeru, Ramesh Macha, Bhavani A. K. D., Umapathi Nalla, Parthasarathy Tigulla, Bharath Gandu and Gangagnirao A. Structure and quantitative structureactivity relationship QSAR for 3 5diphenyl2thioxoimidazolidin4ones as prominent cyclooxygenase2 inhibitors Yousery E. Sherif, Sami A. Gabr*,Elsayed A. Elmorsy and Ahmad H. Alghadir Synthesis and antibacterial activities of some Npsubstituted benzylidene5pentyl134thiadiazole2amines Sunil Kumar*, S. K. Sharma, Sandeep Jain, Ashwani kumar and Neelam Jain Quantitation of urea in urine by Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy Syed Ismail Ahmad*, Iizhar Ahmed Syed, P. Ravi Prasad and Adeel Ahmad Synthesis Hammett spectral correlation and biological evaluation of some substituted E 1hydroxy2naphthyl chalcones K. Sathiyamoorthi, V. Mala, R. Suresh, S. P. Sakthinathan, D. Kamalakkannan, K. Ranganathan, R. Arulkumaran, R. Sundararajan, S. Vijayakumar, G. Vanangamudi* and G. Thirunarayanan Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of some novel 6fluoro benzothiazole substituted thiazolidinones as anthelmintic activity Ravi Sankar Reddy D.* and D. Sudhakar Designing synthesis and pharmacology of some novel 444bromobenzylidenaminopiperidin1yl5aryl3thiol4H124triazole Nidhi Chaudharya, Ranjana Dubeyb and Hament Panwarc* Microwave induced solvent free synthesis of some novel bioactive bisketimines Vikas V. Borgaonkar and Bhagwan R. Patil* FeCl3catalyzed an efficient protocol for synthesis of quinazolinones derivatives Ragunadh Akula*, Ramamohan Mekala, Raghavendra Rao K, Ravi Ganesh K, L. Vaikunta Rao and Chandrasekhar K. B Synthesis and antitubercular activity of some novel Nmethyl triazolone derivatives Pramod B. Patil*, Suhas S. Awati, Sachin R. Kumbhoje, Rajanikant B. Ghotane and Shitalkumar S. Patil Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of novel 124triazole derivatives as potent antibacterial and antiinflammatory agents Rakesh Kumar*, M. Shahar Yar, Birendra Srivastava and A. K. Rai Antimicrobial property of Hens Egg amniotic fluid Suneetha V Development and validation of a stability indicating RPHPLC method for the determination of trimetazidine dihydrochloride Sreelatha Nagula, Sridhar Thota* and Venisetty Raj Kumar Larvicidal activity of Ipomoea carnea stem extracts and its active ingredient dibutyl phthalate against Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus Elija Khatiwora*, Vaishali B. Adsul, Pushpa Pawar, Mary Joseph, Nirmala R. Deshpande and Rajashree V. Kashalkar Synthesis and characterization of pyrimidine bearing 124triazole derivatives and their potential antibacterial action Andrews B.* and Mansur Ahmed Synthesis characterization and fungicidal activity of N5oxo37diaryl67dihydro5Hthiazolo 32a pyrimidin6yl benzamide derivatives Shradha Pandey*, Prateek Pandey and Jagdamba Singh Synthesis of impurities of proguanil hydrochloride an antimalarial drug Nandini R. Pai and Seema S. Sawant* Catalytic aspects of ceriazirconia solid solution PartI An update in the synthesis properties and chemical reactions of ceria zirconiasolid solution Manoj Pudukudy and Zahira Yaakob,* Analytical method development and validation for simultaneous estimation of Enalapril Maleate and hydrochlorothiazide by RPHPLC Suryadevara Vidyadhara, Ballipalli Venkateswara Rao*, Koduri Tejaswi and Adimulam Leela Rani Catalytic aspects of ceria zirconia solid solution PartII An overview on recent developments in the heterogeneous catalytic applications of metal loaded ceriazirconia solid solution Manoj Pudukudy and Zahira Yaakob* Synthesis characterization and biological evaluations of 24hydroxyarylN5substituted arylfuran2ylmethylideneketohydrazides Schiff bases Munendra Mohan Varshney*, Asif Husain and Versha Parcha Reversedphase highperformance liquid chromatography of disaccharides labeled by 4aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester Toratane Munegumi* and Akito Goto Synthesis characterization antimicrobial DNA binding and cytotoxic studies of CoII NiII CuII and ZnII complexes of quinolineadenine Schiff bases Pulin Nath and Shreedhar D. Dhumwad* Synthesis of substituted schiffs bases and their antimicrobial activity P. B. Raghuwanshi* and P. V. Mahalle** Synthesis antimycobacterial activity and docking studies of Lproline derived hydrazones K. Satish Reddy, M. Ramesh, V. Srimai, K. Subhash Chandra Bose, Apuri Satyender*ΓΆΒ?