Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-20-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 20 Study of structure dynamic Mytilusgalloprovincialis in the atlantic coastline rabatsale Mohamed Khamar, Essediya Cherkaoui and Abderrahman Nounah Synthesis and characterization of amino acid coupled benzimidazole based ligands T. Sabithakala, Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy and M. Vinodini Chemical Constituents of Alstonia scholaris L R Br Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Tyson C. Batarra, Maria Carmen S. Tan and Ian A. van Altena Effects on phospholipid large unilamellar vesicles of two flavonoids S5682 and troxerutin Brahim Azize, Bousselham Kabouchi, Taoufik Sahdane and An Cao Ethanol extract grapefruit peel Citrus maxima Murr gel formulations with gelling agent durian seed gum and carboxy methylcellulose Nazliniwaty, Karsono, Nilsya Febrika Zebua and Nerdy The study of Hosta lancifolia rhizomes with roots leaves and flowers volatile components Mooen F. Dababneh, Victoria V. Protska, Olexandra A. Kyslychenko and Iryna O. Zhuravel Chemical Constituents of Ficus minahassae Teijsm de Vriese Miq Phelan G. Apostol, Mariquit M. De Los Reyes, Emelina H. Mandia, Chien-Chang Shen and Consolacion Y. Ragasa Comparison of the density of Lio oil biodiesel and diesel S. El Aggadi, A. Bouziani, K. Ellouzi, A. Kafih, A. Ghanimi, S. Bougarrani,A. El Hourch, M. Serghini Idrissi, O. K. Kabbaj, S. Ismaili Alaoui, F. Hlimi and M. Alaoui El Belghiti Acoustical and viscometric studies of Gentamicin sulphate in aqueous medium K. C. Patil and C. M. Dudhe Quantum Chemical Analysis of the Relationships between Electronic Structure and Antiviral Activity against HIV1 of some Pyrazine13thiazine Hybrid Analogues Juan S. G√?∆?√?¬≥mez-Jeria, Pablo Castro-Latorre and Gaston A. Kpotin Sterols and Triterpenes from Gundelia tournefortii L var Armata Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Jo Madeleine Ann Reyes, Maria Carmen S. Tan, Glenn G. Oyong, Robert Brklja√?‚??√?¬ća and Sylvia Urban Hypoglycemic Effect of Hydrolyzed Palm Kernel Oil in Rats Jansen Silalahi, Rosidah, Effendy De Lux Putra and Denny Satria EcoFriendly Multifinishing of cotton through Inclusion of Motmorillonitechitosan Hybrid Nanocomposite A. Hebeish, S. Shaarawy, A.G. Hassabo and A. El-Shafei Synthesis and Potential Antibacterial Activities of 2ChloroN4Phenylthiazol2yl Acetamide Derivatives D. G. Raut, K. D. Sonawane, S. Y. Jadhav, V. D. Sonawane, D. B. Jadhav and M.J. Dhanavade and R. B. Bhosale Optimization and purification of lipase through submerged fermentation by Alcanivorax sp GICMST1 from the gut of marine fish Sardinella longicepsis Suyambu Ananthivel, Suyambu Sudhakesavan, Grasian Immanuel and Arunachalam Palavesam Estimation of total phenol and total flavanoid content with Antioxidant and antiinflammatory activity of Bambusa arundinacae bamboo shoot grown in Nilgiris B. Vanitha, R. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. B. Duraiswamy, G. Gnanavel and G. Neelamma Chemical Constituents Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Syzygium cumini L Skeels Myrtaceae Rich Milton R. Dulay and Ma. Ellenita G. De Castro Apoptotic effect of Capparis Spinosa extract on breast cancer cell line MCF7 Mojtaba Haghi Karamallah, Mojtaba Kalantar, Javad Babaei, Mehdi Goudarzi, Anahita Kalirad, Mohamad Sabaghan and Hadi Kalantar Potential Protective effect of Vitamin C on Cerebral Ischaemia Reperfusion Injury in Rats Bassant M.M. Ibrahim, Sahar E.S. Harraz and Ahlam H.Mahmoud Hydrogel of poly SSNacrossTeEGDMA Preparation characterization and Swelling behavior BRADAI Masika, OULD KADA Seghier, SEBBA Fatima Zohra and SEBTI Houari Rutin ability to reduce hematological toxicity induced by cytarabine in mice Preventive effects