Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-7-issue-5-year-2015.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 7, Issue 5 Zincmorin complex improves pancreatic cell function in the HFDSTZ induced experimental type 2 diabetes V. Sendrayaperumal, S. Subramanian Structural and magnetic study on al substituted MgZn mixed ferrite powders prepared by solgel method Ramesh C., K. Maniysundar, Selvanandan S. and Anbarasan P. M An improved validated ultra high pressure liquid chromatography method for separation of Rotigotine impurities in Rotigotine Transdermal Patch *Avinash S. Patil , Shakil S. Sait, Girish Deshpande, Prakashkumar Acharya and Veeravenkata Srikanth Kaki Physicochemical properties of Perilla frutescens seeds Archana Joshi, Ashutosh Sharma,D. P. Pandey and R. K. Bachheti Design synthesis characterization and bioassay of novel amide derivatives of 2benzodthiazol2ylphenol Sreedhar B., Veera Reddy T., Naga Raju C., Padmavathi V. and Vidya Sagar Reddy G. Mineral profile proximate and amino acid composition of three dates varieties Phoenix Dactylifera L A. Uba, M. I. Abdullahi, A. J. Yusuf, Z.Y.Y. Ibrahim, M. Lawal, Nasir I. and F. T. Abdullahi Biosorption of heavy metals by chitin and the chitosan Bensaha Sofiane and Kara Slimane Sofia Synthesis antihelmintic and insilico evaluation of 5substituted styryl5 benzylideneamino1 2 4triazolidine3ones K. Sudha Rani, D. Rajesh, Kandula Priyanka and K. N. V. Chenchu Lakshmi Electrochemical effect of 1 4diaminobenzene on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in dilute acid media Roland Tolulope Lotoa, Cleophas Akintoye Loto, Abimbola Patricia Popoola and Tatiana Fedotova SbCl3HAP catalyzed azaMichael addition of aliphatic amines to unsaturated carbonyl compounds and nitriles Rajni Khajuria, Raj Kumar, Deepali Mahajan,* and Kamal K. Kapoor Antimicrobial and antioxidant studies on some transition metal complexes derived from the Schiff base ligand 4hydroxypent3en2ylideneaminophenol Francis K. Ngounoue, Evans N. Mainsah, Aseng M. Conde, Awawou G. Paboudam, Sally-Judith E. Ntum, Walter K. Ndamukong, Choumkeu Mbakop Vanessa and Peter T Ndifon Studies on the formation of metal complexes with trifluoroacetylacetone in presence of other bioligands in solution pHmetry Valmiki, Boddu.krishna and Deva Das Manwal Solid as solvent Novel spectrophotometric analysis of indomethacin capsules using melted phenol as solvent R. K. Maheshwari and R. Dahima Synthesis and antioxidant activities of naturally occurring alpinum isoflavone 4Omethylalpinum isoflavone and their synthetic analogues Salah Hamza Sherif, Siddaiah Vidavalur, P. Muralidhar and Y. L. N. Murthy Synthesis and characterization of copolymer resin derived from 4methyl acetophenone phenyl hydrazine and formaldehyde M. M. Yeole and Seema Shrivastava and W. B. Gurnule Design synthesis and preliminary pharmacologic evaluation of 2 aminoindanequinoline analogs as dopaminergic agents Lu√?¬≠s E. Perdomo Zavarce, Katherin de C. Balza Jimenez, Gustavo A. Acurero Castellano, Ligia B. Angel Migliore, Akram S. Dabian Makarem, Andr√?¬©s R. Faria Quintero, Aaron R. Linero Arrieta, Mariana V. Zapata Cardenas, Mariagracia Vera Sosa, Rodolfo E. Izquierdo Soto, Biagina de C. Migliore de Angel, Heberto Su√?¬°rez Roca, Anita Israel, Jaime E. Charris Charris, Sim√?¬≥n E. L√?¬≥pez D√?¬īSola, Mar√?¬≠a M. Ram√?¬≠rez Moran, Jorge E. Angel Guio Chemical constituents of Muntingia calabura L Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Maria Carmen S. Tan, Irving D. Chiong and Chien-Chang Shen A facile synthetic approach for the syntheses of 7hydroxyflavonol derivatives Avani R. Ranchchh, Krishna P. Busa, Javed G. Mahetar and Manish K. Shah Chemical speciation of ternary complexes of LOrnithine and Ethylenediamine with some metal ions in low dielectric media Hadgu Hailekiros Belay, Budati Bala Venkata Sailaja and Gollapalli Nageswara Rao Theories of ultrasonic velocities and their application in the binary liquid mixtures of ethyl benzoate with 2alkoxyethanols at different temperatures G. Lakshmana Rao, G. R. Satyanarayana, Ch. Udayalakshmi, K. A. K. Rajkumar and C. Rambabu Biginelli synthesis of 34dihydropyrimidin21Hone using Layered Double Hydroxide LDH as a ecofriendly