Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-5-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 5 Formulation and evaluation of diphenhydramine gel using different gelling agents Mehdi Rezaeifara, Hossein Mahmoudvandb and Mahnaz Amiria Synthesis and pharmacological screening studies of some novel imidazo21b134thiadiazole Madhu Kumar Dogganal Jayappaa, Jagadeesh Prasad Dasappaa, Rejeesh Edavan Puthallathb and Prakash Anil Castelinoa Antibacterial and Antifungal activity of Piperazinylbenzothiazine Praveen Kumar Sharma and Prem Singh In vivo study of nanoparticles as free radical scavengers for radiation protection Rana M. Yas and Asia H. Al-Mashhadani Spectroscopic and thermal properties of PUPVC doped with multi walled carbon nanotube A. M. Hezma, I. S. Elashmawi,, A. Rajeh and Mustafa Kamal Theoretical Velocities and Viscosities of Binary Mixtures of Diethyl Malonate with Alkoxy Alkanols Ch. Udayalakshmi, K. A. K. Raj Kumar, V. N. S. R. Venkateswararao, P. B. Sandhyasri, G. R. Satyanarayana and C. Rambabu Reduction of Alfatoxin in grey mullet By Ginseng Extract and probiotic Mona S. Zaki, Olfat M. Fawzi and Sami S. Shalaby Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities of the essential oil of Pulicaria jaubertii leaves Methaq Algabr, Nabil Al-Hajj, Ameerh Jaber, Amtellah Alshotobi, Shaima'a Al-suryhi, Gadah Whaban and Nawal Alshehari Multi walled carbon nanotubes reinforced polyurethanepolyvinyl chloride composite structural and mechanical properties A. M. Hezma, I. S. Elashmawi, A. Rajeh and Mustafa Kamal Synthesis of some 123triazoles derivatives and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity Ismail Fichtali, Marwa Chraibi, Fatima El Aroussi, Abdeslem Ben-Tama, El Mestafa El Hadrami, Kawtar Fikri Benbrahim and Salah-Eddine Stiriba Corrosion performance by epoxy zinc rich coating containing 44ethylene bis N N diglycidylaniline on copper substrate O. Dagdag, M. Rafik, S. E. Hegazi, A. Essamri, M. Ebn Touhami, M. El Gouri, M. Assouag and A. El Harfi Calculating concentrations of elements in sample and compare with standard certified results of the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA Soil7 Abdessamad Didi, A. Dadoucha, H. Bounouira, J. Tajmouati, H. Bekkouri, M. Benchiekh and O. Jai Efficient one pot threecomponent synthesis of new aminophosphonates and investigation of their antimicrobial activity Amulrao U. Borsea,Nilesh L. Patila, Mahesh N. Patila and Raghav S. Malib QSAR and docking studies on inhibition of carbonic anhydrase tumorassociated isoenzyme IX with heterocyclic sulfonamides as cytotoxic agents Mervat Hamed El-Hamamsy Determination of chemical potential for carvedilol atenolol and Propranolol diffusion through SDS micelle solution Oraas Adnan Hatem, Falah Shareef Abed Suhailand Amer Mousa Juda Ultrasound Assisted Catalyst free Synthesis of Some Novel BisSchiff Bases A Green Approach Aejaz Sherdi and G. M. Nazeruddin Effect of pH on the biosorption of heavy metal by alginate immobilized durian Durio zibethinus seed Intan Lestari, Salmariza Sy, Harmiwati, Desy Kurniawati, Admin Alif, Rahmiana Zein and Hermansyah Aziz Effect of general anesthesia plus spinal anesthesia on patients hemodynamic during coronary artery bypass Grafting surgery Mehdi Dehghani Firoozabadi, Ahmad Ebadi, Mohammad Ali Sheikhi and Hossein Rahmani Protective effect of Alhagi graecorum in alloxan induced diabetic rats