Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-11-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 11 A quantum chemical analysis of the inhibition of protein kinase A PKA and Rhoassociated protein kinase2 ROCK2 by a series of ureabased molecules Juan S. G√?¬≥mez-Jeria and Massiel Matus-P√?¬©rez The Flavonoids for a plant grows in the arid and semiarid zone of the northern Sahara of Algeria Atriplex Halimus L Ouanissa Smara, Hocine Dendougui and Belgacem Legseir Investigation of the electrical properties of metal chalcogenide thin films A review S. M. HO A quantum chemical study of the inhibition of glucosidase by a group of oxadiazole benzohydrazone derivatives Juan S. G√?¬≥mez-Jeria and Valeria Gazzano Synthesis and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Novel Thiazole Derivatives Containing Indole moiety on Brest Cancer Cell lines M. Aravinda Kumar, A. M. Sridhara, R. Gururaja and S. Yogisha Synthesis and antiviral activity of novel 35disubstituted124triazole glycoside derivatives Ashraf M. Mohamed, Wael A. El-Sayed, Naglaa A. Abdel-Hafez and Ola Bagato A Quantitative StructureActivity Relationship Study on a Indo2yl Derivatives as AntiHCV agents Anjana Sharma, Satya Prakash Gupta, Anees Ahmed Siddiqui and Nitin Sharma Analysis of differences in viral load results of DBS DPS between the refrigerator and storage at a temperature of 37C with plasma A study in the blood of patients with HIVAIDS in Jayapura Indonesia Baiq Sunarniati, Daniel Lantang and Yohanis Ngili Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes of ZrIV and ThIV using cardanol and 4aminoantipyridine Anusha A, Isac Sobana Raj C and Joseph Stalin M Antispermogenic activity of triterpenoids isolated from Dioscorea glabra tuber Koushik Choudhury, Ratna Choudhury, Rajat Ghosh, Saikat Sen, Raja Chakraborty, Zerryl Ch. Momin, Binoy Behari Goswami and Biplab De Effect of Bioblend PolystyrenePolycaprolactone and PolystyreneStarch Utilization toward Coating Thickness and Release of Active Substance from Urea Granule Netty Suharti, Salman Sulaiman, Febriyenti, Erizal Zaini, Muslim Suardi, Elfi Sahlan Ben and Akmal Djamaan A Novel Mesomorphic Homologous Series of Ester Derivatives ppnAlkoxy Benzoyloxy Phenyl Ethyl Benzoates Pandya Shilpa N. and Chauhan M. L. Optimization of melassigenic ions removal operation from beet sugar syrups and mother liquorby Electrodialysis Hajar Qabli, Manal Rafik, Merieme Tahri, Majdouline Larif, Sarra Kitanou, Mohamed Taky and Azzedine Elmidaoui Synthesis and study of new mesogens ppnAlkoxy benzoyloxyter butyl benzoates Patel B. K. and Chauhan M. L. Synthesis and Evaluation of Liquid Crystal Behavior of a Novel Homologous Series 44nalkoxy benzoyloxy 4Nitro Benzyl Benzoates Patel J. M. and Chauhan M. L. Comparative evaluation of four scoring functions with three models of delta opioid receptor using molecular docking Fatima Sapundzhi, Tatyana Dzimbova, Nevena Pencheva and Peter Milanov Preparation of some Chitosan Derivatives and Study Their Effect on Human Genetic Material Sara H. Mutasher, Afrodet A. Salih and Hadi S. Al-Lami A Study of Mesomorphism Properties and their Relation to the Molecular Structure of Novel chalcone Derivatives Balvani V. N. and Chauhan M. L. Chemical Constituents of Kappaphychus alvarezii Doty Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Joan Candice Ondevilla and Chien-Chang Shen Removal of some pesticides from water using new synthesized apatitic materials N. El Hrech, R. Bchitou and A. Bouhaouss Synthesis of Butyl Acetate Catalyzed by NH46MnMo9O328H2O with Waugh structure Wang Hongmin and Li Chen Antibacterial Antifungal and Antioxidant activities of substituted 4H14benzothiazines Praveen Kumar Sharma, Reena Makkar and Simranjeet Singh Isolation and Identification of Bioplastic Producing Bacteria from Soil at the Top of Marapi Volcano Mountain West Sumatra Indonesia Akmal Djamaan, Anthoni Agustien, Resha Gemeidiya, Miftahul Jannah, Asiska PD and Wangi QA The Nheterocyclic carbenecatalyzed crosscoupling of aromatic aldehydes with Naroylbenzotriazoles A novel approach to synthesis of diaryl 12diketones Viwat Hahnvajanawong, Baramee Pungpis and Parinya Theramongkol Exploration of Spectral Thermal Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of newly synthesized inclusion complexes of N3Phenylallylidine and N3 isopropylbenzylidene1 3 4 Thiadiazino6 5bIndole3amine with CD Rabinarayana Sahu, Pramod Kumar Das and Bamakanta Garnaik Synthesis In Silico and In Vitro anticancer screening of some novel nitrogen bridged imidazopyrimidines K. Sruthi, M. Sumakanth, Mahendra Kumar C. B. and Naresh K Effect of polar and nonpolar solvent on total phenolic and antioxidant activity of roots extracts of Caralluma europaea Sofia Zazouli, Mohammed Chigr and Ahmed Jouaiti The construction and performance characteristics of PVC electrodes for Oxomemazine Hydrochloride Yousry M. Issz, Sayed A. Ahmed, Nabila S. Mohamed and Naglaa M.Mohamed Analysis of Molecular Structure Vibrational spectra and Electronic Properties of 2amino3nitro6picoline by Density Functional Methods DAVID PEGU Total phenols flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of seeds extracts of Lawsonia alba henna from Algeria Rekia CHERBI, Mohamed YOUSFI, Mokhtar SAIDI and Mahdi BELGUIDOUM Magnitude Bode Plot Analysis of Solid Polymer Electrolyte PMMA Complexed with Adipic Acid K. P. Radha, P. Mahalakshmi and S.Chitra Effect of zinc on the carbothermal reduction of barite Jyotsna Kumar Potentional toxic risk from the nano and microparticles in the atmospheric suspension of Russky Island Vladivostok V.A. Drozd, A.S. Kholodov, A.I. Agoshkov, V.I. Petukhov, Ya.Yu. Blinovskaya, V.P. Lushpey, Yu.A. Vasyanovich, S.F. Solomennik, A.A. Fatkulin, V.V. Slesarenko, A.N. Minaev, A.N. Gulkov and K.S. Golokhvast The role of enzymes in the adaptation of soybean of different philogenetic origin to growing conditions Lyubov E. Ivachenko, Svetlana I. Lavrent√ʬ?¬?yeva, Alexander S. Konichev and Kirill S. Golokhvast