Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-7-issue-10-year-2015.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 7, Issue 10 Chemical constituents of Hypnea nidulans Setchell Consolacion Y. Ragasa ,,* , Virgilio D. Ebajo Jr. , Nancy Lazaro-Llanos , Robert Brklja ???? a and Sylvia Urban Evaluate the effect of three levels pH in leaching and volatilization of nitrogen fertilizers in three soil types Evelin Cevallos * , Lorena Correa , Pablo Land???¡zuri , Jaime G???­a , Santiago Ulloa , Darwin Rueda , Bangeppagari Manjunatha and Mariadoss Selvanayagam , Efficient onepot synthesis of multisubstituted triazolopyrimidines by using DBU as basic catalyst via MCRs Hymavathi Alluri, Haritha Gonthina, Ravi Kumar Gant a, Madhu Ch and Venkateswara Rao. B Synthesis characterisation and biological evaluation of some novel Schiffsbases derived from halovinyl aldehyde and 4amino5pyridin4yl4H124triazole3thiol J. H. Mansoory a and S. S. Rajput *b Montmorillonite K10 An efficient and reusable catalyst for the onepot multi component microwave synthesis of diethyl 14aryl4phenyl1Hpyrrole23dicarboxylates S. Ahammad Kabeer, N. Maheswara Reddy, G. Mohan, B. Mahesh and C. Suresh Reddy* Comparative study of chemical physical properties of vegetable oils surface tension and viscosity M. Belgharza , A. Ihihi , Y. Najih and M. Alaoui El Belghiti Synthesis characterization and tubulininteraction profile of substituted cinnamoyl urea derivatives Rakhi Chaudhary*, Shuaib , S. Riaz Hashim and Prem Shankar Mishra Trimethyl phosphate mediated synthesis of 2arylbenzothiazole derivatives Dakshayini Chandrashekarachar, Chaitramallu and Devaraju Kesagudu. Chemical constituents of Cycas riuminiana Vincent Antonio S. Ng , Esperanza Maribel G. Agoo , Chien-Chang Shen and Consolacion Y. Ragasa ,* Synthesis of some biologically active 25diazido1Nsubstituted phenyl1Hpyrole34dicarbaldehydes and their transformation in to multivariant functionalities *A. P. Rajput, A. R. Kankhare and D. V. Nagarale Ecofriendly one pot synthesis of 2substituted benzimidazole Mantosh B. Swami, Sudhakar G. Patil a , Sushil R. Mathapati b , Hanumant G. Ghuge a and Arvind H. Jadhav c Provenance effect on the yield chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Moroccan rosemary essential oils Afaf Megzari ,* , Abdellah Farah , Mohammed Iraqui Houssaini and El Mestafa EL Hadrami Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of some novel striazine derivatives incorporating quinoline moiety N. Kavitha a , A. Arun b and S. Syed Shafi * DNA affinity screening of extracts tunicate Cynthia squamulata from the Atlantic coast T. Ainane *, A. Abourriche , N. Oukkache , H. Lamdini , B. Hammouti and A. Bennamara Extraction and Isolation of active constituents from Ixora chinensis Lam leaves a Dontha Sunitha, b Kamurthy Hemalatha, c Bhagavan R Manthripragada and a Nandakishora Chary Synthesis and bioactivity evaluation of novel bipyenyl thioxo pyrimidines as potent antimicrobial agent Pineshkumar N. Patel* and Denish C. Karia Occurrence of multiple forms of enzymes of cultivated soybean Glycine max L rrill 1917 and wildgrowing soybean Glycine soja Siebold Zucc 1845 Ivachenko L. E. , Lavrentieva S. I. , Kuznetsova V. I. , Razantsvei V. I. , Golokhvast K. S. * and Pamirsky I. E. Separation and identification of heavy metal ions by thin layer chromatography on silica gelG Meghna H. Jumde and W. B. Gurnule* Theoretical evaluation of ultrasonic velocity in binary mixtures of isomeric butanols with ethyl benzoate G. Lakshmana Rao , P. B. Sandhya Sri , G. R. Satyanarayana