Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-15-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 15 Determination of Famotidine in Pharmaceutical Preparations byFlow Injection Spectrophotometric Method and using organicreagent Pyro catechol Sadeem S. Abid and *Rajaa M. Ali Comparative study for the synthesis of new generation of23Hbenzothiazolones as antioxidant agents Hanane Chabane, Mahfoud Messarah and Messaoud Liacha Estrogenic Activity of Fruit Extract of Artocarpus lakoocha in femaleSpragueDawley Rats Piyush Gautam, Talha Jawaid and Ramesh Patel Synthesis of some new Bis123triazoles derivatives as urease inhibitors Zeyad Kadhim Oleiwi, Ibtesam Faris Mohammed and Ahmed Neamah Thamer Antioxidant and antimicrobial screening of Ciprofloxacin derivativeand its complexes Vandna Singh, Anju Nagar and Preeti Jain Design synthesis and docking study of novel coumarin based 13oxazinederivatives as probable anti cancer drugs Surampudi Durga Karteek, I. V. Kasi Viswanath, Mandava V. Basaveswara Rao, Sapam Tuleshwori Devi and Ampasala Dinakara Rao Coumarins Biological activity and SAR studies Sohair L. El-Ansary, Doaa E. Abdel Rahman and Nehad M. A. Eldydamony Some 124triazole derivatives Synthesis and Antiviral Evaluation Aymn E. Rashad, Ahmed H. Shamroukh, Abeer H. El-Sayed, Jehane A. Micky, Nermin A. Marsok and Farouk M. E. Abdel-Megeid Synthesis of Novel 3Arylisoxazolo43hquinolines via NucleophilicSubstitution of Hydrogen SNH Latifa Bouissane, Najat Belkhouya, Adiba Rais, Ouafae Abdelaoui, Hakima Chicha, Assoman Kouakou and El Mostapha Rakib Property anti corrosion NiPTiO2 composite coatings in an aggressiveenvironment H3PO4 M. Buanani and M. Ebn Touhami Development of a Validated Initial Rate Method for the Assay of Gliclazide inDrug Formulations Elaref Ratemia, S. K. Manirul Haquea and Habibur Rahmanb Comparative Computational Study on the Adsorption Properties of SO42 onAldoped singlewalled BN and CNT nanotubes Morteza Keshavarz Synthesis characterization and in vitro antibacterial activity of new chalconeslinked via coumarin ring Himangini* and Dharam Pal Pathak The Comparison of anxiolytic effects of Valeriana officinalis Herbal teavs Lavandula angustifolia on the male rats Manouchehr yousefi Synthesis In Silico and In Vitro evaluation of some novel 52phenylvinylpyrazole and pyrazoline derivatives K. N. V. Chenchu Lakshmi, M. Venkatesh, J. Hareesh, B. Srinivasa Raju and B. Anupama Invitro cytotoxic activity and anthelmintic effect of chloroform extract ofAntigonon leptopus Hook Arn Lakshmikanta Kanthal, Vasamsetti Divija, Dadala Dhanalakshmi, Vadrevu Laharika, Kausik Bhar, Sreejan Manna, Kodidasu Satish Kumar and M. V. V. N. Satyanarayana Synthesis and Anticancer Evaluation of Some New poly functionallySubstituted Pyrimidine2thione Derivatives Rasha S. Gouhar, Usama Fathy, Mohamed F. El-Shehry and Salwa M. El-Hallouty Inhibitory effects of Blackstonia grandiflora extracts on the formationof advanced glycation end products AGEs Fatima Zohra Belfadela, Kamel Medjroubia, Salah Akkala, S???©verine Derbr???©b and Elisabeth Seguinc Melamine Trisulfonic Acid MTSA on Neutral Alumina as an efficientcatalyst for the synthesis of 246Triarylpyridines Anil Kumar Determination of Iron III and Vanadium IV by Its Catalytic Effect on theOxidation of some Environmental Pollutants with H2O2 Morteza Keshavarz Evaluation of the inhibitor effect of new class triazole derivatives on thecorrosion of ordinary steel in hydrochloric acid solution Y. Elkhotfi, I. Forsal, E. M. Rakib and B. Mernari Template synthesis characterization biological screening of Cr III and FeIII tetraaza macrocyclic complexes derived from 9 10phenanthrenequinoneand 1 3dicarbonylphenyldihydrazide Preeti Jain and Vandna Singh Parametric Evaluation of the Adsorption of Malachite Green and Congo Redon Chitin Flakes Gautham B. Jegadeesan, Madhumita B. and Gunarani G. Spectroscopic characterization and DFT exploration of24methoxybenzyloxy4methylquinoline M. Boopathi, P. Udhayakala, G. R. Ramkumaar and T. S. Renuga Devi Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of some new styrylbipyridinyl substituted coumarins Nilesh J. Patel, Kaushik N. Kundaliya, Dharati S. Patel and Dinker I. Brahmbhatt Synthesis and Biological evaluation of new 4amino tetrazolo15aquinoline Priya M. Madalageri, V. Rajinikanth, Sakey Ravindra, K. Mahesh Kumar, and O. Kotresh A note on the inhibition of steroid 11hydroxylase aldosterone synthase and aromatase by a series of coumarin derivatives Juan S. G???³mez-Jeria, Gaston A. Kpotin Electrical Properties of Supercapacitor ElectrodeBased on Activated Carbon from Waste Palm Kernel Shells Hermansyah Aziz, Olly Norita Tetra, Admin Alif, Syukri, Wahyu Ramadhan Comparative Effect of Saffron Extract and Alprazolam on Reducing Anxietyin the Mice Azam Talebi , Mehrdad Modaresi and Ali Mahdad Application of the technique of biosorption by a plant sorbent in thetreatment of chemical releases from a hospital laboratory Waf???¢a Bjijou, A. El Yahyaoui and S. Bouhlassa Synthesis and Antioxidant Properties of Some 2Methoxy53alkyl45dihydro1H124triazol5one4ylazomethinphenyl benzoates ???žule Bah???§eci, Nuri Y????±ld????±r????±m, ?????zlem G???¼rsoy-Kol, Murat Beytur and Haydar Y???¼ksek