Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-7-issue-12-year-2015.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 7, Issue 12 Chemical constituents of Cycas mindanaensis Vincent Antonio S. Ng, Esperanza Maribel G. Agoo, Chien-Chang Shen and Consolacion Y. Ragasa Ionic liquid mediated safer synthetic routes for schiff bases and134oxadiazoles Vasant B. Jagrut, Wamanrao N. Jadhavb,Dinesh L. Lingampallec and Ramrao A. Maned Chemical speciation of some divalent essential metal ion complexes of Lornithinein DMSOwater mixtures Hadgu Hailekiros Belay, Budati Bala Venkata Sailaja and Gollapalli Nageswara Rao Microwavepromoted aluminium sulphate in PEG as a green homogeneouscatalytic system to synthesis of 34dihydropyrimidin21Hones Pravinsing S. Girase, Bhikan J. Khairnar, Deepak V. Nagarale and Bhata R. Chaudhari The effect of short term aerobic training on liver enzyme serum lipid andlipoprotein levels in sedentary men Ali Aalizadeh, Hossein Ramezani, Qujeq Durdi, Ebad Rohbakhsh, Saaed Changizi Ashtiyani, Abbas Ghanbari Niaki and Alireza Amani An efficient synthesis of quinolinesvia Friedlander reactionNew reusable catalyst UO2CH3COO2 2H2O Kharazmi University, Faculty of Chemistry, -Mofetteh Ave. Tehran, Iran Comparative study of the brain and heart of rabbits after administration ofedible clay for heavy metals S. P. I. Ogah, I. I. Ikelle, S. O. Ngele and N. I. Elom Comparison between photo catalytic activity of pure ZnO and silver iondoped ZnO For decomposition of Methyl Green MG dye from wastewater Ahmed A. Abdel-Khalek, Hossam F. Nassar, Fagr Kh. Abdel-Gawad and Afaf Hashem The effects of B vitamins on pain relief and improving physical function inpatients with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis Alireza Amani, Farshad Safdari, Saeed Changizi Ashtiyani and Ali Aalizadeh Utilization of duckweed DW in nutrient removal from agricultural wastewater and producing alternative economic animal fodder Hossam F. Nassar, Ahmed M. Shaban, Samah M. Bassem and Fagr Kh. Abdel-Gawad New biosorbents in the extraction of chromium VI from polluted waters Y. Hanumantha Rao and K. Ravindhranath Bromine and fluorine substituted N4arylbenzenesulfonamides synthesiscrystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis Vinola Z. Rodriguesa, Snehalaa, S. Naveenb, N. K. Lokanathc and P. A. Suchetand Chemical analysis antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of the essential oilof Teucrium poliumsspaurasianum Labiatae Salah Eddine Bencheikh,Segni Ladjel, Mohamed Bilal Goudjil, Mouna Mehani and Souad Zighmi, Density viscosity and excess parameters of nicotinium dichromate in proticand aprotic solvent media Monalisa das, Sunil Kumar Pradhan, Smrutiprava Das and Ajaya kumar Patnaik Molecular interaction study of aqueous solution of an aminoglycosideantibiotic Neomycin at 29815 to 30815 K K. C. Patil and C. M. Dudhe Synthesis and characterization of N2hydroxy1napthalydene2ethoxyanilline and potentiometric study on stability of its complexes withtransition elements R. K. Pardeshi, Megha Rai, Shivaji Jadhav and Mazahar Farooqui The influence of clathrate cyclodextrin with paraaminobenzoic acid andsilyl group over behavioral performance of laboratory animals Sergievich A. A., Korolev R. A., Grachev M. K., Kurochkina G. I., Popkov A. V., Khoroshikh P. P., Batalova T. A., Chaika V. V. and Golokhvast K. S Determination of vanadium in different environmental Leafy vegetable andbiological samples using 2hydroxy1naphthaldehydephydroxybenzoichydrazone HNHBH spectrophotometrically P. Govinda Chowdary and V. Saleem Basha Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel series of Substituted 2Tetrazolo15 aquinoxalin4yl23dihydrophthalazine14dionederivatives B. Srinivas, B. Prasanna and M. Ravinder Antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coli O157 strains isolated on sheepcarcasses in Algeria Chahed A, Ferhat L, Assaous F and Rahal K Analysis of physical and chemical parameters of Shivna LawhaliTaklimedium project Dam Water TqKannad DistrictAurangabad StateMaharashtra India Shelar Mahendra Devidas and Rashmi D. Pathrikar An exploratory quantumchemical study of the antiHIV1 IIIB activity of aseries of EtravirineVRX480773 hybrids Juan S. G???³mez-Jeria and Mart???­n Becerra-Ruiz Characterization of HmuY a unique hemebinding protein of Tannerellaforsythia and Porphyromonas gingivalis as a nomination for pharmaceuticaltreatment of periodontitis Maryam Pourhajibagher, Nasim Chiniforush and Abbas Bahador Toxicogenomics for water quality assessment Fagr Kh. Abdel-Gawad, Giulia Guerriero, Samah M. Basem and Hossam F. Nassar Antibacterial antifungal activity and chemical composition study of essentialoil of Mentha pepirita from the south Algerian M. Mehani, L. Segni, V. Terzi, C. Morcia, R. Ghizzoni, M. B. Goudjil and S. E. Bencheikh Adsorptive removal of cadmium from aqueous solution by Luffa CylindricaEquilibrium dynamic and thermodynamic C. AD, M. Benalia, Y. Laidani, H. Elmsellem, F. Ben Saffedine, I. Nouacer, M. Djedid, B. El Mahi and B. Hammouti