and C. Rambabu* Crystal structure of 3methyl 2vinylpyridinium bromide V. Sabari a *, G. Kalaiselvi b and S. Balasubramaniana b AgIZnO A novel plasmonic photocatalyst for decomposition of mythylene blue dye Kurzekar R. R. , Rahangdale P. K. * and Pande H. M. Synthesis of Efavirenz by an innovative cost effective cyclisation process Havale Shrikant Hanumantappa*, S. Venkat Rao, K. Na lini Mohan and Bhawani Singh Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of new potentially active hydrazones of naproxen hydrazide Ali H. Abbas , Amer N. Elias * and Ammar A. Fadhil Synthesis and microbial studies of novel 1 3thiazine compounds bearing schiff base moiety K. Babu, D. Selvi and P. Pitchai* Correlated DFT and electrochemical study on inhibition behavior of ethyl 6amino5cyano2methyl4ptolyl4Hpyran3carboxylate for the corrosion of mild steel in HCl M. El Hezzat , M. Assouag , H. Zarrok , Z. Benzekri , A. El Assyry , S. Boukhris , A. Souizi , M. Galai , R. Touir , , M. Ebn Touhami , H. Oudda and A. Zarrouk Inhibition effects of a new syntheses pyrazole derivative on the corrosion of mild steel in sulfuric acid solution S. EL Arouji , K. Alaoui Ismaili , A. Zerrouki , S. El Kadiri , Z. Rais , M. Filali Baba , M. Taleb , Khadijah M. Emran , A. Zarrouk , A. Aouniti and B. Hammouti Synthesis characterization and pharmacological studies of some novel pyrimidine derivatives Ashoka a , Balakrishna Kalluraya a* , Anish K., Manju N. and B. Sunil Kumar b Determination of ketoconazole and trimetazidine hydrochloride through ionpair formation with tetraiodobismuthate Mona M. Abd-El Moety and Hanan M. Elwy* In vitro hepatoprotective activity of Azima tetracantha leaf extract and silver nanoparticle in hepatocytes E. Prakash , T. Jeyadoss # and S. Velavan Investigation of corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M HCl by 3oxo14benzothiazine derivative T1 using experimental and theoretical approaches N. K. Sebbar , H. Elmsellem * , M. Ellouz , S. Lahmidi , A.L. Essaghouani , E. M. Essassi , M. Ramdani , A. Aouniti , B. El Mahi and B. Hammouti Evaluation of oxidative stress induced by nanoparticles ZnO on a unicellular biological model Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mohamed Nabil Khebbeb*, Mohamed Reda Djebar, Amina Saib and Houria Berrebah Corrosion resistance of electrochemical copper coating realized in the presence of essential oils K. Dahmani , M. Galai * , A. Elhasnaoui , B.Temmar , A. El Hessni and M. Cherkaoui Estimating the value of health degradation caused by SO2 gas air pollution in Jakarta Sri Listyarini Synthesis characterization and antioxidant activity of Schiff base ligand and its metal complexes containing thiazole moiety Mruthyunjayaswamy B. H. M.*, Nagesh G. Y., Ramesh M ., Priyanka B. and Heena B. High performance liquid chromatography with PDA detector for combined determination of hydrochlorothiazide amlodipine and valsartan G. Sailaja and B. Haribabu * A theoretical analysis of the relationships between electronic structure and HIV1 integrase inhibition and antiviral activity of a series of naphthyridinone derivatives Javier Valdebenito-Gamboa and Juan S. G???³mez-Jeria* Optimization of detection of sexual genotype through microsatellites in populations of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus from the breeding pools Gustavo Naranjo * , Darwin Rueda Ortiz * , Mar???­a Augusta Ch???¡vez , Bangeppagari Manjunatha , Juan Ortiz Tirado , Daysi Mu???