catalyst N. S. Ghotkar and B. N. Berad Flame atomic absorption spectrometric determination of CdII ZnII and AgIin different matrixes after solid phase extraction on sodium dodecyl sulfateSDScoated alumina as their 23dihydro23paratolylqinazoline1H 4oneDPTQO Farveh Raoufi, Saideh Bagheri, Ebrahim Niknam, Khodabakhsh Niknam and Hamid Reza Farmani Ecofriendly impact of rosmarinus officinalis as corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in hydrochloric acid solutions A. S. Fouda, A. M. Nofal, G. Y. El-Ewady and A. S. Abousalem A cost effective low temperature approach for developing highly biocompatible quantum dots The role of pH and Cd concentration on Lcysteine stabilized CdSe quantum dots D. Sukanya and P. Sagayaraj Synthesis and antimycobacterium study of some fluorine containing schiff bases of quinoline and their metal complexes Mustapha C. Mandewale, Bapu R. Thorat and Ramesh S. Yamgar Evaluation of thiazolidinedione derivatives for acute toxicity and potential antidiabetic activity Sushil D. Patil, Shital L. Nawale and V. Balasubramaniyan Identification of potential monoamine oxidase inhibitor from herbal source for the treatment of major depressive disorder An in silico screening approach D. Sivaraman, G. Vignesh, R. Selvaraj and B. J. Dare Analysis of some antidepressant drugs in aqueous samples using agarose film microelectro driven membrane extraction Nor Suhaila Mohamad Hanapi, Mohd Marsin Sanagi,Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim, Nor√ʬ?¬?ashikin Saim, Abd Khamim Ismail, Wan Nazihah Wan Ibrahim, and Nur Diana Suhada Tahiruddin Synthesis and anticancer evaluation of some fused pyrazolopyrimidines and their Sacyclic nucleosides Aymn E. Rashad, Ahmed H. Shamroukh, Dalia A. A. Osman,Samir T. Gaballah,Ahmed I. Hashem,Hatem S. ali, and Farouk M. E. Abdel-Megeid Synthesis and characterization of quinazolinobenzodiazepinebenzothiazole hybrid derivatives B. Srinivas, N. Saritha Devi, G. K. Sreenivasulu and R. Parameshwar Synthesis of novel lipophilic derivatives of aminoisoxazolinepyrimidines and their antimicrobial activity Yeshwinder Saini, Rajni Khajuria, Shally Chadh, Satya Paul and Kamal K. Kapoor Comparative study of synthesis of ethyl quinolin8yloxyacetate by conventional microwave ultrasound irradiation techniques Gaurav Desai, Ashish Asrondkar, Vrushali Patil, Anil Bobade and Abhay Chowdhary Kinetic and adsorption studies of reactive black 5 removal using multi walled carbon nanotubes from aqueous solution Mohammad Taghi Samadi, Hassan Zolghadrnasab, Kazem Godini, Ali Poormohammadi, Mohammad Ahmadian and Samane Shanesaz Experimental and theoretical investigation of Rosmarinus officinalis leaves extracts as the corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in H3PO4 solution synergistic effect P. Vennila, S. Kavitha, G. Venkatesh and P. Madhu Novel fused thienopyridne and pyrazolopyridine derivatives Synthesis characterization and cytotoxicity Mohamed A. A. Elneairy, Sanaa M. Eldine and Ahmed S. I. Mohamed Antiinflammatory activity study of the 3amino2thioxo23 dihydrothieno23dpyrimidin41Hone6carboxylic acid derivatives and their fused heterocyclic systems Sergiy V. Vlasov, Ganna L. Lytvynenko, Larysa V. Iakovlieva, Valentin P. Chernykh Effect of Malva sylvestris L extract on blood cell parameters in mice with Candida albicans Infection Shirin Hajyani, Mehrdad Modaresi and Mahboobeh Madani Design synthesis and cytotoxic activity evaluation of mesoionic 4methoxyphenyl sydnone analogs against 60 human tumors cell lines Sachin K. Bhosale, Shreenivas R. Deshpande and Rajendra D. Wagh An approach to hypertension crisis Evaluation of new fused banzazoles 2 arylethenyl and 24bisarylethenyl derivatives derived from 24dimethylpyrimido 12a benzimidazole Abdel-Nasser A. El-Shorbagi,* and Mostafa A. Husein An ecofriendly solvent free one pot multicomponent synthesis of Coumarin thiazolidinone derivatives Santosh A. Jadhav, Mahesh G. Shioorkar, Omprakash S. Chavan, Rahul V. Chavan, D. B. Shinde and R. K. Pardeshi Simultaneous identification of caffeine acetaminophen sildenafilcitrate tadalafil and vardenafil HCl in aphrodisiac traditionalherbal medicines by Thin Layer ChromatographyDensitometry Reni Septiani and Sophi Damayanti