Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-4-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 4 Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of chemical constituents from Celtis australis Najoie Filali-Ansari, Ahmed El Abbouyi, Anake Kijjoa, Soukaina El Maliki and Said El Khyari Some quinoline derivatives Synthesis and comparative study towards corrosion of mild steel in 05 H2SO4 A. Elyoussfi, A. Dafali, H. Elmsellem , Y. Bouzian, R. bouhfid, A. Zarrouk, K.Cherrak, E. M. Essassi, A. Aouniti and B. Hammouti Effects of Binder on the Physicochemical Properties and the Quality of Paracetamol Tablets Sunethra K. Gunatilake, Sethsiri S. Samaratunga and Folahan A. Adekola Luminescent and Gas Sensing Properties of SnO2 Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition M. C. Rao, K. Ravindranadh, T. Satyanarayana, Y. Dasaradhudu, G. Nagarjuna, K. Srinivas and M. S. Shekhawat Identification characterization and preparation of processrelated impurities of the phenylquinoline derivative NK104 Madhuresh K. Sethi, Sanjay Mahajan, Bhairaiah Mara, Upendranath Veera, Anish Kumar,Anitha Nimmagadda, Purbita Chakraborty, Mujahid Sufi Ahmed and Rohit Shukla Characterization and preparation of Process Related Substances of RosuvastatinCalcium an anti lipidemic drug Madhuresh K. Sethi*, Sanjay Mahajan, Bhairaiah Mara, Upendranath Veera, Anish Kumar; Purbita Chakraborty and Anitha Nimmagadda Trichloroisocyanuric acid A cost effective commercial and mild system for the oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes Sahadev Reddy M, M. S. N. Reddy, Rajan S. T.a, Bapaiah B and Chakravarthy I. E. Synthesis characterisation and antimicrobial activity of novel substituted pyrimidines Priti U. Warbhe andReshal A. Deshmukh Structural identification and characterization of impurities in Esmolol hydrochloride Sahadev Reddy M, M. S. N. Reddya, Rajan S. T, Srinivas Vakaa and Chakravarthy I. E. Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation pyrazole derivatives containing indole ring as a potent analgesic and antiinflammatory agents Gollapalli Naga Raju, Jyesta Rajesh Babu, M. Balu Naik, K. Lakshmi and Rama Rao Nadendla Newly developed 4HABTAgIZnO nanophotocatalytic functional material for wastewater treatment Rahangdale P. K., Dhote P. R. and Dongapure A. C. Microwaveassisted synthesis of spirocarbocycle derivatives and their anticancer activity molecular docking studies Rajesh Kumar M, Manikandan A, Sivakumar A.,Sudha Priya N.Perumal P. T. and Violet Dhayabaran V. Viscometric and thermodynamic study of substitutedNNbissalicyliden arylmethanediamine in a binary system of 70 DMFWater A. S. Chandami, D. S. Hedaoo and M. P. Wadekar A DFT study of the inhibition of human phosphodiesterases PDE3A and PDE3B by a group of 241Htetrazol5yl1Hpyrazol1yl44phenylthiazole derivatives Juan S. G√?∆?√?¬≥mez-Jeria and Patricio Cornejo-Mart√?∆?√?¬≠nez Structural Elucidation Synthesis Characterization and Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of ethyl 22bromophenoxyacetate Yasser Hussein Issa Mohammed, S. Naveen, Zabiulla, Mohammed Al-Ghorbani , S. V. Mamatha, H. R. Manjunath, N. K. Lokanath and Shaukath Ara Khanum Role of obesity and proinflammatory leptin in autoimmune thyroiditis independent on hypothyroidism Salwa M. El Shebini, Mona A. Mohamed, Hesham Mottawie, Salwa S. Soliman and Hend A. Essa Structure elucidation of phenolic acids flavonoids and hypocholesterolemic activity of Nepeta septemcrenata and Otostegia fruticosa Khaled A. Abdelshafeek, Husseny A. Elgendy, Moustafa M. El Missiry and Medhat M. Seif El Nasr A convenient route