±oz , Rajesh R. Kundapur and Muchakayala Ravi Synthesis of 1alkyl succinimidoanthracenyl4naphthalene1yloxymethyl1H123triazoles J. Ramchander Theoretical prediction and experimental study of 5methyl1Hpyrazole3carbohydrazide as a novel corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 10 M HCl H. Elmsellem * , K. Karrouchi , , A. Aouniti , B. Hammouti , S. Radi , J. Taoufik , M. Ansar , M. Dahmani , , H. Steli and B. El Mahi Experimental and theoretical study on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel by ethyl 14acetylphenyl3ethoxycarbonyl1Hpyrazol1ylmethylamino methyl5methyl1Hpyrazole3carboxylate in sulfuric acid solution S. EL Arouji , K. Alaoui Ismaili , A. Zerrouki , S. El Kadiri , A. El Assyry , Z. Rais , M. Filali Baba , M. Taleb , A. Zarrouk , A. Aouniti and B. Hammouti A conventional synthesis and characterization of some novel substituted N2methylmercapto1Hbenzodimidazol1ylmethylsubstituted benzenamine N2methylmercapto1Hbenzodimidazol1ylsubstituted phenylmethylsubstituted benzenamine as potential cytotoxic agents *Vikash Kumar Chaudhari and Devender Pathak Mitochondrial DNA genetic diversity of arowana fish local variants on the Dloop hypervariable region Study in the southern region of PapuaIndonesia Yohanis Ngili, Daniel Lantang, Richardo Ubyaan, and Epiphani Imelda Yosephin Palit On the spectroscopic analyses of aspartic acid Noha Saleh , Hanan Elhaes , Zeinab Abdel Aziz and Medhat Ibrahim Synthesis characterization and invitro biological evaluation of urea analogue of tetrazolo15apyrimidine Dharmesh Pansuriya, Kalpesh Menpara, Naresh Kachhad iya, Jignesh Menpara and Kartik Ladva* A DFT study of the structure and bonding in 1 3dithia 2arsacyclopetane derivative with oxygen and sulfur donor legends S. Trivedi , B. R. Patil , P. Sharma , R. Dwivedi and R. Prasad Synthesis spectroscopic characterization and DNA interaction of schiff base curcumin CuII NiII and ZnII complexes Priyadharshini N, Iyyam Pillai S , Subramanian S and P. Venkatesh * Dielectric and electrical properties of lead zirconate titanate R. Balusamy a , P. Kumaravel b and N. G. Renganathan c* An efficient synthesis with antimicrobial screening of Nmethyl derivative of 42bromonaphthalen6yl6aryl6H13thiazin2amines N. Prakash and N. Ingarsal* Electrochemical and thermodynamic investigation of benzenamine as corrosion inhibitor of austenitic stainless steel type 304 in hydrochloric acid solution Roland Tolulope Loto a,b *, Cleophas Akintoye Loto a,b , Ayodele Samuel Onawunmi a,c and Williams Kupolati d Synthesis characterization and biological screening of some novel substituted thaizine derivatives Ravindar Bairam* and Srinivasa Murthy M. Exploration of optimum conditions for reduction of nitrobenzene by Fe IIIron Mud System Wang Hongmin Preparation and characterization of multiwall carbon nanotubes decorated with zinc oxide Mohamed Morsy , Magdy Helal , Mohamed El-Okr and Medhat Ibrahim DFT investigations on optoelectronic properties of new low gap compounds based on pyran as solar cells materials A. El Assyry , A. Hallaoui , A. Zarrouk , M. El Hezzat , M. Assouag , S. Boukhris and M. M. Ebn Touhami Synthesis characterization and biological activity of a novel ptoulic hydrazone and resacetophenone schiff base RAPPTH ligand and their metal complexes S. Kondaiah *, G. Naga Raja Reddy , B. Vijaya Kumar , P. Govinda Chowdary and B. V. Ramana Reddy The bioactive molecule resveratrol RVTL obtained from the black grapes Vitis vinefera act as potential hepatocytes regenerators and cytotoxic agent Asish Bhaumik* , Shibu Das , Soma Acharjee , Prasenjit Das , G. Mani and J. Swarnalatha Electrochemical corrosion resistance