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All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-10-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 10 Synthesis of coumarins via Pechmann reaction using CrNO33 9H2O as a Catalyst under microwave irradiation M Hari Krishna and P Thriveni Physicochemical characterization of pond water from Vaduvur Mannargudi TK Thiruvarur District India JL Prameena Sheeja Application of Spiking Technique Coupled with Derivative Spectrophotometry for the Analysis of a Novel Antidiabetic Combination of Two Coformulated Drugs with Highly Different Concentrations Bassam M Ayoub Physical and chemical properties of biodiesel from fish oil N Filali, A Slita, N Zakri, H Elazzouzi, R Rochdi, M El Joumani, L El Moussaoui, OK Kabbaj, A Zrineh, S Kitane, I Hassanain, M Belgharza, A Bouziane, S Saoiabi, T Dahass, O Dahass and M Alaoui El Belghiti Synthesis of coumarins via Pechmann reaction using Antimony chloride immobilized on neutral alumina as a Catalyst under solvent free conditions M Hari Krishna and P Thriveni Theoretical evaluation of 14dihydro6methylquinoxaline23dione P2 as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in HCl solution A Zouitini, Y Kandri Rodi, H Elmsellem, H Steli, F Ouazzani Chahdi, Y Ouzidan, NK Sebbar, EM Essassi, F El-Hajjaji and B Hammouti Speciation of CdII As a Function of pH in Ternary Systems Involving Some Potential Ligands Neerja Upadhyaya, K Dwivedi and Renu Nair Preparation Spectral Characterization and Biological activities of Ligand 5chloroN2hydroxy4phenyldiazenylbenzylidene 3phenyl1Hindole2 carbohydrazide and its Metal II complexes Mahadev Dhanraj Udayagiri, Nagesh Gunvanthrao Yernale and Bennikallu Hire Mathada Mruthyunjayaswamy Extraction of hexavalent chromium from polluted waters using bioadsorbents derived from leaves of Croton tiglium and Cassia occidentalis plants RH Krishna Reddy, N Naga Malleswara Rao, JV Suman Krishna and K Ravindhranath 2D and 3D QSAR Analysis of some novel 221Himidazol1ylethylsulfanyl1Hbenzimidazole derivatives Mayura Kale, Rajesh Nawale, Gajanan Sonawane and Ratnamala Survase Review of HPLCUPLCUV Methods for Sensitive Determination of Nicotine in Plasma Bassam M Ayoub, Mona G Arafa and Moataz S Hendy The Nigella Sative and Elettaria Cardamomum oils as an Environment Friendly inhibitor on the Corrosion of Brass in 1M HCl A. Nadeem, H. Elmsellem, I. Raissouni, S. Tazi, N. K. Sebbar, Y. El Ouadi, M. Ellouz, K. Al Mamari, E. M. Essassi, I. Abdel-Rahman and B. Hammouti Synthesis Spectroscopic characterization and biological evaluation studies of Schiff base ligand derived from 3amino 5bromobenzofuran2carboxamide and 3formyl2mercaptoquinoline and its metal complexes Naghma Shaishta and M. B. Halli Chemical Constituents of Codium edule Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Carlo Antonio Ng and Chien-Chang Shen Acoustic Studies on Binary Liquid Mixtures of OChlorotoluene and Ethanol at 30315K to 31815K N. Sai Kiranmai and P. Usha Modeling the electrical resistivity of vegetable oil Rapeseed Rajaa Rochdi, Meriem Rochdi, Souad Alaoui Ismaili, Nabil Rochdi, Layla El Moussaoui, Aicha Sifou, Imane Hassanain, Loubna Eladib, Fatima Zahra Arnabi, Meryem Belgharza and Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti Role of Speed and Time of Centrifugation in Death of Trichomonas galina Trophozoites Ebrahim Badparva, Hossein Mahmoudvand and Sajad Padparva Water quality analysis of postevent up welling and step anticipation in aquaponics locations of maninjau lake Hamzar Suyani, Deswati, Refilda and Joko Sutopo Synthesis of pyrazolyl thiobarbituric acids and their cytotoxic and antimicrobial evaluation Rajashakar V, Saisree K, Sikender M, Naveen S, Madhava Reddy B and Harinadha Babu V Study of the Adsorption Mechanisms of Cephalexin on to Azolla Filiculoides Davoud Balarak, Hossein Azarpira and Ferdos Kord Mostafapour Experimental and quantum chemical studies on corrosion inhibition effect of 6bromo2oxo12dihydroquinoline4carboxylic acid on mild steel in HCl solution Y. Filali Baba, H. Elmsellem, Y. Kandri Rodi, H. Steli, F. Ouazzani Chahdi, Y. Ouzidan, N. K. Sebbar, E. M. Essassi, F. El-Hajjaji and B. Hammouti Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some 524dichlorophenyl134 oxadiazol2yl substituted benzothioates Neelam Jain and Sandeep Jain An Efficient Synthesis of Dihydropyrano 32c chromene Derivatives via Green Approach Shrikant S. Pendalwar, Avinash V. Chakrawar, Abhayraj