Der Pharma Chemica The primary mission of the Der Pharma Chemica is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. All authors not only receive fast and comprehensive peer-review but also the article promotion to researchers working in the same field. rss//rss/dpc-volume-9-issue-10-year-2017.xml Der Pharma Chemica Volume 9, Issue 10 Photodegradation of Orange F3R Dyes Effect of Light Sources and the Addition of CNCodoped TiO2 Catalyst Safni M, Reza Audina Putri, Diana Vanda Wellia, Upita Septiani Vibrational Frequencies of Phosphorus Trichloride PCl3 A Mathematical Study Vijayasekhar J Improvement Antibacterial Activity of ZnO through Modification with Zinc Chromite and Polypyrrole Nahid Rasouli, Atefeh Khalili Docking Studies of Piperazine Propyl4oxo34dihydroquinazoline2carboxylate Derivatives Gopi Reddy A, Harinadha Babu V, Jaya Prakash Rao Y, Saikiran Reddy P, Vijjualatha Manga Study of Inhibition and Adsorption Properties of Expired Pharmaceutical Norfloxcin Drug for Mild Steel Corrosion in Hydrochloric Acid Media Srinivasulu A, Kasthuri PK Binding Interactions of 4phenyl butan2amine and Bovine Serum Albumin Probed by Spectroscopic Techniques Madhavi Changa, Krishnendu Biswas Synthesis of Novel Phthalazine Derivatives as Potential Anticancer Agents from 1Chloro44phenoxyphenylphthalazine Mohamed Sayed, Iman A Gad El-karim, Randa rafaat On the Biology and Thermal Developmental Requirements of the Cotton Mealybug Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley Hemiptera Pseudococcidae in Egypt Ibrahim Shehata Studies on Transition Metalazo Ligand Chelates Bhavana K Patel Synthesis Characterization and Antioxidant Study of Some Novel Chalcones Carrying Sydnone Moiety Asma, Balakrishna Kalluraya, Manju N Spectroscopic Studies of Mixedligand Complexes of CuII CoII MnII and ZnII with Sulpha Drug and Heterocyclic Compound Adewoyin Samuel A, Olanipekun Oladapo T, Okediran Olukemi A, Bolarinwa, Oladayo T A Flavonol Triglycoside from Ecballium elaterium Cucurbitaceae Touil Ahmed Proficient Onepot Multicomponent Synthesis of Pyrano23cpyrazole Derivatives Using C8DABCOBr as Catalyst in Aqueous Medium Imen Boualia, Sabrina Benelhadj, Abdelmadjid Debache, Raouf Boulcina Validated RPHPLC Method for the Estimation of Esomeprazole Enteric Coated Tablets Alex D Chacko, Vembu P, Dhanalakshmi K Synthetic and Structural Studies of Fe II and Zn II Complexes of 2Hydroxy Chalcones Derived from Pyridine2carboxaldehyde Pyrrole2carboxaldehyde Seema I Habib Synthesis Characterization and Evaluation of Pyridobenzimidazole Derivatives as Potential Antimicrobial Agents Sanjay K Patil, Sudhakar A Nirmalkar, Hrushikesh P Deokar Synthesis Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Schiff base Complexes Derived from 22ethylenedioxybisethylamine and 5Chlorosalicylaldehyde Jai Devi, Suman Devi Electrochemical Studies of Corrosion of Mild Steel Inhibition by Using Some Substituted Piperidin4Ones with Semicarbazone in an Acidic Medium Shanmuga Priya V, Uma Rani C, Balachandran V, Velrani S Synthesis and Characterisation of Fingolimod Impurities A Drug for Multiple Sclerosis Maruthi Raju N, Venkateswara Rao B, Siddaiah V Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Lantanilic Acid Isolated from Lantana camara Linn Suryati, Mai Efdi, Syntia Hardianti Oktavia, Hermansyah Aziz Ionic Liquid Catalyzed One Pot Four Component Synthesis of Pyranopyrazoles Sandip M Deshmukh, Dipak P Hiwarale A Facile Microwave Assisted Neat Synthesis of Bisamides Using Nano Nickel Copper Ferrite as Amicable Catalyst and Study of their Fluorescence Studies Sarada R, Jagannadharao V, Govindh B, Padma M Antimicrobial Activities of 2phenylimino3aryl4Sbenzyl6tetraOacetylDgalactosylimino23dihydro135thiadiazine hydrochlorides Prashant R Mahalle Antidiabetic Activity of ARA Ficus racemosa from Aceh Rosnani Nasution, Mustanir, Marianne, Anas Kausar