Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-7-issue-2-year-2015.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 7, Issue 2 Removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution using alginate grafted polyacrylonitrile beads Ahmed Salisu, Mohd Marsin Sanagi, Ahmedy Abu Naim and Khairil Juhanniabd Karim Studies of molecular interaction in the binary mixture of chloroform and methanol by using ultrasonic technique Kirandeep Kaur and Kailash C. Juglan Identification of the chemical composition of the methanolic extract of Salixtetrasperma Roxb using LCESIMS and evaluation its potential asantioxidant agent Eman A. El-Wakil, El-Sayed S. Abdel-Hameed, Mortada M. El-Sayed and Ezzat E. Abdel-Lateef Chemical constituents of Artocarpus ovatus Blanco Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Jocelyn L. Caro and Chien-Chang Shen Food safety constraints analysis in Moroccan food industry focus on documentation Yassine EL Ammari, Abdelaziz Chaouch, Anjoud Harmouzi, Hassane EL Hadiri and Soukaina EL Ammari BF3Et2O catalyzed synthesis and antioxidant evaluation of benzylarylphosphonates Sk. Nayab Rasool, K. Chandra Sekhar, Natava Rajesh and C.Naga Raju Isolation characterization and biological activities of exopolysaccharide produced by Bacillus marinus Osama, H. El Sayed, Abd El Kader, M. El-Sayed, Hassan M. Salem, Manal, G.Mahmoud, Mohsen S. Asker and Saher, S. Mohamed Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oil from the leaves of Eucalyptus Globulus collected from Haramaya University Ethiopia R. K. Bachheti Design synthesis antioxidant and anticancer activity of novel pyrazole derivatives Muhammad Mubeen, Suvarna G. Kini and K. S. R. Pai Factors influencing the removal of fluoride from aqueous solution byPithacelobium dulce Carbon K. A. Emmanuel, A. Veerabhadrarao, T. V. Nagalakshmi, M. Gurupratap Reddy, P. P. Diwakar and Ch. Sureshbabu Synthesis docking and biological evaluation of pyrrole2carbohydrazide derivatives Shantkumar M. Biradar, Ganesh D. Mote*, Kalyani D. Asgaonkar and Trupti S. Chitre A DFT and Docking study of the relationships between electronic structure and 5HT2B receptor binding affinity in Nbenzylphenethylamines Juan S. G√?∆?√?¬≥mez-Jeria and Andr√?∆?√?¬©s Robles-Navarro Evidences for molecular volume fitting concept in crystal growing from water solutions R. Gowri Shankar Rao, N. Kanagathara, K. Pawlus and M. K. Marchewka Simple and efficient microwave assisted PEG mediated synthesis of Pyrazole analogues of Curcumin M. G. Shioorkar and M. B. Ubale Antituberculosis activity and GCMS analysis of water extract of Semecarpus anacardium nuts Rjendra Singh, Arun Kakkar and Vinod Kumar Mishra Synthesis characterization and antibacterial activity of some new chalcone derivatives Birendra Kumar, Binita Kumari, Neha Singh, B. Ram and B. Balram Antibacterial and spectroscopic studies of biologically active macrocyclic complexes of divalent metal ions Kavita Sharma, Parveen, D. P. Singh and Rajan Chopra New ecofriendly corrosion inhibitor Inhibitive and adsorption action of clay for the corrosion of stainless steel in H3PO4 solutions M. Boudalia, A. Guenbour, A. Bellaouchou and A. Zarrouk Riboflavin metal complexes S. Aruna Kumari, B. Kishore Babu N. Muralikrishna, K. Mohana Rao, V. L. Sinduri, K. Praveen, Ch. V. Padma Rao, B. Swarna Latha, K. Ramarao, V. Veeraiah and Kota Praveen Synthesis antimicrobial evaluation and cytotoxicity bioassay of some synthesized novel pyridazine derivatives comparison to