to 5aminopyrazole bispyrazole and pyrazolo15apyrimidines incorporating antipyrine or furan moiety as potent antimicrobial agents M. A. Salem Corrosion inhibition of copper in aqueous solutions using some plant extracts A. S. Fouda , S. M. Rashwan, A. E. Mohammed and M. A. Khalid Synthesis of nitric oxide donating acridone derivatives as cytotoxic agents in cancer M. Amareswararao, Y. R. Babu, J. Himabindhu and V. V. S. Rajendra Prasad New Potential Antitumor Nitrogen Heterocycles Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation Elsherbiny H. Elsayed and Eman M. Radwan Study of the resistivity and viscosity of vegetable oils Argan Olive AvocadoColsa Tournosol Taoufik Dahass, Oumaima Dahass, Hajar Saaid, Merieme Raqba, Maryem Belgharzaand Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti CFD Photochemical Modelling in an Urban Street Canyon Merah Aissa, Noureddine Abdelkader and Abidat Miloud Synthesis Molecular docking and evaluation of antifungal activity of some benzyl benzimidazole derivatives Suvarna Katii, Preeti Bagul, Luketa Alai, Rasika Mahale, Ashok Pingle and Sanjay Wagh Synthesis and antibacterial screening of some 25aryloxymethyl1 3 4 oxadiazol2ylsulfanyl acetic acids Neelam Jain, Deepika Saini, Ruchika Goyal and Sandeep Jain Valuation of aromatic and medicinal plants AMP of Rif Northern Morocco Mohamed Elamin AFILAL, ELasri Ouahid, Mohamed BEREBAH and El FARH Larbi Synthesis of 22aroylaryloxymethyloxazolines as potent analgesic and antiinflammatory agents Shaukath Ara Khanum, Noor Fatima Khanum, Mohammed Al-Ghorbani and Zabiulla Adsorption of cationic dye from aqueous solution onto sea shell as a adsorbent lowcost Kinetic studies Ali Shamel, Zohreh Khoshraftar and Reza Alayi The hypoglycemic effect of oleanolic acid which extracted from Alhagi Roots in diabetic rabbits by improve antioxidant defenses Ali M.A. Al-Kufaishi Evaluation the Accuracy of drug susceptibility testing by disk diffusion method in Medical diagnostic Laboratories of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences Masoud Moghadamshakib, Azad Khaledi, Pezhman Karami, Mohamadyousef Alikhani, Mohamadali Seifrabiei, Saied Khakizadeh, Abbas Bahador and Davood Esmaeili Synthesis and characterization of tin oxide thin films A review Ho Soonmin Chemical Speciation of Binary Complexes of CoII NiII and CuII with 5 Sulfosalicylic acid in UreaWater Mixtures M.Balakrishna, G. Srinivasa Rao, M. Ramanaiah, B.Ramaraju and G. Nageswara Rao Interaction between Renin Angiotensin System and ApelinAPJ System in Hypertensive Rats Rehab A. Mohamed, Maha M. Sabry, Heba M. Shawky, Amal F. Tawadrous, and Doaa M. Gharib Some Studies of E coli 0H157 on Ducks and some clinicopathological Changes Mona S. Zaki and Nabila El-Batrawy Isolation and Cytotoxic Activity Test Methyl Gallate Compounds from Shorea Singkawang Bark in P388 Murine Leukemia Cell Yusnelti, Yunazar Manjang, Abdi Dharma and Djaswir Darwis Synthesis characterization and antifungal evaluation of some novel quinoline derivatives derived from ethyl paminobenzoate Sahar Balkat Al-juboorya and Ammar A. Razzak Mahmood Kubbab New class of Copper II complex derived from Isatin and Thiosemicarbazide Synthesis Spectral Characterization and biological activity P. S. Suja Pon Mini, S. Theodore David Manickam, R. Antony, S. Muthupoongodi and S. Magala Sathyasheeli Antimicrobial activity of some novel 1134oxadiazol2yl1Hbenzodimidazolele substituted derivatives Neetu Soni, Namrata Soni and Pushpraj Gupta Physico Chemical Significance of Dye Indicator Method in Complex Ions Variation in Aqueous Methanol System of Chromium