Β  and T. Parthasarathy* Synthesis of novel N2oxoindolin3ylidenebenzofuran2carbohydrazides via greener approach and their biological activities Bharti Bhardwaj* and Subhash C. Jain Development and validation of RPHPLC method for nifedipine and its application for a novel proniosomal formulation analysis anddissolution study Krishna Sanka, Rakesh Gullapelli, Narmada Patil, Padmanabha Rao A and Prakash V Divan* Stability indicating high performance liquid chromatographic method for the quantification of aliskiren hemifumarate and its related substances Sampath Kumar Reddy Govindu*, Nagaraju Ch VS, Rajan ST, Eshwaraiah S, Kishore M and Chakravarthy IE Development of new and rapid method for UV spectrophotometric determination of Labetalol in marketed formulations Manasa O, Ravindra Reddy K, Venkatesh P, Hepcykala Rani D, Sirisha G and Sahithireddy P Development and validation of UV spectrophotometric method for simultaneous estimation of metformin hydrochloride and alogliptin benzoate in bulk drugs and combined dosage forms Chirag* and Amrita Parle Quantitative analysis of serum dipeptidyl peptidase IV enzyme in oral squamous cell carcinoma Prashant V. Kandekar, Avinash Tamgadge and Suresh Meshram A novel and efficient green methodology for the synthesis of mesosubstituted dipyrromethanes Amit Kumar Rawat and SMS Chauhan* Synthesis of novel 134thiadiazole analogues with expected anticancer activity Doaa E. Abdel Rahman* and Khaled O. Mohamed Identify and sensitivity to antifungal drugs of Candida species causing vaginitis isolated from vulvovaginal infected patients in Sanaa city Abdullah Al-mamari, Mahmoud Al-buryhi, Mohammed A. Al-heggami and Sadeq Al-hag* Stability indicating spectrophotometric assay of candesartan cilexetil and olmesartan medoxomil using discrete fourier transform convoluted curves Ekram M. Hassan*, Marwa K. El Jamal* and M. Abdelhady El Sayed Synthesis and characterization of MWCNTsPVDF nanocomposite and its electrical studies F. Mary Anjalin Growth inhibition of HepG2 cell line by canavanine norcanavanine and their hydrazide derivatives Kaloyan Georgiev,Tatyana Dzimbova*, Ivan Iliev, Anelia Balacheva, Roumyana Detcheva Martin Schmid and Tamara Pajpanova Liquid and vapourphase antifungal activities of essential oil of Salvia aucheri Boiss var mesatlantica Maire endemic from Morocco against fungi commonly causing deterioration of apple A. Laghchimi, M. Znini, L. Majidi*, J. Paolini, J-M. Desjobert and J. Costa Evaluation of DNAbinding cleavage BSA interaction of Znhydroxy flavone complex S. Iyyam Pillai, K. Vijayaraghavan and S. Subramanian* Validation of RPHPLC method for the determination of phenytoin sodium residues on the surface of manufacturing equipments and study of its recovery from pharmaceutical formulations Shashikant B. Bagade*, Shirish S. Deshpande and Dixit A. Shah Reactions of coumarin3carboxylate its crystallographic study and antimicrobial activity Jigar N. Soni and Shubhangi S. Soman* Application of first derivative spectrophotometric method for the determination of Rilpivirine in pure and tablet formulations R. Vijayalakshmi*, Vadapalli S. H. Naveena, John Philip and M. D. Dhanaraju Mineralogical studies of red and black soils in Wardha region YG. Thakre, MD Choudhary and RD Raut In vitro cytotoxicity and molecular docking studies on Acanthophora spicifera Meenakshi Sundaram Muthuraman*, Sathiyamoorthi Mani, Udhayachandran Thangaraj and Aravind Sivasubramanian Thermal evaluation of bioactive phydroxymnitro acetophenone and its metal complexes Swati M. Devare*, Sangita S. Lavate, Sucheta A. Gaikwad, Gayatri S. Kamble, Nirmala R. Deshpande and Jyoti P. Salvekar Development and validation of a RPHPLC method for the determination of anastrazole in rat plasma by liquidliquid extraction V. D. Sundar, R.Vijayalakshmi, V. S. H. Naveena and M. D. Dhanaraju* The new CuII and NiII complexes of schiff bases Synthesis characterization and antibacterial studies K. Babu* and P. Amutha Assay of fexofenadine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical preparation by visible spectrophotometry K. Raghubabu and K. Sanadhyarani* A microwave assisted synthesis of few 7mercaptobenzimidazolyl fluoroquinolones M. Jeyanthi* and B. R. Venkatraman Preliminary phytochemical study of leaves and roots of Fredolia aretioides endemic plant of Algeria Bentabet Nesrine, Boucherit-Otmani Zahia and Boucherit Kebirm Ghaffour Kamila Analysis of blue fountain pen inks Nisha Sharma and Anuja Agarwal Synthesis and characterization tris N24dinitrophenyl N3nitrobenzylidenehydrazine palladium chloride and tris N24dinitrophenyl N3phenyl alilidine hydrazine Mohamad Mehdi Akbarzade* and Ali Naderi The new study compound structural of tree new aluminate complexes AlCl3X X NO3 CH3COO N3 and study of antimicrobial activities Mohamad Mehdi. Akbarzade* and Ali Naderi Synthesis and characterization of a new combination of nanotrichloroiodoaluminate III Mohamad Mehdi Akbarzade* and Ali Naderi Synthesis and biological evaluation of carboline derivatives as an anxiolytic agents Keerti Vishwakarma, Shilpi Jain, Harish Rajak, RS Pawar and PK Singour*