S. Chavan and Sudhakar R. Bhusare Synthesis and antiviral activity of novel 35disubstituted124triazole glycoside derivatives Ashraf M. Mohamed, Wael A. El-Sayed, Naglaa A. Abdel-Hafez and Ola Bagato Electrochemical polymerization and characterizations of polypyrrole in aqueous micellar medium Gaber El-Enany, S. A. Abd El-Maksoud, Rana Hamouda and Fathy El-Seify Enhancement of Plasma Extraction Recovery of Empagliflozin and Metformin Combination using LiquidLiquid Extraction and Vacuum Evaporation Techniques Bassam M. Ayoub Photocatalytic degradation of Brilliant Green Carmine Indigo and Toluidine Blue using H2O2 sensitized Bi2WO6 and visible light K. Deepthi, T. Narasimha Murthy, A. M. Umabala and A. V. Prasada Rao Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Nsubstituted1benzyl1H123 triazolecarbohydrazide derivatives P. Sreedhar, G. Srinivas and R. Madhusudan Raju 3Allyl6bromo24methoxyphenyl3Himidazo45bpyridine as a potential inhibitor for Corrosion of mild steel in in 10 HCl solution S. Bourichi, Y. Kandri Rodi, H. Elmsellem, H. Steli, Y. Ouzidan, N. K. Sebbar, F. Ouazzani Chahdi, E. M. Essassi, F. El-Hajjaji and B. Hammouti Identification of the rpoB gene in isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis multidrug resistant MDR in the province of Papua by the method of Polymerase Chain Reaction Kamla Awaludin, Daniel Lantang and Yohanis Ngili Phytochemical analysis and in vitro antioxidant activity of extracts of Entandophragma angolense Welw CDC Meliaceae a medicinal plant used in the treatment of obstetric fistula in Ivory Coast S. M. Lagou, M. L?©bri, M. Tilaoui, H. Achibat, W. M. Kon?©, H. F. Tra Bi, H. Ait Mousse, H. Ouchetto, A. Hafid, A. Zyad and M. Khouili 291623tetraN4bromo2methoxyphenylbenzamide substituted metallophthalocyanines Synthesis characterization antimicrobial and antioxidant activity B. Chidananda, K. R. Venugopala Reddy, K. M. Pradeep, M. N. K. Harish, C. D. Mruthyunjayachari, S. D. Ganesh, N. S. Vijaykumar and P. Malthesh Synthesis Crystal and Molecular Structure Studies and Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of a 6amino14dihydro3methyl457dimethyl 2oxo2Hchromen 4ylpyrano23cpyrazole5carbonitrile Bahubali M. Chougala, Karthik Kumara, Samundeeswari S, Megharaja Holiyachi, Neratur Krishnappagowda Lokanath and Lokesh A. Shastri Amino acid composition of Veronica teucrium L herb А. P. Osmachko, A. M. Kovaleva, Ð?. V. Goryacha and Yu. N. Avidzba Structure activity relationship of Atropine analogues with muscarinic acetyl choline M1 receptor A molecular docking based approach Venkatesh Kamath, Richard Lobo, Vasudev Pai and Aravinda Pai Purification of Cr VI Contaminated Water Using FRBAC as Low Cost Adsorbent Donadkar DK, Rahangdale PK and Gour K Optimization of biosorption process copper using cuttlefish shell Sepia recurvirostra in water solution Refinel, Admin Alif, Mutiara Khairat and Deswati Thermodynamics of removal of cadmium by adsorption on Barley husk biomass Davoud Balarak, Hossein Azarpira and Ferdos Kord Mostafapour Theoretical analysis and molecular orbital studies of a series of 1435oxathiadiazepane44dioxides derived of sarcosine Soulef Maache, Amel Bendjeddou, Tahar Abbaz, Abdelkrim Gouasmia and Didier Villemin Synthesis Molecular Docking and evaluation of Antiangiogenic activity and Cellular metastasis potential of some Triazine and Pyrrolidin2one derivatives Ankit Kumar, Umesh Kumar Singh, Pratibha Gupta, Faizi Muzaffar, Prateek Pathak and Praveen Kumar Tomar Copper corrosion inhibition by 2Thiobenzylbenzothiazole in 2M nitric acid D. Ehouman, J. S. Akpa, P. M. Niamien, D. Sissouma and A. Trokourey Synthesis and Characterization of Pd II Schiff Base Metal Complexes Madhukar P. Shinde, Raghunath B. Toche, Satish M. Chavan and Pawan J. Tambade Impact of nitrogen and potassium fertilisation levels and scheduling on Nules clementine variety yield and quality at southern Morocco Mohamed Ayoub, Rachid Salghi, Ataa Abouatallah, Athman Hafidi, Fatima Ayoub, Sidi Mohammed Alaoui and Shehdeh Jodeh A Pure Isolated from Fruit Seeds of Kolowe Chydenanthus excelsus The Identified as Single Peak By HPLC Analytic Column They Are Two Saponin Compounds of Isomered Laode Rijai, Hadi Kuncoro, Raymond Rumampuk, Unang Supratman, Husein Hernandi Bahti, Supriyatna and Wall Tylor Synthesis Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of some novel 345trisubstituted pyrazolo34cpyrazoles Vishal S. More, Bhaskar H. Vaidhun and Sanjay R. Chaudhari