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Growth and characterization of Urea Lead nitrate (ULN) single crystal by slow evaporation process

Author(s): V. Rajendran and S. Gnanam

Semi-organic single crystals of Urea Lead nitrate (ULN) was synthesized by slow solvent evaporation technique. The grown crystals were subjected to different characterizations such as single crystal XRD, FTIR, UV, solubility test, Dielectric and TG-DTA studies. The grown crystals were characterized using single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, which shows that the ULN crystals are belongs to hexagonal system. From the absorption spectrum, the optical band gap energy is found to be 4.32 eV. The low value of dielectric loss (er) at high frequencies suggests that the sample possess enhanced optical quality with lesser defects and this parameter is of vital importance for NLO applications.

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