III Chloride SodiumChloride Mona S. Shah, R. B. Gamit and N. B. Patel Synthesis of novel pyrido23bpyrazine derivative evaluated theoretically and electrochemically as a corrosion inhibitor for mildsteel in 1M HCl solutions M. Y. Hjouji, M. Djedid, H. Elmsellem, Y. Kandri Rodi, M. Benalia, H. Steli ,Y. Ouzidan, F. Ouazzani Chahdi, E. M. Essassi and B. Hammouti Characterization of cadmium sulfide thin film grown by chemical bath deposition technique with SEM XRD EDAX and AFM analysis A. Angelin Prema,R. John Xavier , P. Arockia Sahayaraj, C. Pragathiswaran and V. Dharmalingam Design synthesis and docking studies of C2symmetric 14bis sulphonamido diamino 2 3 diolderivatives and hydrogen bond interactions with hydrolase N. Bramhananda Reddy, Venkataramudu Burra, L. K. Ravindranath, S. A. Aleem and N. S. Narendra Synthesis and antimicrobial screening of 2mercaptobenzimidazole derivatives Kiran M. Kulkarni*, Sagar A. Jadhav, Pramod B. Patil, Vikas R. Dhole and Shitalkumar S. Patil Synthesis of novel bioactive pyrazole carbothioamides and their antifungal activity studies M. Chandrashekar, A. Dileep Kumar, G. Pavithra, N. Renuka and K. Ajay Kumar Inhibition effect of aminotriazole derivative on the corrosion of Cu40Zn alloy in 3NaCl solution in presence of Sulphide ions Benmessaoud M, Serghini Idrissi M, Labjar N, Rhattas K, Damej M, Hajjaji N, Srhiri A and El Hajjaji S Nano Imidacloprid efficacy against the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria under laboratory and semi field conditions Sabbour M. M. and M. A. Abdel-Raheem QSAR Analysis of Anticancer Activity of Indolin Derivatives as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor VEGFR2 Inhibitors Siddharth J. Modi and Vithal M. Kulkarni Collagen Hydrolysis from skin and bone of Pangasius catfish Prepared by Bromelain Enzyme and Antioxidant Activity of Hydrolysate Ace Baehaki, Shanti Dwita Lestari and Ida Desliani 2oxoNphenyl12dihydroquinoline4carbohydrazide as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acidic Medium Experimental Studies Y. Filali Baba, H. Elmsellem, Y. Kandri Rodi, H. Steli, C. AD, Y. Ouzidan, F. Ouazzani Chahdi, N. K. Sebbar, E. M. Essassi and B. Hammouti Synthesis of new pyrazoline derivatives and their cytotoxic and antiinflammatory screening Vani A, Gayatri B, Saisree K, Sikender M, Madhava Reddy B and Harinadha Babu V Biochemical Studies in Cat fish Clarious lazera Infected with Flavobacterium columnare and Treated with probiotic Mona S. Zaki, Nabila EL Battrawy and Samy I Shalaby Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2 4thiazolidinedione incorporated imidazo1 2a pyridines Gayatri Devi B, Saisree K., Sikender M, Madhava Reddy B. and Harinadha Babu V Synthesis and anticancer evaluation of 5benzyl134thiadiazol2amine derivatives on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma bearing mice Subbiah Ramasamy, Tanmoy Guria, Tanushree Singha, Puspita Roy, Benu P. Sahu, Jayatri Naskar, Avijit Das and Tapan K Maity Synthesis of hexahydro6Hindolo23bquinoxaline derivatives as potential antibacterial and antiinflammatory agents Hajjaj H. M. Abdu-Allah, Samia G. Abdel-Moty and Helal F. Heta An efficient onepot synthesis of 245trisubstituted imidazole catalysed by citric acid Nora CHOUHA, Taoues BOUMOUD, Imane TEBABEL, Boudjemaa BOUMOUD and Abdelmadjid DEBACHE Protective Effect of Paronychia argentea L on Acetic Acid Induced Ulcerative Colitis in Mice by Regulating Antioxidant Parameters and Inflammatory Markers Moufida Adjadj, Abderrahmane Baghiani, Sabah Boumerfeg, Charef Noureddine, Seddik Khennouf, Lekhmici Arrar and Mohammad S. Mubarak