standard drugs Ahmed A. Fayed, Ahmed F. El-Farargy, Nabil M. Yousif, Farouk A. Gad and Atef A. Kalmouch Synthesis and in vitro biological studies of Nglycosylated semicarbazides Renu B. Ghayalkar and Shirish P. Deshmukh Preparation and characterization of iron oxide modified diatomite system Rezig W and Hadjel M Investigation of isomers of hydroxyphenylamino propane nitrile as mild steel corrosion inhibitors in 1M HCl M. El Azzouzi, A. Aouniti, L. Herrag, A. Chetouani, H. Elmsellem and B. Hammouti Biological synthesis of gold nanoparticles using endophytic fungi Valli Nachiyar, Swetha Sunkar, Prakash P and Bavanilatha Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of a series of chalcone derivatives Samer A. Hasan, Amer N. Elias and Muthanna S. Farhan Chemical constituents from a Philippine mangrove endophytic fungi Phyllosticta sp Mario A. Tan, Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz Carlo Chris S. Apurillo and Peter Proksch Effects of aging time and temperatures on rheology of sols and effects of aging and sintering temperatures on structural and mechanical properties of Titania reinforced calcium phosphate coatings Ravinder Pal Singh andUma Batra Caulerpa prolifera green algae using as ecofriendly corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M HCl media M. Ramdani, H. Elmsellem, N. Elkhiati, B. Haloui, A. Aouniti, M. Ramdani, Z. Ghazi, A. Chetouani and B. Hammouti Biological activity of drug like small molecules based on quinoxaline containing amino substitution at C2 K. Raghavendra Raoa, Akula Raghunadha, Dipak Kalitaa, Eppakayala Laxminarayanab, Manojit Palc and Suresh Babu Meruva A study of the kinetics and mechanism of reaction of 7amino8methylphenothiazin3ylidenedimethylammonium chloride by perchlorate ion in acidic medium Babatunde O. A. and Nwaji M. U Hesperidin and hesperitin preparation and purification from Citrus sinensis peels N. Lahmer, N. Belboukhari, A. Cheriti and K. Sekkoum Analysis of major and trace elements for the residual manufactures of Taif rose water by dual view inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry ICPOES Mahmood Salmana, Salih A. Bazaida and Muhammed S. Al-Amoudi Effect of Athamanta sicula oil on inhibition of mild steel corrosion in 1M HCl Y. EL Ouadi, A. Bouratoua, A. Bouyenzer, Z. Kabouche, R. Touzani, H. EL Msellem, B. Hammouti and A. Chetouani Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel 1thiocarbamoyl2pyrazoline derivatives N. Rama Rao, M. V. Basaveswara Rao and K. Lakshmi Determination of enantiomeric composition of ofloxacin in tablets by chemometric techniques applied to overlapped chromatograms Amira H Kamal, Mokhtar M Mabrouk, Hamed M El-Fatatry, Sherin F Hammad Comparative study of one pot synthetic methods of 2amino134thiadiazole Santosh A. Jadhav, Pardeshi R. K, Shioorkar M. G, Chavan O. S and Vaidya S. R Experimental simulation of manmade disasters when multiwalled carbon nanotubes get into liquid mediums Kirill S. Golokhvast, Vladimir L. Kuznetsov, Vladimir V. Chaika, Anna N. Asadcheva, Sofia A. Razgonova and Dmitry V. Krasnikov The use of essential oil and extract of Tetraclinis articulata as ecofriendly corrosion inhibitors of carbon steel in hydrochloric acid solution A. Salhi, A. Bouyanzer, I. Hamdani, A. Chetouani, B. Hammouti, M. Znini, L. Majidi, J. Costa and M. El Azzouzi Synthesis spectral catalytic and biochemical activity of Zn II and Cd II chelates with 5amino salicylic acid derivative Jagdish Gurjar, Jayprakash Solanki and Jabali Vora