Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-1-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 1 Cytotoxic polyacetylenes and 5hydroxymethylfurfural from the rhizomes ofPanax stipuleanatus Nguyen Quang Tuyen, Pham Thi Thu Ha, Le Thi Phuong Hoa and Dang Ngoc Quang, A rapid and efficient route to synthesis of 2amino4Hpyran3carbonitrilederivatives in the presence of Lproline and their antimicrobial activity Anil Kumar Verma, Abha Bishnoi, Shaheen Fatma, Amrita Srivastava and Vineeta Singh Synthesis and biological activity evaluation of 3amino9chloro8fluoro4oxo2Harylheterylpyrazolo34 45pyrimido 21b 13benzothiazoles P. Ravi Prasad Effect of 15diprop2ynyl1Hpyrazolo34dpyrimidine45Hthione oninhibition of mild steel corrosion in 1M HCl Y. El Ouadi, H. Elmsellem, M. El fal, N. K. Sebbar, A. Bouyanzer, R. Rmili, E. M. Essassi, B. El Mahi, L. Majidi and B. Hammouti The use of W10O324 coupled with UV light to reduce the concentration oftriclosan and hexavalent chromium in aqueous solutions Asmae Bouziani, Abderrahim EL Hourch, Mohammed El Azzouzi and Mohamed Sarakha Nsubstituted phenothiazine derivatives as potent antimicrobialsSynthesis and structural characterization N. N. Madhushree, K. Shiva Prasad, Sudhir Nayak and P. G. Chandrashekara Pore characteristics of chemically activated carbons by the phosphoricacid of date stone of the south Algeria Ouahiba Belaid and Ahmed Abdelhafid Bebba Synthesis and characterization of Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate impuritiesanti HIV drug substance Dipak Varal, Mandar Joshi, Deepak Panmand and Vidyadhar Jadhav Gracilaria bursapastoris as ecofriendly corrosion inhibitor formild steel in 1 M HCl media M. Ramdani, H. Elmsellem, B. Haloui, M. Ramdani, N. Elkhiati, M. Layachi, A. Mesfioui, B. Hammouti, A. Aouniti and B. El Mahi Ethyl8ethoxy2oxo2Hchromene3carboxylate Synthesischaracterization crystal and molecular structure and Hirshfeld surfaceanalysis V. B. Nagaveni, S. Naveen, T. O. Shrungesh Kumar, M. N. Kumara, K. M. Mahadevan and N. K. Lokanath Chemical constituents of Alocasia portei Schott Consolacion Y Ragasa, Vincent Antonio S. Ng, Virgilio D. Ebajo Jr., Melanie P. Medecilo and Chien-Chang Shen Chemical nuclease activity of acenaphthenequinone derived Schiff BaseCopper II complexes Design synthesis structural elucidation and epractivity S. Magala Sathyasheeli, S. Theodore David, C. V. Mythili and P. S. Suja Pon Mini Amphiphilicgraft copolymers with hydrophobic poly4vinylpyridinebackbone and hydrophilic polynvinylpyrrolidone side chains synthesis andcharacterization Okkacha baba, Seghier Ould Kada and Masika Bradai Investigation of corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1M HCl by 3methyl43methylisoxazol5ylisoxazol52Hone monohydrate using experimental andtheoretical approaches S. Lahmidi, H. Elmsellem, A. Elyoussfi, N. K. Sebbar, E. M. Essassi, Y. Ouzidan, Y. Kandri Rodi, K. Dguigui, B. El Mahi and B. Hammouti Determination of captopril with potassium permanganate chemiluminescencesystem Fengzhen Yang, Xingang Tian, Xiaozhen Fan, Wenyu Zhang and Pengpeng Ren Quality by Design QbD approach towards the development and validation ofHPLC method for Gentamicin content in biodegradable implants Shrikant Patil, Kari Vijayakrishna and Jaiprakash Sangshetti A new synthetic process for tranexamic acid from ethyl 4oxocyclohexanecarboxylate Mohan Rao Dodda, Chakradhara Rao Gunnam, Samatha Reddy Yadharam and Malla Reddy Vanga Applicability of pH measurement method for monitoring nonaqueous solventbased reaction rates Sangeeta P. Pawar, Manish S. Adhyapak, Dinesh L. Lingampalle and Sanjay B. Ubale Synthesis and anticancer activity of some new24methy2oxo2H chromen7yloxyacetamide derivatives Nirav N. Shah, Shubhangi S. Soman, Pranav Buch and B. Suresh The effects of hydroalcoholic extract of spinach on pituitarygonadal axis inmale mice Fatemeh Matboo and Mehrdad Modaresi An enviornmentally benign onepot synthesis of 3arylfuro32ccoumarinsin PEG400 and water Devendra S. Wagare, Dinesh Lingampalle, Mazhar Farooqui and Ayesha Durrani The study of dissolution kinetics of drugs with riboxinum inosine M. V. Rosada, N. Yu. Bevz, N. V. Garna and V. ??. Georgiyants A quantumchemical analysis of the relationships between electronic structureand cytotoxicity GyrB inhibition DNA supercoiling inhibition and antitubercularactivity of a series of quinolineaminopiperidine hybrid analogues Andr???