Abeer A. A. Salama and Mahmoud S. Arbid Ultrasonic study of some synthesized pyrazolines at different concentration in 70 of 1 4dioxanewater mixture V. D. Mane, D. T. Mahajan and P. R. Rajput Synthesis and evaluation of new pyrazolines of benzimidazole as potent analgesic and antiinflammatory agents Sharmila A. Gote, B. Shivkumar and Gaviraj E. L. Effect of Bacterial Genitourinary Tract Infection on Seminal Copper in Men Ali Saleem Abdulridha Adsorption Characteristics of Beans Peel powder as New Adsorbent for CrIII Removal from Aqueous Solution Hassan A. Habeeb Alshamsi and Salam H. Alwan Altaa Interpretation studies of the visible spectra and to exploit properties of polyenes and to develop a new method for classroom experimental studies by use of one dimensional box Model Jayprakash S. Chauhan and Rameshchandra P. Patel Study the Incidence of Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and certain of their Immunological Aspects in Genitourinary Tract Infection amongMen in AlNajaf City Iraq Khalida K. Abbas Al-Kelaby, Ali Saleem Abdulridha and Ali J. Fakhriddeen Phytochemical constituents of Moringa peregrina seeds Hojjat Rouhi-Boroujeni, Esfandiar Heidarian, Hamid Rouhi-Boroujeni and Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei Toxic effects of differentsized zeolitecontaining minerals from Kholinsky and Vanginsky deposits Russia Sergievich A. A, Chaika V. V, Batalova T. A., Khoroshikh P. P., Panichev A. M,Seryodkin I. V., Cheremkin M. I, Kirichenko K. Yu, Kodintsev V. V, Gafurov U. S,Salanin D. A, Artemenko A. F and Golokhvast K. A facile synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of 88dimethyl5 arylheteroaryl78910tetrahydrob18naphthyridine65Hones as antiinflammatory and antimicrobial agents Srinivasa Rao Jetti, Anjna Bhatewara, Tanuja Kadre and Shubha Jain Simultaneous Estimation of Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate and Fluticasone Propionate in Dry Powder Inhalation Formulation by HPTLC Narendra M. Gowekar and Shailesh J. Wadher Crystal Structure of 3phenyl3a4dihydro3Hchromeno43c isoxazole3acarbonitrile M. Sivakumara, G. Suresh, K. Vetrikumaran and S. Aravindhan Antifungal property of cotton fabric textile Modification of cotton fiber functions by coating compounds of TiO2SiO2Chitosan Yetria Rilda, Gita Mahardika, Admin Alif, Anthoni Agustien, Dachriyanus and Akmal Djamaan Synthesis Antimicrobial Activity and Molecular Modelling of Aminolysed Derivative of Polyethyleneterephthalate Ranu Agrawal, Nazia Tarannum, Swapnil Mishra and Rakesh Kumar Soni Development and validation of RPHPLC method for the estimation of Rabeprazole and Mosapride in raw and capsule formulation Mohammed Al Bratty, Gunasekar Manoharan, Hassan A. Alhazmi, Hafiz A. Makeen and Othman Daghriri Pharmacophore Modelling Atom and Fieldbased 3D QSAR Studies of Cytotoxic Acridones Derivatives G. Deepak Reddy, Y. Rajesh Babu, B. S. Sastry and V. V. S. R. Prasad Synthesis of methylenebis124triazoles Ponugubati Radhakrishna Murthia, K. R. S. Prasada, Bethala Jawahar Lutherb and Mandava V. Basaveswara Rao Antioxidant Flavone CGlycoside from Epipremnopsis media ZM Engl Plant Araceae Yohannes Alen, Delly Marteka, Deddi Prima Putra, Akmal Djamaan and Shuhei Nakajima Synthesis characterization and antioxidant evaluation of a novel series of chalcone derivatives bearing 2hydroxyquinoline moiety Nkurunziza Jean Baptiste and Balakrishna Kalluraya