and inhibition behaviour of martensitic stainless steel in hydrochloric acid C. A. Loto a, b * , O. S. I. Fayomi a,b and R. T. Loto a Transitionmetalfree double CS crosscoupling reaction by using Na2S as a sulfurating reagent Satish P. Nikumbh a,b , V. Narayana Murthy a , T. Srinivasa Rao a , Y. Chiranjeevi a , Suju C. Joseph a,b , Y. L. N. Murthy b and Akula Raghunadh a * Computational notes on the effect of solvation on the electronic properties of glycine Osama Osman, Abdelaziz Mahmoud, Diaa Atta, Aly Okas ha and Medhat Ibrahim In vitro study of parasitemia determination of alkaloids from S tuberosa Lour by flow cytometry in comparation with optical microscopy Pratiwi Pudjiastuti , Rosmawaty , Sri Sumarsih , Heny Arwati , Ari S. Nugraha and Loeki E. Fitri Synthesis characterization biological evaluation and docking studies of pyrimidineimidazole mannich base derivatives as transaminase bioainhibitors G. Govindu, P. Raveendra Reddy, D. Rajesh and L. K. Ravindranath Chitosan membrane as an oil carrier Spectroscopic and modeling analyses Diaa Atta, Ahmed Fakhry and Medhat Ibrahim* Hexane extract of Nigella sativa L as ecofriendly corrosion inhibitor for steel in 1 M HCl medium I. El Mounsi , H. Elmsellem , A. Aouniti , H. Bendaha , M. Mimouni , T. Benhadda , R. Mouhoub , B. El Mahi , A. Salhi and B. Hammouti Electrochemical and gravimetric studies of the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in HCl medium by cymbopogon nardus essential oil K. Alaoui Ismaili , S. EL Arouji , A. Abdellaoui , F. El Kamani , Z. Rais , M. Filali Baba , M. Taleb , Khadijah M. Emran , A. Zarrouk , A. Aouniti and B. Hammouti Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new coumarin derivatives as potential antimicrobial analgesic and antiinflammatory agents Mohammed A. I. Elbastawesy a , Bahaa G. M. Youssif b,c , Mostafa H. Abdelrahman a and Alaa M. Hayallah * b,d Sterols and Lipids from Pleurotus florida Consolacion Y. Ragasa ,,* , Virgilio D. Ebajo Jr. , Renato G. Reyes , Robert Brklja ???? a and Sylvia Urban Evaluation of some enzymes levels in Iraqi children infected with visceral leishmaniasis Jasim Hameed Taher , Noor Al-huda Abdullah , Sura Mohammad and Eman Faris Effect of harvesting period and drying time on the essential oil yield of Pistacia lentiscus L leaves Taoufik Haloui , , Abdellah Farah , Sara Lebrazi , Mouhcine Fadil and Aziz Belrhiti Alaoui Synthesis and biological evaluation of indoles Subba Rami Reddy S. R.*, Suryanarayana Rao V. and S ubba Narayana Kanchana Kinetics of permagnetic oxidation of 4hydroxy acetophenone in acidic media Bhagwansing Dobhal , Ravindra Shimpi , Mazahar Farooqui , Sandipsing Gour , and Milind Ubale * Corrosion of mild steel in binary mixtures of acids Shalini Srivastava Adsorption and corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 05 M H2SO4 by a new thiazine derivative 2Hbenzob14thiazin34Hone using experimental and theoretical approaches A. Elyoussfi , H. Elmsellem , A. Dafali , K. Cherrak , N. K. Sebbar , A. Zarrouk , E. M. Essassi , A. Aouniti , B. El Mahi and B. Hammouti Removal of heavy metals from water by adsorption on chitin derivatives Samar H. Mohamed a , Ahmed A. El-Gendy a , Amal H. Abdel-kader a,b and E. A. El-Ashkar c New antipyrine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for Csteel in 10M hydrochloric acid solutions A. S. Fouda*, G. Y. Elewady, R.R. Ibrahim and E. A. Salim Synthesis of some anticancer agent conjugated to aminoacids through amide bond with expected biological activity Abbas Abdulridha * and Kawkab Y. Saour