©s Robles-Navarro and Juan S. G???³mez-Jeria Density functional analysis of adsorption of NO2 on ZnSe nano structures K. C. Lalithambika, A. Thayumanvan and S. Sriram Synthesis and biological evaluation of pyridopyrimidinone derivativescontaining thiophene ring as potential antiinflammatory and antimicrobialagents Gollapalli Naga Raju, Kondeti T Naveen, K. Chandana and Rama Rao Nadendla Thin layer chromatography TLC and highperformance liquidchromatography HPLC profiling and phytochemical analysis of Euphorbiahirta Gliricidia sepium and Moringa oleifera methanol extracts Paolo Robert Bueno, Michael Russelle Alvarez, Raymond Oliver Cruz, Richard Macapulay, Francis Jayson Vallesfin and Francisco Heralde III Studies on chelating properties of furan ring containing organic ligands Harshadkumar P. Patel and Asha D. Patel Survey of the highest causes of morbidity and mortality due unwanted eventsand accidents in children under five years Ali Akbar Nassiri, Azizollah Arbabisarjou, Aziz Shahraki Vahed, Elham Shahraki Moghddam, Hossein Shahdadi and Lili Jahantigh Quality of life related to health in the elderly or rural healthcurecenters 2015 Soleyman Saravani, Azizollah Arbabisarjou, Mohammad Sarani, Mahdi Afshari, Aziz Shahraki Vahed and Yones Najafi Darmyan A theoretical study of the inhibition of human 4hydroxyphenylpyruvatedioxygenase by a series of pyrazalonequinazolone hybrids Juan S. G???³mez-Jeria* and Camila Moreno-Rojas Arterial blood oxygen saturation and sedation level of the patientshospitalized in ICUs Ali Akbar Keykha, Mohammad Edris Arbabshastan, Hasan Askari, Abbas Abbaszadeh and Bibi Mahdieh Khodadadi Hosseini Chemical constituents of Vitex agnuscastus Verbenaceae Hanane Aissaoui, Methaq Algabr,Samia Mezhoud, Ratiba Mekkiou, Ouahiba Boumaza, Ramdane Seghiri, SamirBenayache and FadilaBenayache Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New amides Prodrugs Containing NaproxenMoiety as Antiinflammatory and Antimicrobial Agents Eman A. Fayed, Ashraf H. Bayoumi, Marwa A. Saleh, and Yousry A. Ammar An improved method for the detection of biogenic amines producing bacteriain fish Afilal Mohammed Elamin, Elasri Ouahid, Aseheaou Abd Salem and Daoudi Hanane Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of acridine derivatives substituted withbenzimidazole benzoxazole and benzothiazole Manal M. Kandeel, Sameeha M. Ali , Mohamed A. Abdelgawad, Mohamed Sadek Abdel-Bakky and Fatma E. A. Mohamed Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of Senna didymobotrya seed extracts Temesgen Hailu, R. K. Bachhet and Aman Dekebo In vitro evaluation of MFS efflux pumps among multidrug resistantAcinetobacter baumannii isolated from patients hospitalized in ICU Azad khaledi, Farhad B. Hashemi and Abbas Bahador Studies on schiff bases from methyl1naphthyl ketone PartII Synthesis andcharacterization of ketimines from 1acetylnaphthalene with derivatives ofaniline C. J. Patil, Manisha C. Patil Mrunmayee C. Patil and R. G. Mahale Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel isatin derivatives asantimicrobial agents H. Ramadoss, D. Saravanan, S. P. N. Sudhan and S. Sheik Mansoor Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel series of Nsubstituted phenyl1Htetrazol1yl7substituted tetrazolo 15aquinoxalin4ylaminederivatives B. Srinivas, B. Prasanna and M. Ravinder Comparative phytochemical and pharmacological study of antitussive andantimicrobial effects of boswellia and thyme essential oils Kamilia F. Taha, Mona H. Hetta, Walid I. Bakeer, Nemat A. Z. Yassin, Bassant M. M. Ibrahim and Marwa E. S. Hassan Effective visible light photocatalytic degradation of Brilliant green using H2O2sensitized BiVO4 A. M. Umabala, P. Suresh and A. V. Prasada Rao Synthesis characterization and spectroscopic studies of Iron III andCopperII complexes ofahydroxyl phosphonate Dalila Fedaoui, Abdeslem