Preparation and characterization of antidiabetic drug loaded polymericnanoparticles Priyanka Saharan, D. C. Bhatt, S. P. Saharan and Kavita Bahmani Influence of plasticizer concentration on physicochemical properties of anantiulcer drug in enteric coated pellets Kavita Bahmani and D.C. Bhatt Synthesis and characterization of novel benzothiophene substituted oxadiazolederivatives and their antimicrobial activity H. K. Nagesh, Basavaraj Padmashali, C. Sandeep, T. E. Musturappa and M. R Lokesh Provenance effect on the yield chemical composition and antibacterialactivity of Moroccan rosemary essential oils Afaf Megzari, Abdellah Farah, Mohammed Iraqui Houssaini and El Mestafa EL Hadrami Chemical composition of the essential oil of Teucriumantiatlanticum Lamiaceae Badr Kartaha, Hicham Harhar, Hanae Elmonfaloutia, Sa???¯d Gharby, Dominiqu Guillaume and Zoubida Charrouf Design and synthesis of hydrazone incorporated pyrazoles and triazoles aspossible antioxidants Shobhitha Shetty and Balakrishna Kalluraya Computer aided docking studies of indole derivatives as Hepatitis C NS5Bpolymerase inhibitor Thayaillany Rajandran, Radha Prabhu and M. Prabhu Review on cyclic voltammetric and spectrophotometric approaches for theanalysis of drugs antihypertensive using different electrodes and wavelength Habibur Rahmana, Iqbal Hussaina and S. K. Manirul Haqueb Ecofriendly catalytic converter to reduce biochemical effect of exhaust gases Jitin Malhotra, Mohit Bhandwal, R. K. Tyagi, Anirudh Kalia, Sajal Pandey and Agnivesh Rahul Potential of amberlite IRA 67 resin for deacidification of organicacids in noni juice Haslaniza H., Wan Yaacob W. A., SaifulIrwan Z. and Maskat M. Y. Synthesis characterization and biological applications of substitutedbenzohydrazide derivatives S. Veeramanikandan and H. Benita Sherine Effect of zinc oxide on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel embedded inconcrete in 35 NaCl solution C. A. Loto, O. O. Joseph, R. T. Loto and A. P. I. Popoola Synthesis of 3n13dioxo 1H benzodeisoquinolin23Hylalkyl24substituted phenylthiazolidine4carboxylic acid J. Ramchander A quantumchemical analysis of the antiproliferative activity ofN3benzimidazolephenylbisamide derivatives against MGC803HT29 MKN45 and SW620 cancer cell lines Juan S. G???³mez-Jeria and Javier Valdebenito-Gamboa Studies on the determination of gold in geological samples without separationby ICPOES Azza F. El Wakil Synthesis and characterization of novel benzothiophene substituted oxadiazolederivatives and their antimicrobial activity H. K. Nagesh, Basavaraj Padmashali, C. Sandeep, T. E. Musturappa and M. R, Lokesh Assessment of the available potassium in the soil of Baharka DistrictKurdistanIraq Saima Jadoon, Hamsa K. Aljaff, Jalal K. Hamawandy, Shwan S. Pashdary and Ayman S. Zakhoy Synthesis characterization antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of134oxadiazole derivatives bearing 6methyl pyridine moiety Shyma P. C., Balakrishna Kallurayaa, Peethambar S. K and Vijesh A. M. Comparative study of the kinematic viscosity versus temperature forvegetable oils Argan Avocado Olive Rapeseed Sunflower LinseedAlmond and Diesel fuel Souad Alaoui Ismaili and Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti Determination of ultratrace amount mercury II ion in Tap water and Riverwater samples with the barium di phenyl amine sulfonate by the chlorate ionin sulfuric acid with kinetic method Ali Savarian, Saideh Bagheri and Ali Kargar Quantitative determination of azithromycin by extractive ionpairspectrophotometry using methyl orange as ion pairing agent Ukpe Ajima, Johnson Ogoda Onah and Juliet Uche Onyekwelu Evaluation of the antifungal activity of aromatic plants essential oils onPhytophthora citrophthora Laila Nassiri, Mohamed Bammou, Jamal Ibijbijen Development and validation of an UV derivative spectrophotometricdetermination of Losartan Potassium in Tablet Amna B. W. E. Mohammed and Elsadig H. Rudwan Simultaneous determination of naproxen and diphenhydramine by reversedphase liquid chromatography and derivative spectrophotometry Mokhtar M. Mabrouk, Sherin F. Hammad, Fotouh R. Mansour and Basma Z El-Khateeb Synthesis and thermokinetic behavior of schiff base transition metalcomplexes of 15chloro2hydroxyphenylethanone2chloropyridine3carboxamide Abdul Wajid and Rahul B. Mohod Comparing the density of the vegetable oils rosemary Nigella ZizyphusMelissa and diesel Oumaima Dahass, Taoufik Dahass, Hajar Saaid, Merieme Raqba, Asma Kafih, Aicha Bouchador, Maryem Belgharza and Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti A comparative analyses effects of dexmedetomidine and etomidate on motorcoordination and analgesia in rats Bilge Ozcan and H???¼lag???¼ Bar????±???Ÿkaner OxovanadiumIV complexes with tetraaza macrocyclic ligands derived bycondensation of 12diacetylbenzene with ophenylenediamine Vijai Singh, Probin Bora and Hardeo Singh Yadav Nsubstituted E4arylidene isoquinoline13dione derivatives as potentanticancer agents Synthesis and molecular evaluations Manikandan A. and Sivakumar A