Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-8-issue-6-year-2016.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 8, Issue 6 Visible light assisted photocatalytic degradation of 2aminophenol using H2O2 sensitized BiVO4 A. M. Umabala, P. Suresh and A. V. Prasada Rao Evaluation of vitamin E on microscopic parameters of chilled and frozen stored ram semen Mahnaz Ahmadi Hamedani, Abdol-Mansour Tahmasbi, Abbas-Ali Naserian and Yousef Jafari Ahangari Evaluation of in vitro antioxidant activity of benzophenonepyridine analogues Yasser Hussein Issa Mohammed, Noor Fathima Khanum, Mohammed Al-Ghorbani, Zabiulla and Shaukath Ara Khanum Synthesis and Biological Activity of some new Heterocyclic Compounds from DMannitol Eman Abdu LwahabAlkuwaity and Ezzat Hussein zimam Synthesis and Biological Study of Hetero Atoms and Cycles Compounds Nagham Mahmood Aljamali Influence of Gamma Radiation on Optical Properties and the surface volume energy loss function of PHHP films Influence of Gamma Radiation on Optical Properties and the surface, volume energy loss function of (PHHP) films Modeling of Sulmazole analogues as cardiotonic agents Teena Pareeka, Amrit V. Bajaja and Dheeraj Mandloib Optimization of biodiesel production from waste poultry industry in morocco M. Belgharza, S. Kitane, B. Khaoulani and M. Alaoui El belghiti Imazapyr sorption on a macroporous mesoporous natural phosphate rock M. Flayou and S. El Hajjaji Effect of Media Modification on Collagenase Activity from Bacillus Licheniformis MB2 Ace Baehaki and Maggy T. Suhartono Study of the electrical resistivity of vegetable oils Argan Palm and castor Taoufik Dahass, Oumaima Dahass,Nadia Filali, Aicha Sifou, Assia Slita and Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti Experimental and theoretical study of ultrasonic velocity in binary liquid mixture of chloroform and methanol Kirandeep Kaur and K. C. Juglan Evaluations of protoscolicidal activity of Cardamom extract against hydatid cyst protoscoleces Hormoz Mahmoudvand, Sedigheh Nadri, Sareh Jahanbakhsh and Mehdi Rezaeifar Biosorption of Phenol using dried Rice husk biomass Kinetic and equilibrium studies Davoud Balarak and Ali Joghataei Anticancer activity A431 cancer cells and cytotoxic efficiency HaCaT skin cells of CurcuminNeem loaded polycaprolactone PCL nanofibres S. Ravanan, A. Angelin Prema, R. John Xavier and P. Arockia Sahayaraj Modeling of the electrical resistivity of the vegetable Prickly pear oil Rajaa Rochdi, Souad Alaoui Ismaili, Assia Slita, Nadia Filali, Aicha Sifou, Sana√?¬Ę Saoiabi and Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti Panax Ginseng Regulates Brain Monoamines in LipopolysaccharideInduced Experimental Brain Injury Jihan Hussein, Zakaria El-Khayat, Safinaz El-Toukhy, Mona El-Bana, Dalia Medhat and Safaa Morsy Application of testkits with heavy metals salts for analysis of salts of benzoic and salicylic acids in extemporal medicines V. V. Prokopets, O. A. Zdoryk and V. A. Georgiyants Synthesis and structural characterization of transition metal compound New precursor for preparation of Zinc oxide nanoparticles Atish K. Maldhure Synthesis of Isocoumarins and its derivatives Vijakumar L. Chavan and Rajendra R. Rane Evaluation of the antifungal effects of various extracts of Amygdalus eburnea on some fungal pathogens Mehdi Rezaeifar, Seyyed Amin Ayatollahi Mousavi, Mitra Mehrabani and Asghar Sepahvand Synthesis Spectrophotometric and Stoichiometric Studies of Metal Complexes of Four Antipsychotic Drugs in Bulk Spiked Human Plasma and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Abdalla Ahmed Elshanawany, Abdelmotalb Mosaad Ramadan and Rofaida Abdelmoaty Salem Synthesis of novel Sultams containing azetidinone heterocycles P. Ramesh Babu, L. K. Ravindranath and D. Rajesh Exploration of the components of ethanol extract of herbal medicine origin of Papua ProvinceIndonesia that interact with the DNA of Escherichia coli Rosye H. R. Tanjung and Yohanis Ngili Evidence on Antimicrobial Activity of Sodium DichlorobisNphenyl5 chlorosalicylideneiminatoNOruthenateIII against Grampositive Bacteria Emira Kahrovi√?¬?, Emir Turku√?¬°i√?¬?, Adnan Zahirovi√?¬?, Sabaheta Bekta√?¬° and Hurija D√?¬ĺud√?¬ĺevi√?¬? √?¬?an√?¬ćar Mycobacterial CYP121 as a target for antiTB drug discovery Hend A. A. Abd El-wahab, Ahmed S. Aboraia, Hamdy M. Abdel-Rahman, Mahmoud A. El-Gendy and Claire Simons Analysis of Molecular Structure Vibrational spectra and Electronic Properties of 2 amino3nitro6picoline by Density Functional Methods David Pegu Volumetric properties of aqueous solutions of sodium cyclamate in presence of 01 03 and 05 m fructose at different temperatures Sanjeevan J. Kharat and Sachin M. Munde Association between Serum Clusterin and Cognitive Functions in Obese Egyptian Women Potential Effects of Dietary Therapy Salwa M. El Shebini, Maha I. A. Moaty, Suzanne Fouad, Yusr M. I. Kazem, Nihad H. Ahmed, Magda S. Mohamed, Ahmed M. S. Hussein, Laila M. Hanna and Salwa T. Tapozada Preparation and characterization of a vitreous phase and application as a corrosion inhibitor in acidic medium A. Elbadaoui, M. Galai, M. Cherkaoui and T. Guedira Descriptive analysis of Moroccan volatile saffron according to the storage and drying conditions S. Chaouqi, M. Lage, M. V. Garc√?¬≠a-Rodr√?¬≠guez, G. L. Alonso, T. Guedira, A. Kribii, A. Douaik and M. Carmona Visible light activated photocatalytic degradation of mono di and tri nitrophenols using Cu2O T. Narasimha Murthy, P. Suresh, A. M. Umabala and A. V. Prasada Rao Synthesis of amino carbonyl derivatives of coumarin via Mannichtype reaction catalyzed by Zirconium oxychloride K. Logaiya, S. P. N. Sudhan, H. Ramadoss and S. Sheik Mansoor Comparing effect of some herbal medicines extract with metronidazole for treatment of trichomoniasis in birds Ebrahim Badparva, Sajad Badparva, Masoud Badparva and Farnaz Kheirandish Efficiency of Clay Filters in Removal of Impurities from Waste Water W. K. Pokale , H. R. Dhanbhar, S. V. Agarkar, N. A. Kalambe and A. W. Pokale