of rutin towards hematological toxicity of cytarabine Chafia Tigrine, Hamama Bouriche and Abdelkarim Kameli Crystallization and Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Crystals of Urea Helen Merina Albert and C. Alosious Gonsago Method Development and Validation For the Simultaneous Estimation of Irbesartan and Hydrochlorothiazide in Tablet Formulation by HPTLC A. R. Magesh and M. D. Dhanaraju Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Allium Cepa Extracts on Mild Steel in HCl Cleophas Akintoye Loto, Roland Tolulope Loto, Ohwofasa Osugbunu and Abimbola Patricia Popoola Theoretical insights in to the selective oxidation of steroidal alcohol over heterogeneous catalysis Dehbi Atallah, Lounis Zoubida, Farouk Hamza Reguig and Abdelkader Bengueddach Tandem Prins cyclization for the Stereo selective synthesis of 36dihydro2Hpyran scaffolds G. Raveendra Reddy, B. Sreedhar, K. P.V. Subba Rao, K. Murali, Y. Narendra Reddy, T. Sreelatha, T. Veera Reddy and B. V. Subba Reddy Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the adsorption of Malachite Green dye onto Elaeagnus Kernel powder Sheyda Habibi and Ali Shamel Corrosion inhibition effect of Allium Cepa extracts on mild steel in H2SO4 Cleophas Akintoye Loto and Roland Tolulope Loto Field studies to assess the efficiency of bioextracts against the scourge of onion crops Thrips tabaci Lindeman in Egypt Salem S. A., Abd El-Salam A. M. E., Abdel-Raheem M. A., Farage N. A. and El-Hawary F. M. Microwave assisted synthesis of ZnO and Co doped ZnO nanoparticles and their antibacterial activity M. Sheik Muhideen Badhusha Synthesis Characterization and Thermal Studies of Schiff Bases derived from 2Pyridinecarboxaldehyde and Benzaldehyde and their Complexes with Cupper II and Cobalt II Zainab A. Mohammed Salih, Mariam Abdul-bary Auribic and Abduljleel Mohammed Abduljleel Study of the classification of spring water with regard to the opinion of users Case of the TangierTetouan region Western Morocco Ali Laghzal, F. Salmoun, R. Taourati, N. Nouayti, M. Fihri and Z. Mammad Optimization of coagulationflocculation process for particle removal from dye using natural polymers Response surface methodological approach I. A. Obiora-Okafo and O. D. Onukwuli Synthesis characterization and biological study of new benzoxazole based sulphonamide derivatives Ramachandrula Krishna Kumar, Ramanayam S. K. Sharma, D. Ravi Kumar, Shrikanth H. Havele and S. V. Muraimohan Rao Molecular identification of newly isolated nontoxigenic fungal strains having antiaflatoxigenic antimicrobial and antioxidant activities Aziza A. El-Neekety, Mohamed S. Abdel-Aziz, Amal S. Hathout, Ahmed A. Hamed, Bassem A. Sabry, Mosad A. Ghareeb, Soher E. Aly and Mosaad A. Abdel-Wahhab In vitro glucosidase inhibitory activities of ethonolic extract of Oldenlandia corymbosa R. Ramprasad and S. Madhusudhan and C. K. Dhanapal Utility of 2cyanoN14morpholinophenylethylideneaceto hydrazide for the synthesis of some new acrylohydrazide 2oxo12dihydropyridine bispyridine and chromene derivatives as potent antimicrobial agents M. H. Helal Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel rhodanine derivatives as potential antimicrobial activities M. H. Helal Synthesis of Novel florescent colorants based on chromeno 23d pyrimidin4one derivatives and their application K. A. Ahmed, D. M. Masoud, H. M. Ahmed and Mervat El-Sedik Biology Ecology and control Studies on Sugarbeet mining moth Scrobipalpa ocellatella Lamya Ahmed Al-Keridis Ethylacetate Extract of Zanthoxylum acanthopodium DC Fruit Against DoxorubicinResistancedT47D Cells Poppy Anjelisa Z. Hasibuan, Urip Harahap, Panal Sitorus and Denny Satria Green synthesis of saccharin substituted urea and thiourea derivatives and their antimicrobial evaluation Rashmi Singh and Komal Jakhar