Bouzina, Nour-Eddine Aouf, Yacine Bouhadja and Malika Berredjem Synthesis spectroscopic characterizations and quantum chemicalcomputational studies of 6fluoroN4substitutedbenzylidene1Hindazol3amine N. Santhi and B. Prabhakaran Photodegradation of toxic synthetic food coloring The Tartrazine I. Ouezzani, A. El Hourch and M. El Azzouzi Analysis of physical and chemical parameters of Shivna LawhaliTaklimedium project Dam Water TqKannad Districtaurangabad StateMaharashtra India Shelar Mahendra Devidas and Rashmi D. Pathrikar Evaluation of stability constants of trifluperazine with Cd II and Pb IIcomplexes based on voltammetric measurements Tanaji N. Bansode Antioxidant activities phenolic flavonoid and tannin contents of endemicZygophyllum Cornutum Coss from Algerian Sahara Mahdi Belguidoum, Hocine Dendougui, Zaouia Kendour, Belfar Assia, Bensaci Cheyma and Mohamed Hadjadj Synthesis and antibacterial activity study of some new 134thiadiazolederivatives Rumpa Banerjee, D. Roy and Mrityunjay Banerjee Bioanalytical method validation of Montelukast salt in human plasma usingLCMSMS method Mervat H. Khalil, Gaber M. El-Enany, Sherif A. El-Khodary, Mohamed El-Okr and Medhat Ibrahim On the spectroscopic analyses of polyanilinemultiwalled carbon nanotube Mervat H. Khalil, Gaber M. El-Enany, Sherif A. El-Khodary, Mohamed El-Okr and Medhat Ibrahim Crystal structure and docking analysis of 10S13R14S811dimethyl13phenyl12oxa111diazatetracyclo76002701014pentadeca2468tetraene14carbonitrile V. Sabaria, G. Suresh, R. Ganesan, G. Sivakumar and M. Bakthadoss Synthesis and molecular docking of terephthalic dihydrazide frompolyethylene terepthalate for antimicrobial activity and biochemical changes Ranu Agrawal, Rakesh Kumar Soni and Nazia Tarannum Antimicrobial studies of tetraazamacrocyclic complexes of FeIII and CoII Anuj Kumar, Vinod Kumar Vasishtha, Prashant Tevatia, Sweety and Randhir Singh Discovery of synthetic bioactive flavonoid derivatives as potentialantidiabetic agents Manesh Vari Asogan and Vasudeva Rao Aupati Development of methods for identification of cetylpyridiniumhexafluorosilicate V. ??ž. Gelmboldt, V. Yu. ??nisimov, N. Yu. Bevz and V. ??. Georgiyants Synthesis and characterization of new azo dye ligand derived from 44sulfonyl dianiline and 4methy imidazole and its binuclear complexes withNiII PdII AgI and AuIII Sajid M. Lateef, Hussein K.AL-Hakiem and Noor Al-Huda Basim Microwave assisted synthesis and characterization of pharmaceuticalimportant imidazole acetamides Rambhau P. Gore Catalytic degradation of methyl orange under visible light byNH46MnMo9O328H2O with Waugh structure Yuan Hua, Yang Fengzhen and Fan Xiaozhen Chemical composition antioxidant and anticancer activities of the essential oilfrom Eucalyptus citriodora Hook leaves Mosad A. Ghareeb, Laila A. Refahy, Amal M. Saad and Wafaa S. Ahmed Synthesis characterization and electrochemical performance of Yttriummetal ions doped Li4Ti5O12nanoparticles for Lithiumion batteries Marie Rose Jesina Delavictoirea, D. Muthu Gnana Theresa Nathana, Mary Georgeb and P. Sagayaraja Development and validation of UVSpectrophotometric method forquantitative determination of inulin by specific absorbance ??žlga ??.Yevtifieieva, Kseniya I. Proskurina, Nataliya N. Smelova and Irina Yu. Petukhova The impact of omega3 and saccharomyces cerevisiae on Amikacininducednephrotoxicity in rats Aya Shaheen, Abeer A. A. Salama, Hala Fahmy Zaki, Somaia Ahmed Nada and Ezz El-Din Saeed El-Denshary The comparison between effects of Berberis vulgaris Extract and aerobicexercise on nonealcoholic fatty liver in male rat Sara Torkamaneh, Gholamreza Sharifi and Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei The theobromine chocolate as green inhibitor of mild steel corrosion inhydrochloric acid Electrochemical and theoretical quantum studies H. Elmsellem, A. Elyoussfi, H. Steli, N. K. Sebbar, E. M. Essassi, M. Dahmani, Y. El Ouadi, A. Aouniti, B. El Mahi and B. Hammouti Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some novel malononitrilederivatives from Nphenylpyrrolidine2 5diones under microwaveirradiation R. S. Dhivare and S. S. Rajput